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Benjamin Steen is a photojournalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Ben here.



    1. some day, you will have to realize, there is no “we” who act the fool, only you. “We” are human beings who have a connection to other human beings, regardless of their skin color, and we are sickened by people like you, and your selfish, stupid behavior

        1. Hypocrite. No one cares what you think anymore. Supporting only protesters that fit your agenda. Other people who protest but don’t fit your agenda you call racists and dumb.

      1. Hey. Just last week you were calling protestors “fat virus infected selfish trump*****” for protesting. What gives? Are some protesters more equal than others?

    1. Exactly what I thought when I saw the first article about this. If you can’t breath, you can’t speak either. Preliminary results show he didn’t die from asphyxiation either. However, it’s likely the combination of the drugs in his system along with pressure on his body created the condition for his death. This guy also had a rap sheet….he was no angel, but the police response was definitely excessive.

      1. Damn man. Out of all the conservatives on this site, sometimes I feel like I can have a civil and meaningful conversation with you because you don’t normally strike me as completely terrible, and then you drop this bomb and I really don’t know. I hope this was just said out of anger, in the spur of the moment, and not how you actually are.

        1. beat it perv! you lost your credibility long ago! you are nothing more than a troll like the rest of us! either play along or move along!

      2. And the fact that ALL medical training for ALL medical personnel agree and teach that if the patient can speak he/she can breath – that all means nothing since it doesn’t fit your thoughts?

    2. Fact: if you have zero idea what you’re talking about, you should keep your mouth shut. You are a racist and a terrible human for being one.

        1. And this is exactly like a circumstance where you might consider giving CPR to someone, so the lesson certainly applies, just like it applies in all circumstances. Anyone who can vocalize is having zero problem getting enough oxygen. You learn that in doctor school, if I heard right.

  1. Sincere, non-rhetorical question Ben Steen or others…How the heck can one write/speak about BLM without ever giving the audience actual data on the problem? Does this ever happen with anything else even if the numbers are up for debate (see Covid-19, Climate Change, immigration, etc). But for ‘police brutality against blacks’ nothing but the occasional viral video. George Floyd was murdered yes it appears to me and that was wrong and sad. But the numbers journalists! How on earth, and how interesting, that you won’t ‘go there’.

    Here is some context: (don’t make me post links to stats I’m happy to do that though these are easy to find from official sources)

    – in 2019 235 blacks were killed by cops, and 370 whites. Most legally justified as well. Of those only a couple dozen were challenged.

    – that same year over 5,000 blacks were killed by other blacks

    – black men make up about 6% of the population and commit over 50% of the murders

    BLM yes, but where is the proportional outrage? You see as hard as you try a majority of Americans know these things, but it is just fascinating beyond all get-out that it doesn’t come up.


    1. Because it took three days to charge an officer (who has a record of excessive force) with murder when he is very clearly kneeling on a man’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. Because there was (and still is) a lull in justice.
      P.S. Your white privilege is showing.

      1. There is no such thing as white privilege. Who is racist now? Shouldn’t it just be privilege..? Why does it have to be associated with a race?

      2. Is EVERYTHING racist to you clowns? How do you know. go on. Tell us how this is absolutely racist? Are you a mind reader of the cop? So a racist goes to work among and deal with a racially diverse city. He goes to work in a racially diverse night club as security. because he’s SO racist and you can prove it. Just keep stoking those flames. Look how well it’s done for the cities on fire.

      3. Did you know the stats I posted? Since you can’t refute them, how does that make you feel about the statement “cops kill blacks’ or similar? It’s nonsensical. A black person is literally a thousand times more likely to be killed unjustly by another black than a cop. That is a fact…absorb it.

    2. Let me give you your own numbers back in the form that makes people mad:

      0.0002% of white people were killed by police
      0.0006% of black people were killed by police

      Why aren’t those number the same?

      Why weren’t 83 black people killed by cops? Why was it 235? Because at the rate white people are killed, it should be 83.

  2. It is ignored because it doesn’t make for good news stories, and it doesn’t stir up emotions… When you get emotions stirred up, it gives a bunch of people with nothing
    better to do, a reason to feel like they are doing something good by holding stupid
    protests like these that do absolutely nothing, other than get them on the local news…
    It’s also ignored that even with a much lower overall population percentage, blacks
    make up the highest percentage of the prison population. Well that certainly makes you scratch your head doesn’t it ?
    Meanwhile, the pointless destruction and violence continues worsen across the country…

    – Enough of this BLM garbage. If these people want to make signs and stand around on a
    corner because they have absolutely nothing else to do, how about they do something
    productive and start protesting the worsening crime, gang and drug problem we have in
    this country. The same crime, drug and gang problems that are worsening thanks in part to our Governors best friends, the illegals, as well as blacks and whites…
    Heck, they could even protest against the small percentage of cops that are dirty if
    that makes them feel better…
    It will be funny to watch because there will come a point where the violence gets a little
    too real for some of these stupid people, and they will run and hide under the bed,
    and hope it blows over…

    1. Could you be any more entitled, ignorant and racist? I doubt it. I’m sure you’ll try very hard, though.
      Imagine for a moment that just because of your skin color, you get pulled over because your car’s bumper color doesn’t match the trunk lid exactly. Then you’re subject to a warrant-less search because you’d rather consent than argue and have the officer pull their service weapon and point it right at your head. Who knows if that officer has had one too many cups of coffee and their booger hook is resting on the bang switch and you are just another dead person who was “resisting arrest”.

      1. You must enjoy making yourself look like a complete idiot… Enough with calling
        everyone racist. Grow up. That has gotten so over used and worn out, and ironically many who are NOT black and have absolutely no experience in black communities have contributed to that.

        – So, are you black ? Have you lived in large predominately black, high crime communities ?
        I’m going to assume that you are not, so that means you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, which is the norm for most of your comments.

        – Do the things that you mentioned happen ? Certainly, in some areas. Especially the areas that are predominately black, and have extremely high crime rates. The areas where cops are shot at on a regular basis. The areas where the people who live there
        are also shooting at each other on a regular basis, many times just because they are hanging out with the wrong group of people… The same areas where little kids are shot purely for retaliation because of another shooting, or because of drugs and money…
        So don’t try any convince me of your delusional idea of what many of these areas are like.

        – No, this guy should have have been treated the way he was, and he shouldn’t have been
        killed for the petty alleged crime he committed either. He was killed because he unfortunately was dealing with a cop that was a real scum bag, but in many areas,
        the cops operate in survival mode 24/7. It’s just that simple…

        -Back in the early 80’s I still wanted to be a cop, and I wanted to live in L.A.
        The only reason I wanted to live in that cesspool was because of the extremely high
        crime rate, and the never ending activity. I will never forget what the recruitment
        officer told me when I first started the process…
        He said, ” when you are a cop here, you are in a war zone 24/7. It never ends, and you never know who your enemy really is”… THAT is the reality in many big cities.

        1. You wanted to become a part of the problem. You didn’t want to help those in the community. You didn’t want to protect and serve. You wanted “action”. This is the exact reason these protests are happening. People like you DID become cops. They are just in it for “action”. They go to the high-crime areas that are systematically oppressed based on race, and they look for “action”. You may think I’m an idiot, but you continue to show your ignorance and racism. I’ll continue to educate myself, what are you going to do?

          1. You make a lot of assumptions. I’m glad you will continue to educate yourself…
            What am I going to do ? I will tell you what I’m not going to do, and that is
            try to have an intelligent conversation with you because it’s pointless.
            In another story about this issue I wrote a lengthy reply to someone else who
            called me a racist. I explained personal information about my friend that was
            nobody elses business, but it clearly explained my very long friendship with a man who happens to be black, and proved that I am not a racist. Far from it…
            I’m not going to waste my time rewriting the entire thing for you though because it would be a complete waste of time.

            1. Hello Mr not-at-all-racist boomer ex-cop, that was an disturbing read. Sometimes it’s best to not know what’s going on inside of people’s heads. The fact that you share all this so openly says a lot about why things are the way things are right now. I hope you’ll spend some time reading the Bible soon, there’s some parts about forgiveness, love, empathy, and equality that you could perhaps meditate on for a few moments, and hopefully bring some light into your soul.
              About your comments about black areas with extremely high crime areas: Central Oregon is 90% white, about 10% Hispanic, and universally Christian from what I can tell. Oregon is the 16th most dangerous state based on arson, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, car theft, murder, rape and robbery. Perhaps all these crimes were committed by some bused in Antifa terrorists? I have a Mexican friend so I’m not racist either *audible eyeroll*

              1. Ah yes, another clueless liberal that likes to throw around the word racist.
                And just to clarify,I never said I was a cop. What is it with you people ?
                The fact that you find a story about a friend of mine disturbing, is really screwed up, and my story has absolutely NOTHING to do with things being the way they are. Period…
                As far as me reading the bible, why do you have to read a book to know the
                difference between right and wrong, and how to treat people ?
                That really says a lot about your character. You shouldn’t have to read a book to know how to treat other people.That’s disturbing…
                Perhaps your parents didn’t raise you properly. Either that or your comprehension and retention issues started at a very young age.

                1. Our view of reality is shaped by our life experiences, and yours and mine are very different. Doesn’t make either of us clueless. I try to think through my opinions as they form and evolve, nothing is set in stone for me.
                  I have read that book a couple times. I’ve also read the Dhammapada several times. I consider myself very spiritual, but I struggle with how religion is used to divide us. My parents didn’t talk much of religion much, but did spend a great deal of time with me, and I miss them a lot.
                  I’ve traveled a bit. We’ve explored 40 countries in 20 years. I’ve been through Europe, Asia, South America. I’ve climbed in Yosemite, attended a major University, flown my plane over the Rockies, kissed a girl in Greece that neither of us could understand a word each other were saying, played some of the best pool you’ve ever seen while tripping, loved and been faithful to my wife for half my life, spent more of my life outside than inside… I’ve forgotten more adventures than most people ever have. My point is, I’m not clueless, I just have a different view of the world than you do. Does the fact that I served matter to you? Does the fact that I have a chl make you see me differently? Why can’t you just see me, or any of us, as just people who have great value? I’m an American citizen that you hate and you would love to take a swing at if you had the chance, but I love this country too and I’m deeply disturbed by what I see going on right now and that there are people like you that spend all their waking hours actively perpetuating this horrible reality we’re in, or trying to make it even uglier. I used to think we could all find a way to find a middle ground if we honestly talked out problems, and that there would be a compromise somewhere. I’m not so sure any more, and guys like you are a part of that growing disappointment in my understanding of the world.

                2. TreHgr, I tried replying to the comment you made at 7:06 as a link but the reply button is missing, so hopefully you see this…
                  I have to say, I read your lengthy comment and I respect what you wrote.
                  It shows a completely different side of you that I don’t remember seeing before. As far as you serving, yes it matters. Thank you very much for your service. That goes for every American who has served our country irregardless if they are white, black, brown or any other color…

                  – It may be hard for you to believe but we may actually be very similar in a lot of ways, although it sounds like you have certainly traveled overseas a lot more than I have…
                  I get very defensive and turn into an instant ass…. when I’m called a racist. It’s an insult that I take very personally. You can call me just about any other name in the book, and usually I could care less, but being called a racist is different. I’ve reread my comments and I can not see anything that would make you or anyone else call me a racist, if all of my words are read. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m actually truly baffled by it…

                  – I try to educate myself on a lot of different things, and the things
                  that I don’t know much about, I keep quiet and read what others have to say.
                  That said, there is plenty that I know very little, or nothing about, and I don’t have a problem admitting it, but I’m also not a low I.Q redneck either. I have had a lot of varied life experiences in my 58 years…

                  – I’m sure there are some here that think I’m a right wing redneck radical, but I’m not. I try to look at things very neutrally, and without bias, at least until I have educated myself on a particular subject, although we all know we can’t believe everything we read, so I prefer to make judgements and statements based on my life experiences, much the same as you say that you do…

                  – As far as me wanting to take a swing at you, no I really have no reason
                  to want to. You are simply voicing your opinion, and that is one of the great freedoms we all have in this country.
                  However, if we were both in a bar and you called me a racist, I would have already hit you before you finished completely getting the word out lol.
                  Anyway, in my typical long winded fashion, I think I have covered just about everything I wanted to say…

                3. Hey, I really appreciate the reply. So many comments are heated on these message boards, and since we can’t see each other or hear voices it’s hard to tell if someone is mad or sarcastic or what, so I guess I assumed the worst. Sorry about that. Only you know your heart, I’ll take you at your word, and appreciate you taking the time to share your feelings on racism and the rest of this. Stay safe. Be well.

                4. You’re welcome. That’s true that there are a lot of heated arguments
                  on here, and some seem like they will never end. Especially in the
                  political arena, but there are other topics just as volatile, and apparently
                  this is one of them.
                  It is hard to know for sure what people think and feel. Are people only saying things because they want to agree with others, and are afraid of saying what they truly feel, or are they saying things just to start the fire ?
                  Personally I never enjoyed arguing. It just seems like a pointless waste of time. I will if I know for certain I am 100% right about something, but only for a short time, then I let it go and move on…
                  I try to write my comments to clearly explain my thoughts and point of view,
                  but writing wasn’t one of my strong classes in school, and at 58 years old,
                  I doubt that will be changing… You take care as well…

                5. Agreed, sometimes these discussions devolve into personal attacks and circular logic, with arguments that end up so far in left field you have to look back up at the top of the page to remind yourself where we even started, lol. Conversations like this make it worth while. I’ve enjoyed our discussion, and it’s been nice to get to know you a bit better. Starting conversations with people that you have some familiarity and mutual respect should hopefully lead to occasional agreement? I guess we’ll find out. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to engage with with me like this. It’s kinda cool how just having an honest conversation with someone I don’t even know and probably disagree with about many things can leave me feeling so much better.

      2. That’s a terrible story, but that’s why the actual, verifiable stats matter. Because that story you tell happens to blacks, but the arrest records and crime stats tell us that it happens to white people more often, it just doesn’t go viral. A black is literally a 1000 (THOUSAND) times more likely to be killed by another black person than by a cop (or Covid-19). You must incorporate that fact into your opinion-making machine for your opinion to be credible.

        1. This is completely made up information.
          One in one thousand American black man age 25-29 will be killed by a cop, = .1%
          The next highest cause of death for that same black 20-something is assault, at ninety four in one hundred thousand, = .0942%
          So a black 25 year old man is 10x more likely to be killed by a cop than by a person (of any color) assaulting them.

          1. “One in one thousand American black man age 25-29 will be killed by a cop”

            Maybe black Americans should stop and take the time to figure out “when-where-why” these events might take place.

            I’ve looked at your articles- none of them discuss the circumstances- the tendencies- the events that lead up to the vast majority of these deaths… isn’t that really where the answers lie ?

            If I was to tell you that gang activity- drug deals- flashing weapons will likely get you shot by the police- don’t you think that would be important information that every parent would want to pass on to their kids ???

            So lets stop the one-sided tirades and spend a bit more time on the actual “cause and effect” scenarios that are driving the data.

            1. Honestly Owen, your willful blindness to the every day reality that is a person of color in America is something I didn’t know about you until just a couple days ago. Black parents across the country regularly have ‘the talk’ with their sons to teach them how to interact with a triggered cop, and pray for their safe return from the movie theater. People are all human beings, just because they look a little different doesn’t make someone more or less likely to be bad or cause trouble. Please don’t lump people of color into some group that needs to somehow improve some moral metric before they can expect not to be killed more often than other Americans. There’s no cause and effect scenario other than the learned biases of people who have heard talk like yours and assume it’s normal, and a system of justice/finance/employment that has been tilted in favor of some and against others. Come on man, don’t be like this.

          2. You don’t seem to understand mortality rates or statistics. Research mortality rates and reread the article. 95 out of 1000 young black males will die by violence from other than a cop. The cops will kill about 3 or four per thousand. Some of those will be justified, presumably at a higher rate the those in the killed by other than cop category..

            1. Hey, thank you so much for those numbers you pulled out of the air. Please back up any of that garbage with a link to an even semi-reputable source and we can talk, otherwise gtfo.

              1. Good Gawd, I got them from the LA Times article that you linked to! Reread the article you posted. Learn what a mortality rate is. Give the chart about halfway down Your article a cursory glance. What that cop did to a George Floyd was likely murder. I’ll wait for the judge and jury to decide. Using math and science will lead anyone to see this is almost a red herring when it comes to real risk of life to young black males. It doesn’t excuse it, and it is an issue that should be addressed. The black community should be focusing this attention on cleaning up there own back yard if they are serious about their risk of being murdered.

                1. Dude, that was 94 in ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND young black males will die from violence other than cop. Three decimal points make all the difference in the world, but believe what you want. Unbelievable…

      3. Please elaborate. What was the racist part? How about the entitled part? The only prejudiced part I see is your fantasy description of a law enforcement officer.

        Imagine driving through town, and being shot to death for your sneakers. This is a much more statistically sound fantasy for a young black man. Sucks either way.

  3. People who attended the event in Prineville said they were outnumbered by Trump’s cult following/neo Nazis. Nice going, Prineville.

  4. My favorite hypocrites are the ones that flee democrat run minority rich communities for affluent white communities that are far too expensive for minorities to live in. Then turn around and cry how much they care for minorities and reject racism. Those are my favorite hypocrites….

  5. if feel like their protest would be better served in a place where it could make a difference or at least be heard and not ignored. Like Chicago, or Philadelphia, or LA. That’s where they should protest. And maybe they would like the environment and just stay.

  6. I find it interesting these people protested in Prineville, instead of heading off to Potland to join like-minded people. I did not know Prineville or even Central Oregon had a “cop’s killing people of color” issue.

  7. all you crybabies falling all over each other, stop worrying – there was a vocal, bigoted, hateful response – your status quo was maintained –

  8. Ponder this. I think all lives matter! As for protesting a person being killed by police in a city not even close to C.O.,where were all of these “protesters” when our police shot a woman at least four times in the back right here in C.O. These so called protesters are just a bunch of brainwashed sheep! BTW, call me a racist. I know who the real racists on the forum are, they are the same ones quick to call others racist.

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