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Mt. Bachelor extends closure, still hopes to reopen

Mt. Bachelor West Village cam 3-20
Mt. Bachelor webcam
The too-quiet slopes of Mt. Bachelor on Friday afternoon, March 20

Also cancels all winter/spring events

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Mt. Bachelor, closed for the past week due to the COVID-19 outbreak, announced Friday that it is extending that closure for an indefinite period, with a goal of reopening as soon as they can.

On the resort's COVID-19 update page, they also said they are canceling all winter and spring Mt. Bachelor events.

Here's the resort's full statement:

As a result of the unfolding events surrounding the dynamic and unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis, Mt. Bachelor has decided to further suspend all resort operations with the plan to resume operations, conditions permitting, as soon as the regulatory guidance allows and COVID-19 threat subsides.

This decision to further suspend operations is based on the desire by Mt. Bachelor to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We look forward to the time when when we can reopen the mountain to ski, ride, hike, bike and play, however the current COVID-19 health crisis has  forced us to remain closed for now,” says John McLeod, president and general manager at Mt. Bachelor.

“This is an extremely fluid situation, but we firmly believe in the powerful value of spending time in the mountains, so our goal is to reopen as soon as the situation improves. If there is any chance for late spring skiing and riding, Mt. Bachelor will be the place to be.”

The top priority for  Mt. Bachelor remains the health and safety of its staff, guests and local community. Guests are encouraged to reach out to the Mt. Bachelor guest services team to cancel or modify reservations if needed.

Given the extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19,  Mt. Bachelor has modified its cancellation policies and Mt. Bachelor’s Central Reservations team will be available to make adjustments. Text 541-382-1709 or email with questions and changes. We anticipate a high number of requests and appreciate your patience as we work hard to respond to all inquiries

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  1. Did I miss something here- like the details for the “modified cancellation policies” ?

    Season pass purchasers- did you just get screwed ?

    Sorry- I have little sympathy for this nonsense. I say run the lifts- a few burn barrels for heat- throw in 5-10 food carts on site and a dozen or so porta-potties ! I guarantee you the real skiers and boarders will show and not everybody will lose their job !

    I don’t see much room for compromise coming out of Salem- Kate Brown seems hell bent on maximizing her levels of destruction.

    1. Hey Wishy, buying a season pass is buying a pass for a season. No guarantee when a season starts or when it ends. Some years you win, some years you don’t. I lost on it, maybe (although I doubt it) you lost on it, but the reasons that it’s ended are pretty clear and pretty reasonable. Your business sense seems to be about like Dump’s; do dumb things (logistical analyses are not your long suite), waste money, and then declare bankruptcy.

      1. Their decision to close the lifts was not mandated by Kate Brown’s Executive Order for schools and restaurants. It’s voluntary- yer gettin’ ripped off by a voluntary decision to close.

        Sucker !

        1. They just don’t seem to understand:

          “its a hoax”
          “its contained”
          “we shut it down early”
          “it will disappear, like a miracle, it will go away”
          “the virus is way down, it wil be gone soon”
          “we will have a vaccine soon”
          “virus curve will flatten at the end of the week”

          You better get your butt up there and straighten Mt. Bachelor out girl!!! Clearly someone astute enough to believe the above statements knows all about how to run a ski area!!!

          ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooo much winning!!!

  2. For Pass products, including full, midweek, 12x and 4x passes, no refunds or credits will be given at this time as we are currently planning to be winter operational again this season. 

    Imagine that. Powdr Corp. no refunds,ever. Bet me.

    1. Agreed ! Like I said above-

      “run the lifts- a few burn barrels for heat- throw in 5-10 food carts on site and a dozen or so porta-potties ! I guarantee you the real skiers and boarders will show and not everybody will lose their job.”

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