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Knute Buehler declares bid for Walden’s 2nd District seat

Will be 9th candidate, sixth in GOP; notes he's won the district's votes in previous contests

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- In a video to supporters, former State Rep. Knute Buehler announced Tuesday that he will seek the Republican nomination for Congress for the seat of retiring Rep. Greg Walden.

“Many Oregonians are tired of being disrespected or ignored by Portland liberals and elite D.C. politicians. In Congress, I will defend the values, rights and jobs threatened by the powerful arm of big government. I will be a conservative voice for the people and place I call home,” said Buehler.

Buehler joins a growing field of eight previously filed candidates, including (so far) Jason Atkinson, Cliff Bentz, Ken Medenbach, Mark Roberts and Jeff Smith on the Republican side and John Holm, Raz Mason and Isablela Tibbetts on the Democrat side of the May primary election, according to the secretary of state.

The filing deadline for the May 19 primary is March 10.

Here's the rest of Buehler's announcement news release:

Born and raised in Roseburg, Knute grew up working in the woods and driving a Pepsi delivery truck. Knute and his two brothers were the first in their family to attend college. Knute earned his undergraduate degree from Oregon State, played baseball and was a Rhodes Scholar.

After attending Oxford University, Knute earned his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He and his wife Patty, a successful eye surgeon, have been married for 29 years and have two grown children.

Knute was elected to the Oregon House in 2014 and re-elected in 2016. Knute was the Republican nominee for Secretary of State of 2012 and for Governor in 2018. In four statewide elections – primary and general – Knute has won the second congressional district four times. 

In his campaign for governor, Knute made expanding economic opportunities to all of Oregon a centerpiece of his campaign.

“Oregon’s rural urban divide isn’t an immovable feature of the natural landscape. It is an artificial divide created by politicians each day in Salem, Portland and Washington, D.C. In Congress, I will never stop fighting for Oregon’s traditional jobs in farming, ranching and timber. I will work for limited government, secure borders and stand firm against government takeover of health care," said Buehler.

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    1. Good luck Knuteris!!! Your gonna need it since the majority of the people dumb enough to try and vote for you are regressive hillbillies with who can’t read and have no permanent address. LOL!!!!

  1. I’ve heard that Dr Buehler is a pretty good surgeon but I would not vote for someone that ran away out of state rather than perform the duties that he was elected to perform. Buehler put his party ahead of his constituents.

      1. PNWest is human and as such occasionally makes mistakes. Today I made one. I confused Tim Knopp with Knute Buehler and implied that Buehler fled the state rather than do his job. I apologize to Dr Buehler.

        PNWest who is certainly not a democrat as implied by dave1 is obviously NOT a republican. Republicans rarely have the decency to admit when they are wrong.

  2. he already said he was running for gregs spot about an hour after greg said he was stepping down. I thought knute was ok until he championed changing campaign finance laws to make what he did with his funds not illegal. that tells me all I need to know about the guy and who’s side he’s really on. I didn’t always agree with greg but I trusted that he did have oregons interests up front, instead of a pitstop to a bigger desk and higher office

      1. Please Barney! The second Greg made his announcement, Knute damn near broke an ankle running to the post office to mail off his paperwork for candidacy. It is sad how desperate this guy wants to be in political office for the fame, or whatever, not a sense of wanting to do good for his fellow man, that is a side affect. Hopefully he can maintain a single message and sense of morality and not flip flop on issues just to get a vote (see his opinion on vaccinations).

  3. Many of the comments here are a perfect example of why the best and brightest in our society don’t run for public office. Their motives are questioned without true examination, every aspect of their lives is probed and prodded, and at some point the integrity of their families will be under the microscope. How many of us would willingly undergo the same treatment?

    Dr Buehler is highly educated, and has had a very successful medical practice. I don’t see running for office on several occasions and coming up short as a negative. At least he’s trying to make a difference, can any of us say the same? I for one am willing to see what he has to say and give him honest consideration for the position he is seeking.

    1. If by “trying to make a difference” you mean encouraging more kids to skip vaccinations and spread contagious diseases, then you are correct. Knute is your guy.

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