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Police: 2 separate groups vandalize Portland buildings

Portland vandalism PPB 1120
Portland Police Bureau
Portland police say more than two-dozen businesses were vandalized late Friday along NE Sandy Boulevard

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland police say two separate groups of people vandalized dozens of buildings across the city.

The incidents late Friday involved one group of nearly 50 people that vandalized several businesses in the northeast of the city, while another group of people dressed in black and wearing spray-painted helmets gathered in the city’s southwest.

No arrests were made in either group. Police say both groups had mostly dispersed by the time officers arrived.

Windows and glass doors were broken and graffiti littered the front of various businesses. The Mexican consulate was also spray-painted.

Portland Police Bureau news release:

In the evening hours of November 20, 2020, two groups gathered separately in the city with the intent to engage in criminal behavior. The groups vandalized and destroyed private property in both Downtown and Northeast Portland.

Around 8:45 p.m., a group of nearly 30 people gathered in the South Park blocks before walking to the Mexican Consulate located in the 1300 block of Southwest 12th Avenue. Those in the group were dressed in all black and seen wearing helmets and carrying umbrellas. As the group arrived at the Mexican Consulate, they vandalized the building by spray painting it. After the group spray painted the Mexican Consulate, they headed toward the new Multnomah County Courthouse located in the 1200 block of Southwest 1st Avenue where they began to apply graffiti to the building.

Officers responded to the scene and were able to interrupt the vandalism. Units remained at the location as high visibility. Because of the high visibility, the group dispersed from the area without creating anymore damage. No arrests were made.

At around 9:15 p.m., a group of nearly 100 gathered in Northeast Portland around Northeast Halsey Street and Northeast 52nd Avenue. The group was described as wearing all black, with masks and helmets on. A 911 call came in when the group began destroying a bank located in the 4300 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard. A cleaning crew who was inside the bank was scared as the group began to break windows to the property. Another call came in from workers inside a grocery store located in the 4300 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard. The workers reported members of the group were shattering windows and spray painting the building.

Officers arrived in the area and observed several businesses with shattered windows and spray paint covering buildings. One business in particular appeared to have been destroyed when members of the group threw a motorized scooter through the glass windows. As officers arrived on scene, the group had dispersed on their own and no arrests were made.

At least 27 businesses were reported vandalized on Northeast Sandy Boulevard.

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  1. Well it was nice of Browns beloved scum bag anarchists to peacefully disperse.
    All of that damage and not a single arrest. This gets more ridiculous every day…
    Where else in the world can you destroy property at this level and walk away ?

    If anyone other than Browns cherished dirt bags did this amount of damage, they
    would be arrested, and she would have another of her never ending press conferences
    so she could run her mouth and tell everyone how tough she is, and how this behavior
    won’t be tolerated… She is an absolute embarrassment and incompetent, yet her loyal
    subjects continue to praise and defend her…

  2. rioting for the past what, 4-6 months is OK, but don’t you dare spend time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday.
    what is wrong with the oregon government?

  3. Anybody surprised that this is still happening? Not going to stop until they are forced to stop. The spineless “mayor” of PDX and the queen of Oregon let this go on for WAY to long (politically motivated BTW). These thugs now feel empowered and have zero fear of being punished, thanks to these “leaders” that were elected to serve the citizens of Portland and this once great state of ours.

  4. C’mon do we really care anymore what happens to that city the residents must not. I just get tired of explaining to our out of state friends and relatives that portland doesn’t represent the majority of Oregonians.

  5. I remember being told a Biden win would end this foolishness.
    They believe he won so why the riots?
    No police?
    Defund them? Why not if they can’t or wont do their jobs?
    Who needs them?
    When this goes a little bit farther armed vigilantes will take to the streets and they will be the newly armed lefty moderates protecting their own stuff. Just wait and see what this new lefty world will bring.
    Peace and prosperity?
    Not a chance.

  6. ” Crime Stoppers of Oregon offers cash rewards of up to $2,500 cash for information, reported to Crime Stoppers, that leads to an arrest in any unsolved felony crime and tipsters can remain anonymous.”

    Seriously ? The cops don’t arrest the people that commit these crimes when they see it happen. All the people have to do is leave the area and they are free to go. Why would
    they arrest someone because of an anonymous tip ? This is ridiculous…
    The cops need to tell Brown and Wheeler to pound sand, and start locking up the
    scum bags that are doing this, and actually prosecute them.

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