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Oregon senators, Gov. Brown cheer news of Biden election call


But Oregon Republican Party upset: 'STOP THE STEAL'

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Oregon's two Democratic senators and Gov. Kate Brown cheered news Saturday that news organizations have tallied electoral votes and made the call that former vice president Joe Biden will be the nation's 46th president.

Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement:

“American voters have rendered their judgment: Donald Trump, you’re fired!

“President Trump failed our nation in many ways. He failed to lead a national response to COVID-19, neglecting to initiate a plan for the PPE, testing, tracing, and social distancing that would have saved a hundred thousand American lives.

“Trump failed to build a better health care system, promising but failing to end the gouging of Americans on drug prices while working to destroy insurance for 20 million Americans and the health care bill of rights that includes coverage of pre-existing conditions.

“Trump failed us by promoting hate and racism, dividing rather than uniting Americans. Black lives do matter! All people are created equal regardless of who they are, where they come from, or whom they love.

“Trump failed us on affordable housing, on a quality education for all children, on a fair tax system, on equality of opportunity, and on tackling the climate chaos ravaging our nation and planet.

“Trump failed our country on the most basic test of human decency, by deliberately harming refugee children seeking a better life, ripping them out of their parents’ arms.

“And Trump failed us by assaulting the checks and balances of our Constitution, the rule of law, and the integrity of our elections—the foundation of our democratic republic. Our foreign adversaries have not and could not level as damaging an attack on our nation’s institutions as Donald Trump has done from the Oval Office.

“Trump’s failures have left us with many challenges. Together, as a nation, we must work with great urgency to change course and create a better future for working families. I look forward to working with President-elect Biden and his administration to put America back on track.”


Gov. Kate Brown posted her feelings on Twitter:

Sen. Ron Wyden echoed those views:

And Wyden retweeted this Oregon Zoo video of jumping (dancing for joy?) goats as an addendum.

News release from the Oregon Republican Party:

STOP THE STEAL: Oregon GOP Condemns Intentional Lack of Critical Safeguards, Covert Processing of Potential Illegal Ballots, and Suspicious Vote Tallies in Several Democrat-run States Deciding Presidential Election

State Party Chairman Castigates Hyper-Partisan, Non-Transparent, Banana Republic Election Integrity as a Disaster for our Republic and a Fraud on The American People

Salem, OR – The Oregon Republican Party released the following statement condemning reported election fraud and standing with President Trump in contesting the results in the states deciding the outcome of the election:

“We condemn the intentional lack of critical safeguards, covert counting of potentially illegal balloting, and suspicious vote tallies in several Democrat-run states deciding the Presidential Election,” said Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier.  “We want every legal vote counted and every illegal vote thrown out.”

“After 22 years of vote by mail, Oregon voters are well familiar with its vulnerabilities.  The integrity of this system is no better than the accuracy and reliability of the voter rolls.  We also know that the system can be corrupted by sketchy last-minute voter registration, flawed or nonexistent signature verification, shoddy security of ballot drop boxes, and ambiguous deadlines for the receipt of ballots.”

In Oregon, ballots must be received by county elections offices or ballot drop boxes no later than 8 PM on election day and every signature must be verified before a vote can be tallied.  Thanks to a massive case of fraud in the 1980s, same-day voter registration is not permitted in the Beaver State, with the deadline for new voter registration being approximately a week before ballots are mailed, and weeks before election day.

“The rapid, sloppy implementation within just a few months of the vote by mail in the highly contested swing states has been done without even Oregon’s safeguards, using deeply flawed voter rolls that reportedly include non-resident and dead voters casting ballots.  This has dealt a crushing blow to public confidence in the outcome of the Presidential election.”

“Claims by Democrat leaders and many in the media that no evidence of fraud exists is a familiar tactic used to discredit and cover-up genuine concerns about real and often systemic vote by mail irregularities. They know that in a “complaint-driven system,” the perpetrators of fraud are often the only ones who know it’s happening. These perpetrators are not inclined to turn themselves in. History has demonstrated that the Democrats supervising these election systems are almost always the sole beneficiaries of this fraud and are similarly disinclined to detect and investigate it in a timely manner if it all.”

As in many of the states at stake in the presidential election, Oregon must permit election observers from more than one political party. However, in several of the hotly contested states, hundreds of thousands of ballots, many more than the margins deciding the election results, have been counted without any Republicans being permitted to observe signature verification, ballot rehabilitation, voter intent discernment, and counting, leading to legitimate widespread questioning of the validity of the vote tallies. Particularly serious concerns surrounding media reports of illegally late ballots, software glitches adding thousands of democratic votes for Biden, massive clerical errors, and reports of sizable batches of ballots produced very suspicious, nearly mathematically impossible vote tallies skewed in favor of Joe Biden.

“The reason why there are election observers from both major parties present in elections offices is so we can all trust and agree upon the results of the election,” said Currier. “Instead, we are witnessing hyper-partisan, nontransparent, Banana Republic style election integrity in Democrat-run swing states overtly trying to advantage their preferred candidate for president, Joe Biden, as they publicly attack the President and play fast and loose with the election laws and the integrity of the voting system. It is a disaster for our Republic, and we will not stand for it.  We stand with President Donald J. Trump and the Republican National Committee in exposing and combatting this fraud on the American people.”

Please contribute to President Trump’s Official Election Defense Fund at

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to promoting Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

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