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Bend coffee shop plans to appeal $27K OSHA fine for COVID-19 violations

(Update: adding video, new info, comments from OSHA and customer)

Agency says Kevista Coffee willfully continued to potentially expose workers

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Kevista Coffee Shop's battle with the state over COVID-19 public health restrictions it refuses to follow reached a new level Tuesday, as Oregon OSHA levied the largest pandemic-related fine issued against any restaurant.

The agency announced Tuesday it has fined Kevista Coffee in Bend $27,470 for violating three standards designed to protect employees from COVID-19.

It's by far the largest fine the agency has levied against any Oregon restaurant over COVID-19 violations. It's also the second-largest levy OSHA has handed down due to COVID-19 volations, behind only Courthouse Club Fitness, a gym in Salem, that was hit with a fine of $126,749 in January.

"They are openly choosing, knowingly choosing, and have acknowledged that during the inspection, to not follow these, and not uphold these workplace health and safety standards," said Aaron Corvin, OSHA’s public information officer, told NewsChannel 21.

Corvin said Kevista Coffee ignored capacity restrictions and allowed indoor dining when Deschutes County was in the Extreme Risk category. Even if a county improves in risk level after the inspection, as is the case with Deschutes County, OSHA still follows through with those fines.

“The citation still gets issued, regardless of whether those risk levels have changed,” Corvin said.

This fine is three times the normal amount of $8,900 for a willful violation, which is the exact penalty Kevista Coffee received the first time in July 2020.

Still, when NewsChannel 21 paid a visit to Kevista Coffee Tuesday afternoon, it did not appear that the latest fine has prompted the coffee shop to change things. Few if any customers inside were wearing masks, from the customers, to the employees and the owner himself.

"I am not,” customer Elijah Hooper said, when NewsChannel 21 asked if he was wearing a mask inside.

Hooper added, “Looking around, most people that go there usually are there for that reason, and none of them really have masks. People that do want to abide by such rules usually don't go there."

OSHA said there are not any known COVID-19 outbreaks linked to the coffee shop, but they approach these situations proactively, rather than reactively.

Corvin said, "If we document and find a violation of standards, regardless of whether someone's been hurt or not, we can identify that violation and issue a penalty."

Owner Kevin Lauinger declined to go on camera, but he did say Kevista Coffee will be appealing this fine, as they did the previous one.

Corvin admitted several inspections are underway at other businesses in Central Oregon and across the state, and more fines are likely on the way.

“Unfortunately, and sadly, we are likely to see more of these types of citations involving willful violations," he said. "Certainly, what we’ve done so far will not be the last. I can say that with certainty.”


Below is the rest of the news release OSHA sent out Tuesday morning:

In one of the violations, the agency said the business willfully continued to potentially expose workers to the virus, despite a public health order limiting the capacity of indoor dining to zero in an “extreme risk” county.

The citation resulted from an inspection launched in response to multiple complaints about Kevista (its legal name is Laui Life Coffee LLC). The inspection documented the fact that the company, operating in Deschutes County, willfully began allowing indoor dining beginning on Dec. 3, and thereafter. During that time, Deschutes County was designated an “Extreme Risk” for transmission of the disease.

During the inspection, the owners of Kevista – Krista and Kevin Lauinger – said they chose to reopen the coffee shop, even though they were aware that it went against workplace health requirements, OSHA said.

Using his discretionary authority under state law, Oregon OSHA Administrator Michael Wood imposed a $26,700 penalty for the willful violation. That is three times the minimum penalty for such a violation.

"The decision reflects the need to ensure a more appropriate deterrent effect where employers insist on disregarding health and safety standards," OSHA said in Tuesday's announcement.

"Such willful behavior puts employees at risk and enables the employer to achieve a competitive advantage over businesses that comply with the requirements," they added.

“Through engagement and education, we’ve helped many employers understand and follow on-the-job health and safety rules during the pandemic. And most employers have chosen – and continue to choose – doing the right thing as we work to defeat this disease in Oregon,” Wood said. “As for the vocal few who insist on defying standards and putting their workers at risk, we will continue to bring our enforcement tools to bear.”

Altogether, Oregon OSHA cited three violations of the division’s temporary rule to address COVID-19 risks in the workplace:

  • In allowing indoor dining, Kevista Coffee knowingly chose to disregard capacity limitations imposed by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for such establishments in a county designated as extreme risk. It was a willful violation, carrying a discretionary penalty of $26,700.
  • The company failed to develop and implement an infection control plan. Such a plan could include redesigning the workspace to enable physical distancing and reducing the use of shared surfaces and tools. It was a serious violation, carrying a penalty of $385.
  • The company did not conduct any COVID-19 risk assessment to identify potential employee exposure to the virus and to address how to reduce such exposure. It was a serious violation, carrying a penalty of $385.

This is not the first time Oregon OSHA has cited Kevista Coffee for a violation of COVID-19 requirements. Last July, the division issued an $8,900 citation to the company for willfully failing to implement face coverings in line with sector-specific guidance for restaurants and bars. Kevista's appeal of that find is still pending, the agency said.

Ongoing refusals to correct violations and come into compliance with workplace health and safety standards can lead to additional higher penalties.

Meanwhile, if an Oregon OSHA inspection documents violations while a county is at extreme risk, but the county’s risk level drops before the citation is issued, the citation will still be issued. The change in risk levels may affect how the violation needs to be corrected, but not whether it is cited, OSHA said.

Employers have 30 days to appeal citations.

NewsChannel 21's Max Goldwasser was told Tuesday that Kevista again will go through the appeals process with OSHA. No one among staff or customers were wearing masks during a visit at midday Tuesday.

An OSHA spokesman said the only higher penalty issued by the agency related to COVID-19 was of $126,749 against a Salem fitness center.

Since the pandemic began, Oregon OSHA has issued nearly 100 citations to employers for violating requirements to protect workers from COVID-19. The resulted from about 200 formal enforcement actions, largely based on more than 20,000 complaints received by the agency.

Penalties for non-willful serious violations have ranged from the minimum of $100 to $4,200, well under the top penalty for a serious violation of $12,750. Penalties for willful violations have ranged from the minimum of $8,900 to the maximum of $126,749.

In addition to its enforcement activities, Oregon OSHA offers employers and workers a variety of consultation, information, and education resources addressing COVID-19.

Oregon OSHA, a division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, enforces the state’s workplace safety and health rules and works to improve workplace safety and health for all Oregon workers. For more information, visit"

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



    1. This was during a time when the ICU beds in St. Charles were full, most everyone else were hunkered down to try to keep things from getting worse, and not only did this place not care at all, they were boasting about it on social media. Plenty of other coffee shops did the right thing. They deserve it.

      1. ICU beds at St Charles have never been full- you lie ! As for “plenty of other coffee shops”… you mean like the Starbucks inside the Safeway’s and the Fred Meyers- that all stayed open ??? Again… You Lie !

        1. Plenty of places stayed open through this period, not just essential locations like grocery stores, however they only had takeout and followed the health code like everyone else

          1. “The curve is flattening” ROTFLMAO!!!! Sorry Karen but between your own completely false and failed comments and your love for dear leader’s lies you sound like a ignorant and incredibly gullible woman. But keep fantasizing it will help you through the “total hoax” “just a cold” “same as the flu” “will be gone soon” “we have it totally contained” “everything is going to be just fine””there was zero threat. Zero” Toooooooooo funny karen!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooo much winning!!!!!!!!

          1. You didn’t even bother to read your own link- which states in the first sentence… “For the first time since the pandemic began, one of Oregon’s health care regions briefly ran out of intensive care beds.”…. Whazzat ??? “ONE” region ??? I clearly stated “St Charles”- and made no mention of a “region”- as neither did the original poster of the thread- who posted- “This was during a time when the ICU beds in St. Charles were full” ! “Your” link goes on to clarify… t”he health care Region 7 ran out of intensive care beds on Tuesday. A hospital official said the shortage was resolved by the next day.”… “The Next Day” ??? And how long have Oregon coffee shops and other legally owned and operated businesses been closed by Brown’s ex. Orders ??? More than a freakin’ year ! Your analogy is way off the charts- not even relevant- why even bother with such a stupid comment. Now go away- and take woodrose with you !

            1. “ICU beds at St Charles have never been full- you lie !” Mar 30 4:38 pm And Wishy, what’s really stupid is your claim that the local coffee shops are closed down as I sit here enjoying my latte in a local downtown Bend establishment.

              1. Poor Z21 Martha- still can’t comprehend that what is allowed today- was not allowed 3-4 months ago… Really M ??? “what’s really stupid is your claim that the local coffee shops are closed down as I sit here enjoying my latte in a local downtown Bend establishment.’… yeh Martha- pretty damn dumb… of you ! and again- St Charles was never over-run with China virus patients- the state of Oregon has always- and I mean always- had the option to move patients to another hospital… if St Charles chose not to- i would demand to know why they didn’t make the transfer- and instead chose to put a life at risk… was that all under Kate Brown’s watchful eye- again- where’s the investigation into Brown’s hysterics- unconstitutional acts- and her undeclared Martial Law against the people ?

          1. If St Charles ran out of ICU bed space- it was of their own voluntary doing ! They could have easily transferred any ICU patient to another hospital… so lets stop the charades… follow the link and read the fine print- “A hospital official said the shortage was resolved by the next day.”… that’s right- “the next day” ! Not a month- not a week… the freakin’ next day- which is why they chose not to transfer anyone… there was no crisis- no run on beds- no nothing… Nothing but a grand hoax to create unnecessary fear and anxiety in the region- and you fell for it… I’d suggest you stop reading this BS if it upsets you so- life is to short !

        2. The hospital had 3 units near capacity with Covid patients in November and December. The surge was absolutely real. Thankfully the majority of Oregonians and businesses were following the states mitigation efforts. The hospital could have easily become overwhelmed very quickly. This pandemic has been devastating to so many people in so many ways.

          1. Nope ! The surge was fake- false- if it was real- the option to transfer patients would not have been on the table… but it was ! You been lied to- stop with they hysterics- calm down- let KTVZ know that you don’t appreciate the lack of truth and honesty in their journalism… just sayin’ !

        1. “Our capacity is strained right now,” he said. “This morning, our ICU beds in Bend were full, and we were at 85% capacity in the hospital. So we are taking action right now to create more capacity.” 12/8/20

          1. Oh My… “we are taking action right now to create more capacity.” 12/8/20″… and Poof Martha- they did just that ! so where’s your crisis ??? You sound like a hysterical women who is just about out of gas- sitting at the gas station ! Just refill and get back on the road !!! Damn people- this is why you voted for Sloppy Joe Biden- yer all as dumb as a box of rocks !

    2. You love a cheater! Most of all other hospitality establishments have been trying to follow the rules. My minimum tip in places that try to follow the rules is 30% now.

    3. Either he and she follow simple guidelines or get fined. They deserve much worse than a 27 thousand dollar fine. They like you are part of the problem in this country and planet.

        1. What do either of these things have to do with their coffee business and the fines to it? Or are we just jealous that they have been able to diversify and be successful?

      1. Yes!! This is the comment I came here for. They took $32,000 in PPE loans to ‘save employees’, then open up to inside business against all state rules which endangered their employees’ health. They should have to give back their PPE money AND get the fine, what absolute jerkwads.

          1. Yes you did- and you follow my postings like a dipsy school girl with a crush… you can stop now- you’ve gone way past “Klinton kreepy” ! Try to refocus your opinions on the stories presented by KTVZ- and less on the people participating in this thread- in short- stop being a jerk.

        1. Said by someone who doesn’t understand business. The PPP loans were to help keep a business afloat and to cover employee costs during the government induced slowdowns. So they shut down, slowed down, until they couldn’t then they asked for volunteers to work so they could reopen and stay in business.

    4. Fine. You pay back the $32k that they took to pay employees during the time that they were supposed to be closed, because I sure as heck don’t want to. They STOLE from the government, skipped all of the regulations, and just did their own thing. Screw them. This is the least that they deserve.

  1. Which coffee shops in Bend have gone bankrupt? I have not seen any other coffee shops go bankrupt. Some are doing an amazing amount of business.

  2. This is how a communist country begins….Just like the Nazi’s did to the Jews. Or how organized crime exist…like the mafia…and just like a evil strong arm cartel. People its at your doorstep If you cannot see it… your blind.8(

    1. you are clueless! if you want to live in a county with no laws move somewhere else! we are a nation of laws, sorry if you can’t some of them!

      1. This wasn’t about any law, because it wasn’t a law. It was a mandate.
        Its the Republicans that claim we are a nation of laws… you cant use that one.
        Democrats are the ones that don’t want any laws, except for ones that are against conservatives.
        Rioting in portland, salem, etc… not illegal. They were peaceful protesters armed with exploding devices.
        No ID? vote anyway. no problem. Hell, you don’t even have to show proof that you even exist.
        Decriminalization of dangerous drugs. Poor he/him they/them she/her it/it. They deserve us to support them with free needles, clothes, tents, sleeping bags and more drugs

        Laws they want. Mandatory Mask wearing forever. Vaccine Passport to be allowed in places of business.
        Every thing else…. nah, don’t need it.
        They do want you to show ID for everything BUT voting. wonder why

        1. The mandates have the full force and effect of law.

          “All rules and orders issued under authority conferred by ORS 401.165 (Declaration of state of emergency) to 401.236 (Rules) shall have the full force and effect of law both during and after the declaration of a state of emergency. ”

          “shall have the full force and effect of law”

      2. If we are such a nation of laws- then why has Kate brown ignored them all and has instead used Executive orders and undeclared Martial Law to force her will on the people ??? Take yer time Dumper- yer stoopidity is once again being called out !

        1. The Governor has been in full compliance with the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions, and powers authorized to her by the legislature under Oregon Revised Statutes RS 401.165 through 401.236. If you think you can prove differently, go ahead and file a lawsuit in State or Federal court. Good luck; everyone that’s tried it has failed.

          1. I see yer record is stuck in a groove- so lemme play along and post my same response to your constant drivel- “The US Constitution… “The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, states: No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” As for you historically challenged- the 14th Amendment also granted equal rights and citizenship to the previously enslaved- including civil and legal rights for Black Americans ! Now… you go ahead and support your ” ORS 401.165″… I’ll wave that Constitution in front of your face all day !

        2. and again you are wrong because the state supreme court says she does! as usual your understanding of the law and the state constitutional powers of the Governor are completely wrong! clownboy you got nothing !

      3. Comical how you are now all for following the laws. I didn’t see you saying anything when all the law breaking was going on this summer. Only when it fits your narrative. You don’t actually care about the rules so stop lying. The only thing you and the rest of these moronic democrats want on this site is to fight with anyone who disagrees with you. We used to be a nation of differing opinions, but now we are a nation of bullies and wokesters. If someone doesn’t agree with you then they are a racist. Your tough enough to bully people on a site where you remain anonymous. I would love to see you say some of these things to peoples faces. You wouldn’t because you are clearly a coward and a hypocrite. Go enjoy your miserable being somewhere else. Hopefully in a nation of laws and SCIENCE!!!! Idiot

    2. Like Donald Trump spreading propaganda? I don’t think you know the difference or definition between socialism and communism. If you voted for Trump, you support fascism.

    3. You are comparing the Nazi’s mass murder of over 6 million Jews to a coffee ship getting fined for intentionally disregarding the governor’s executive order? The Q is strong with this one.

    4. It begins w/ fines by agencies that have been around doing this for decades? So it started when? Oh when we formed a representative government a few centuries ago. Because that is when citizens gave over complete individual autonomy to central governance by elected representative that went about establishing agencies, laws, policies that we all agreed to abide by via a “social contract”. Please explain how this specific example of the continuation of representative governance is our first step towards communism? And don’t mix up communism w/ socialism. They are not the same thing.

    5. Communism? Holocaust? Cartel? Jeez… I know that insulting a person’s intelligence is a low blow, but you have no idea what you’re talking about (and you can’t even spell). This virus has killed more Americans than WWI and WWII combined in a single year. Wearing masks is proven to prevent spread and the intransigence on display by Trump-loving ******* like you is not only juvenile… it costs lives. This is not about your “freedoms”… it’s about showing some respect for your fellow Americans. Grow a pair and do your part snowflake.

      1. Factually NO- this virus has “not” killed more people than WWI-WWII combined ! “The media” has “killed off” a good number- but the CDC does not agree with their political propaganda to drive fear and hate into your heart. Even KTVZ has had to relent- admit through their reporting- that the China Virus is “not” the lone and key component of the large numbers of deaths CNN and the Demokrat party are flaunting. Your reference to ******* appears to be another regressive move by the Moderator- who for months and months claimed the term was offensive- but he allows his liberal friends to change the TOS when it fits the liberal agenda- that’s why you have Joke Biden in the White house- and Amerika in crisis- in absolute free-fall and yer bungi cord looks a little long ! This aint gonna end well ! “Retard” ? Really Barney ???

        1. Missed word, blocked word, read 1,000s of comments a week, imperfect moderator who knows he’s far better than his few, false critics claim. Thanks for the support to all who know what I put up with!

        2. I get it buddy, you are among the privileged few who know the real truth. Shall we talk about chem-trails, the moon landing and pedophile cabals next week LOL? I reread your response (despite the overall incoherence); am I correct in reading that your primary argument in support of Kevista’s selfish actions is that “the virus isn’t that bad”? Yikes you are truly allergic to facts and no longer worth my time.

          Barney – My apologies good sir. You are a hero for subjecting yourself to this horse **** every day.

  3. OSHA should be made to show specific, provable harms to the community. Also, OSHA should answer as to why it did not seek alternative ways to close the business, if it was deemed dangerous.

    1. Is that what you’d tell the judge after getting a speeding ticket – Ask the police to show specific provable harm to the community? Your reasoning needs a little improvement.

      1. Actually I’d tell the judge that not a single infection was contact traced back to my establishment- unlike Safeway that has had outbreaks and continues to sell coffee from it’s Starbucks kiosks… I’d also tell the judge that by all the science available- the six foot rule is complete and absolute nonsense- even by OSHA standards- as they failed to include a 1-2 foot safety zone as is required with their fall protection standards… The science has stated from day one- that the virus can travel up to 6 feet through normal passive conversation… so why define the standard as 6 feet and not 8 ??? Seems to me that OSHA has failed to protect the working public through this blatant oversight- and a violation of their own practices !

        1. Thankfully most judges are well educated and understand that asymptomatic spread has been the entire problem with this outbreak, tracing it back to a single coffee shop is the exact definition of a meaningless wild goose chase

          1. “tracing…. is the exact definition of a meaningless wild goose chase” ???…. Then why does the OHA and OSHA both require contact tracing programs be initiated as part of your corporate covid19 plan ??? You really have no idea what businesses have been going through do you- but that won’t stop you from flappin’ yer gums around here !

        2. There was so much virus out there during that period of time that contact tracing became nearly impossible. Each person having been in that coffee shop would have had to be tested for that argument to hold any water.

    2. They did show harm. OSHA does not only impose a fine if a harm occurs. The rules are designed to prevent harm. Flouting the rules IS the harm. It’s like wearing a safety harness, you wear it to prevent the accident, you don’t just get fined after someone falls off the roof. They get fined for not having the harness that prevents the fall in the first place. Same thing here. The regulations are to prevent harm via COVID.

      1. Only a maga could possibly pretend our health code is a bad thing, try visiting a place with no health code some day and tell us what you find (besides dysentary)

      2. The mandates have the full force and effect of law.

        “All rules and orders issued under authority conferred by ORS 401.165 (Declaration of state of emergency) to 401.236 (Rules) shall have the full force and effect of law both during and after the declaration of a state of emergency. ”

        “shall have the full force and effect of law”

        1. Great ! I’ll see your ‘Oregon Law” and raise you the US Constitution ! “The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, states: No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. By the way- for you historically challenged- the 14th Amendment also granted equal rights and citizenship to the previously enslaved- including civil and legal rights for Black Americans ! Now… you still wanna ignore this document in favor of your ” ORS 401.165″ ???

          1. Yea but there’s that “due process of law” part. That has not been denied to anyone here. The 10th Amendment acknowledges the wide-ranging police powers of the States. The 1902 U.S. Supreme Court case “Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur v. Louisiana Board of Health” affirms the constitutionality of quarantines and other public health measures.

            1. Does the due process of law include the public shaming of a legal business- to the point that it may negatively affect sales- as some of the haters here have already stated- that they will not support this business- even though they have not been allowed your “due process”… see how that works ? nah- probably not !

              1. But the facts of what they’ve done are not in dispute, only whether it was legal/valid for them to do so – and folks in America have the right to decide whether they support the business or not. They knew what they were doing.

                1. “Folks in America” should demand that media outlets focus more on getting a story right- instead of just being the first to report rumors. I coulda sworn you learned your lesson after the Covington High School student debacle- which saw numerous cable news outlets sued for defamation- libel and slander… but then again the Z probably has pretty deep pockets- feels comfortable enough to ride out a multi-million dollar suit… so why bother with the facts- right ?

          2. No, how have these regulations deprived citizens of these rights? Any state can pass any law and they are enforceable until a court, not an individual willy nilly, decides they do violate either a state and/or federal constitution. That’s they way it works. By your statement ALL laws are then in violation of the 14th Amendment. Plus, they are not ambiguously enforced, and they have due process via an appeals process. It’s kind of like a speeding ticket, you get due process at the courthouse. That’s just the way it works. Individuals don’t decide which laws are lawful and which are not. If a individual does not agree w/ a law, they can sue for violation of said rights. It’s in a court where oral arguments are made by both sides in favor of and against said law.

            Your recitation of the 14th does not make you correct, it does mean you disagree w/ the states declaration of emergency and rules associated with it. Which is your right. As long as a court does not issue an injection or rule against the state, the rules stand as law under the state constitution.

            1. New handle- same ol’ stupidity ! I’m not even gonna bother with this… “how have these regulations deprived citizens of these rights?” As if anyone in the state of Oregon lives here for the economic collapse- the closed schools- the businesses in bankruptcy- the forced dress code- life under undeclared Martial Law ! Need I say more ???

      1. Talk about moronic! Every little fee or charge a government charges is a tax but you can’t call an administrative rule or mandate a law. So disingenuous!

        1. What emergency ??? The virus is defined as “Mild”- has literally no effect on citizens aged 10- 60… so where’s yer “real” emergency ??? Even the OHA and Z21 had to stop defining common deaths as Covid “caused”… There is scientifically no correlation ! So again- where’s yer 12 month long emergency ???

    1. Funny how the same people ok with aliens breaking the law aren’t ok with someone breaking a MANDATE. There was never anything signed into law. Know the difference if you are going to spew inaccurate info.

  4. So – how many deaths have come from this coffee company? how many cases of the scary virus have come from this coffee company? how many cases of the regular flu have come from this coffee company? how many colds have come from this coffee company? how many……. from what I have seen they appear clean and healthy, they just slipped out form under the proverbial thumb trying for control.

    1. But how many lives have been saved by the rule following other restaurants that have done their duty? Too bad these idiots put themselves ahead of the rest of us! Hope they can survive off of trump supporters alone, because I know many people who will never go there ever again!

      1. “But how many lives have been saved by the rule…” NONE that you can prove ! End of debate- you got no proof to back your warped opinion… in fact- the current surge suggests that the last 12 months of lockdowns have been absolutely without merit… how’s that vaccine working out for ya- 4 months in- with 90% plus of the deaths “related” to the virus continuing from the same age group… as before your vaccine ! The science is clear- these people are dying of old age and underlying conditions- that is now a proven fact ! The hoax is over- the hoax has been revealed- the hoax is the worst crime in all of our life-times… ranks right up there with WWII !

    2. You cannot get a reprieve because no one got sick. Although, that may never be known.

      Consider a speeding ticket being cited by a police officer. Can you claim that you did not hurt anyone or cause an accident and expect the fine to go away? I don’t think so…..

        1. “clueless” ?…. “grasping at straws” ??… So what says KTVZ ??? “Crook County sheriff tells Gov. Brown: I won’t enforce mask, gathering mandates” !!! Whazzat ??? “Crook County Sheriff John Gautney has written a letter to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, sympathizing with her “predicament” over how to curb COVID-19’s spread but also critical of the two-week freeze and refusing to have deputies issue citations for not wearing a mask or having too large a Thanksgiving gathering.”… here’s yer link Dumpy !

  5. Let me guess, the business name is a combo of Kevin and Krista, Kevista. Bahahahaha! Clearly a brilliant pair from the start. Look these guys up, what a farce. Anti Vaxers, wanna be Christians, and knowingly stayed open exposing their kids to the virus while admitting in a state HB written testimony that some of their kids have had GI issues and poor health because of vaccines. You guys are quite the pair and honestly deserve this fine. Everyone else was doing their part within our community to get through this thing. Holier than thou whilst not get you to heaven, but it will shut your doors due to the fine. Bye bye.

  6. We support Kevista Coffee 100%. I hope not one thin dime will ever be paid to the OSHA communists. This is totally against the Oregon constitution. I know all you nanny state loving morons will cry and cry about my comment. Bring it on , we know your true colors. Our whole nation is in serious decay.

      1. I guess you have to keep bringing up Trump so that anything Biden does wrong you can blame Trump for. Biden has already taken credit for warp speed.
        What does Trump have to do with what is totally against the Oregon Constitution? I would love to let you explain that.

    1. Why don’t you volunteer to represent them if they appeal the fine. I’m sure this attitude and “reasoning” would be entertaining, to say the least.

      1. Ooooh- Ahhhh- “appeal the fine” ! Lets do the math boneheads ! The average Starbucks or private label coffee shop makes $250- $300 a day. This fine amounts to about $22 a day ! the fact that they stayed open- provided pay checks while you lazy slugs stayed at home and banged away in hate and anger on your keyboards all day- reason enough to support these two ! Michael Wood is a coward- he shoulda told Kovid Kate Brown to find another Brownshirt thug to do her bidding… but Michael is weak on the US Constitution- He should resign immediately !

  7. Pretty pathetic that OHSA will make up and enforce laws that put hard working, motivated people who have invested everything they have to run a business, out of business. Nonne of these lazy slouches has ever invested a dime of their own money in their workplace, they just use business owners tax money against them. If you don’t like what Kevista does at their coffee shop, go to Starbucks and buy from the lefties that support the commie state.

  8. It’s comical listening to all of Commie Kates minnions cry about a coffee shop owners trying to make a living. Keep on driving around in your Tesla’s with your masks on, in fact, don’t ever them off, makes it easier to identify the commie reds….

            1. The idea that masks do not reduce transmission is a lack of common sense like the failure to understand that religions are stories that belong in the fiction section of the Library.

                1. Then don’t play the suckers game ! jonasty has no mental capacity to form an original opinion- it’s all CNN-Z21 regurgitated BS. Ignore this fool and the shallow comments provided. Stick to the script and dazzle em with facts and original content… you’ll have the locals that spend all day here hating you soon enough !

              1. Says the guy wearing a mask. That’s a nice reach, from masks to religion….. you are a fool, and a sheep…. bhhhaaaaaa bhaaaaaaa… wear your mask forever fool, because I told you too. I see you in your Nissan Leaf, driving with your mask on, alone… bhaaaaaa bhaaaaaa bbhaaaaaa

              2. Says the kook driving his Nissan Leaf alone with a mask on… lol….. you are a nasty little sheep, but that is probably your daddy’s fault. Nasty, I declare you have to wear your mask forever…. bhhhaaaa bhhhaaaa

      1. Enough with the China Joe. Enough with the China virus. Your mother originated behind the dumpster of a convenience store but we still call her Karen.

  9. I feel I need to correct a few falsehoods in these comments. First, OSHA did not make up these rules, they just enforce them. Secondly, Companion Coffee did go out of business. Which others went out I do not know. Lastly, the article failed to mention the fact that Kevista actually received a free loan from the government which was meant to help Kevista pay its employees while they stayed home, and also offset any losses due to the pandemic. If I remember correctly it was around $25K. So they took our tax dollars and then flaunted the fact that they stayed open and maskless. Truly disgusting people. The name should be changed to Covidista Coffee. The irony here is that they will probably use the loan money to pay the fine.

    1. “Rules” ? Not laws ??? Thank you for that bit of clarification- because you are right- Brown’s Ex. Orders do not equate “laws”. As for the rest- many companies took “our tax dollars”- then shut their doors- many for good ! The handouts (like most charity offerings) eventually run out- and after 12 months… Yup- I said it- “12 months” of shutdowns over a mild virus ? Well- in hindsight- smart business. I say pay the $22 a day fine and tell OSHA and Kovid Kate Brown to shove it !

    2. “Free loan” that’s an oxymoron kind of like you’re a moron. PPE was also not meant to pay employees to stay home and also like other morons on here think it can not just be used for whatever people want. There are specific guidelines that need to be followed for using the funds if you do not want to have to pay it back. Oh and if you don’t like the way the run their business then don’t effin go there. Stay home.

  10. Using his discretionary authority under state law, Oregon OSHA Administrator…

    This is political. This stuff happens when the rule of law is handed over to unelected, unaccountable paper pushing bureaucrats. I wonder how the phone call from the governor went….”Make an example of these people who dared to defy my power…or you’ll lose your cushy patronage job to someone who will do my bidding anyway.”

    1. “This stuff happens when the rule of law is handed over to unelected?” Using that logic, every law enforcement officer should be elected. Kinda stupid, huh.

      1. DB – that is not a reasonable comparison. The law enforcement officer does not have discretion to hand down punishment. That is reserved for a judge (elected in oregon) or a Jury. That is what is SUPPOSED to happen. We are not supposed to have the person who cites the violator pass judgement. Is that what you want to have happen? Unelected cops PUNISH the people they arrest? Try again.

          1. Barney the concern I have is the use of the word discretionary authority. The rules should be clear and straightforward and the same for everyone. I don’t care which agency it is, once you allow discretion, favoritism appears and that’s unfair.

              1. Understand that the rules are clear. The punishment was described as discretionary. If you get pulled over for going 50 the parkway should the police officer have the discretion to triple the fine if he doesn’t like your attitude? Clear rules and clear punishment go a long way towards equity. Otherwise who to say there’s not a bribe or favoritism. Are we all equal under the law or should an administrative person have discretion over our punishment. This is not just about this situation. Should a cop get out of a dui because his fellow cop exercises discretionary authority?

                1. Smedley- I believe the debate with Barney L ended when he stated that- “They are accused of violating some clear, straightforward rules”… Yup- “rules”… not laws ! Even BL does not believe in his heart that what Brown has Ex Ordered- are “Laws” ! And people need to start paying attention to the way that the Mr Lerten plays both sides of the fence… eventually he will “out” his real true position- but that won’t stop him from stirring the pot for more ad revenue via website traffic… You’ve now been properly informed !

  11. Good. They deserve to get fined. This is such a horrible business move on their part because all they did was alienate way more than 1/2 of this town. Bad bad bad move.

    1. “alienate way more than 1/2 of this town”… Ummm- why is that such a Bad bad bad move ? KTVZ has done the same- and they think it works just fine !

  12. I didn’t see any mention of transmission of covid related to the coffee shop, all in a county with a prevalence of about only 3% ever being positive. I can understand if people were getting sick, but I don’t believe there is a single reported case related to this coffee shop. Maybe this is science that is being ignored?

  13. “An OSHA spokesman said the only higher penalty issued by the agency related to COVID-19 was of $126,749 against a Salem fitness center.”. The wonderful osha spokeswoman forgot to mention that the owner is suing Kate Brown for retaliating for not shutting down by sending the child protection services to mess with her kid. Wonderful governor we have, won’t let you work and if you do try to steal your kid, nice.

  14. They did have a sign that said peaceful protest inside, so if Anita can smash cars and burn buildings with no fear of consequence, then this is a double standard by the state. And before you say well the coffee shop could hurt someone, well getting your windows smashed while driving is a much bigger risk of hurting someone. Keep up the protest!

    1. Nobody will argue this. These idiots don’t have the capacity. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and then expect people to take them seriously. They will just claim you are a racist for this comment. Thank you for pointing this out.

  15. Kevista does not deserve to be a part of this community, much less profit from it! I like my coffee and other items, but will never spend a time there, ever! I will, however, gladly patronize the many other community minded coffee business that made sacrifices with the rest of us.

    1. Funny how you keep justifying what they did. They STOLE from the government, pocketed the money, stayed open when everyone else closed, and didn’t even PRETEND that they were going to do anything to protect their employees or help mitigate a possible breakout. Did I miss anything there?? They are common THIEVES. A judge is going to look at that before handing down a decision. Let’s be honest. They are not going to get off scott-free. They are going to have a large judgement handed down, and they will open up some gofundme page and ask everyone else to pay for their fines, fees, etc. (Conveniently omitting to tell everyone that they stole $32k).

    2. Im sure they will appreciate you not spending time there. I don’t think they want the clientele you represent.
      I’ve said for over a year now that I feel safer in those places… restaurants, cafes (mask or no mask), than I do in Walmart, Fred Meyers, or Safeway.
      Cleaner, safer distancing, and they do more to clean up after a customer leaves.

    3. “village Idiot” nice, haha! My criteria is simple and obvious (except to you)…follow the guidelines that the vast majority of community mined business did and are doing. I’m just exercising my American freedom and rights to spend my hard earned money where I want. You have a problem with that?

  16. They, and lots of others, have my sympathy. They were faced with either being forced out of business by a bunch of beauracrats (who never missed a paycheck), or resist being thrust into poverty. They chose the latter and I don’t blame them.

  17. OSHA needs reigned in. Anybody that is ok with ANY Govt that can hand out fines that have no parameters is scary. I am pro-mask and agree the business should be fined. But $27,000 amounts to cruel and inhumane punishment. And that’s just the amount for this business. OSHA is just making up whatever exorbitant amounts they want for other businesses. Imagine if the Police were allowed to just make up whatever fine they wanted for say speeding. Everyone would have a problem with that. When OSHA makes up whatever fine they feel like, nobody has a problem with it.

  18. Wow! After reading through these comments I must say I am appalled at he tone of discourse here. There are far too many comments that are so childish and immature that they are hard to take seriously. But then again, these people are the same people running out to buy guns and ammo constantly. I can imagine where this would go if this discussion were held face to face rather than hidden under the cloak of the internet. A few regulars here really need to get a job or at least a hobby to try to focus their frustration elsewhere. Whether you like it or not we are all still Americans chasing the same dreams. Let the screaming commence (Barney)

  19. No, BGHW, you are egregiously mistaken. For a lengthy period the St. Charles ICU was full to capacity–with mostly COVID patients. I recall–from reviewing the daily census on the St. Charles website–as many as 5 of these patients at a time on ventilators. Just think how dire the local situation would have been had no one taken part in mitigation measures. Though not perfect, our neighbors did conduct themselves admirably to prevent the spread. The initial 8 tragic deaths at the long term care facility could easily have been augmented terribly, had we not acted to flatten the curve.

    1. “A lengthy period” ??? That’s a lie ! Their spokesperson said they were reaching capacity on Tuesday- but had the problem solved by Wednesday ! Gee a whole day to shift beds around- does not make for all your hysterics ! There is no dire situation- stop bloviating- these hospitals never once reached their ICU maximum capacity because they all had (and still have) the ability to transfer patients- so let’s stop the lies and dangerous misinformation.

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