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Sisters Folk Festival sells out – again – despite vaccine requirement

(Update: Adding comment from festival staff)

Festival hasn't been held two of past four years.

SISTERS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The tents are going up. The stages are being set. And the 2021 Sisters Folk Festival is on.

Operations manager Dave Ehle told NewsChannel 21 Thursday, “It’s always a big crunch, there’s a lot going.”

Part of the challenge is lack of practice.

“We haven’t done the folk festival for two years now, so we're trying to remember how to do this,” Ehle joked.

The festival was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic, and in 2017 because of wildfire smoke. It’s back now, two weeks later than in the past (to avoid that smoke), among other changes.

Crista Munro, executive director of the festival, said, “We went with this vaccination requirement in response to many of our preforming artists who were starting to cancel tours and getting nervous about touring.”

While there’s no requirement for social distancing, the Folk Fest is still following all local mandates, and organizers are also saying: If you want, you can lay a coat down on the chair next to you, to make some space between you and anyone else who might be at the festival.

Munro says about 500 ticket-holders requested refunds after the vaccine requirement was announced. But not all for the reason you’d think.

“Not everyone who requested a refund did so because they weren’t vaccinated,” she said. “Many of those folks were still concerned about attending a large event.”

All of the seven venues throughout the city are outdoors, and the capacity was reduced to 75 percent. 

But setting up the extra outdoor space isn't a concern.

"We have a really good crew of volunteers that helps get this done for us, and we're having a lot of fun," Ehle said.

Come show time, it will be even more fun.

Munro said when they made the vaccine requirement announcement last month, they were sold out.

Even after the refunds, the festival sold again.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



      1. Natural immunity is better than no immunity, which is what you get with the mRNA jab. No immunity. The, so called, vaccinated are the actual risk to our communities. Those who have had covid have a natural immunity. Those who have been “vaccinated” can and will spread the virus throughout our communities. You want to treat the unvaccinated as an enemy? We are not your enemy, those lying to you are the enemy. Using therapeutics, a patient can be released from the hospital in around three days with natural immunity. Why would I allow myself to receive the jab, when we don’t know the long term effects of the jab. Vaccine injuries are not being properly reported.

              And this very doctor seems to believe getting the vaccine/booster is important, here’s one of his tweets:
              “Half the world is unvaxed. They should space the first 2 mRNA vax doses 3 months apart (instead of 3/4 wks)-confers much stronger immunity. Doing so may obviate the need for a booster. The FDA process is too rigid-should adapt w/ new data as I detail here.”

        1. Fed up ~ your science is a bit off…

          And if that’s the case why “the yearly flu shot” that so many line up for. And why are all the un-vaxxed hospitalized & dying now?

          Do you truly believe the vaccinated are the cause for so many cases in Deschutes County?

          Btw. If you are really fed up? Idaho is calling your name…

  1. I have a call in to see what the plan is for folks that have been cleared by the state with medical exemptions. It will be interesting to see if they dont allow folks in that have been cleared by the state with medical exemptions. If they say you cannot attend even though you have a medical exemption, I am curious to see what type of law suits my attorney can get started. This will be interesting to see how it plays out. I will keep you all posted

    1. You should have a very sound legal defense just like those who have natural immunity. Nobody should have to show proof of vaccination.
      A growing body of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of natural immunity after a person gets the COVID-19 virus may become a legal defense to avoid mandated vaccines… and so should those who have a medical or religious exemption.

        1. The fact that that decision came from a US Judge from “California” says it all right there.
          That is not a final decision from one judge in a blue state. I said a growing body of scientific evidence may become a legal defense.
          This will be played out later in the Supreme Court of the United States

          1. Sure, sure it will!!! And thrown out like 99% of the totally failed trump lawsuits brought by the “best and brightest” lawyers big fat failed and fired donnie the orange could get to work for him!!! Rotflmao!!!!

    2. You’re gonna sue the SFF because the entertainers asked for a safe venue? Because everyone who attends will be wearing masks? I truly don’t understand why this is so important that you want to sue somebody.

      1. What does that matter ? The fact is- vaccinated persons can contract and infect anyone… this message has been lost here at Z21- no surprise- science denial in full view.

  2. Confusion reigns supreme… FACT- even the vaccinated can be carriers- and exposing other vaccinated- who expose other vaccinated- resulting in the type of surge we just witnessed since Kalamity Kate opened the state the first week of July… the rest is catastrophic history ! Don’t blame me- I’m just the messenger.

      1. After three years of Russia-Russia-Russia… CNN is clearly not a reliable source- what else you got to counter the OHA- a local data base providing Oregon statistics !

        1. Our company with a dozen stations around the west, and 1,000s of others around the nation use the CNN wire, which I’ve said many times is NOT perfect, but most of the stories we get are factual and worth using.
          And this has nothing to do with the Sisters Folk Festival.

          1. Barney, you are actually going to try and defend the credibility of CNN? Well, I guess you are impartial after all. /s

            In a court of law, lawyers will often try to show that the witness has lied about something. The reason they do this is to show that that witness is not a credible witness. What jury in their right minds would accept any testimony from CNN?

  3. Being vaccinated is NOT a mandate. So by saying they are requiring it because they are following a mandate is false. On the subject of the vaccine, heres something to ponder. The company my sister works for has five stores in the area. Two in Bend, one in Redmond, Prineville and Madras. So far the only people that have came down with COVID in the last 7 months are the people that were vaccinated. The ones that have yet to do so have not. Im not against the vaccine. Just making a statement.

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