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Redmond Parks And Rec Activity Center to close; district to propose bond for new building

In the meantime, a hunt for space for some displaced activities

(Update: Adding video, comments from RAPRD)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District's Activity Center will be officially closing Dec. 31, due to planned construction to connect Odem Medo Road to Salmon Avenue.

Park district Executive Director Katie Hammer said, "When we leased this building 10 years ago, we knew it was a non-renewable lease and that the city had plans to do some road improvements.” 

While they knew this move was coming, Hammer said, it doesn’t make it easier.

“People are disappointed," she said. "I mean, people really like to come to this facility. It's a really relaxed environment.” 

She said group fitness, youth classes, and art and cooking classes have already moved to the Senior Center or other spots in Redmond.

“The majority of those activities are being moved to other locations,” Hammer said. 

Hammer said they’re struggling to find a replacement for the weight room, the basketball court and the racquetball court.

Because there’s not a spot for those three areas, RAPRD is going to propose a bond next November, to help build a brand new activity center that would hold all the previous programs, rooms and courts, and also would include a new aquatics center.

“Our goal would be to bring all those activities back into one building,” Hammer said. 

There will be more opportunities for community input starting in January, but the proposed design and final cost won’t be available until April.

“If that bond passes, it would still be a few years before construction would be completed,” Hammer said. 

Hammer knows these changes aren’t convenient for everyone, but she has a message for anyone who is disappointed with the news.

“First, I would thank them for their support," she said. "In the last 10 years in this building, it's been great to have the space here, and we appreciate being able to serve our community in that capacity. And to please be patient with us, as we're trying to find some space, so we can continue to provide those services for them."

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    1. And KTVZ has a commenter with the intelligence of a bowl of whirled peas.

      The RAPD building used to be right off 126/Evergreen ave about six blocks east of 97 on Jackson Street. I have a framed photo in the living room of our daughter in her Karate suit kicking a long bag at about 4 years old ,with a dead serious look on her face. she’s 18 now.

  1. Now if someone could just recalibrate that traffic signal at that intersection that would be fantastic!!! The traffic signal turns green to let imaginary cars out of the drive way to that facility and the rest of us drivers sit and stare at each other for 2 minutes wondering what is happening.

  2. Waiting for the problem to manifest is typical government inaction. If they knew it was coming, they should have been talking about the bond a year ago.

  3. The people of Redmond voted down the swim center. It’s not likely they will vote for the Rec Center. Very few people use the old center from what I could see driving buy there regularly. The majority of the Redmond population likely doesn’t want to pay for the recreation of the minority of the population. The voters will speak again and we will see if they vote for or against this bond.

  4. Tax new construction like Bend Parks and Rec does. They seem to be making a killing. The evidence of that is the $10 million dollar fake rapids they built.

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