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New mural for Bend underpass

A new mural highlighting Bend's Latino community is going in the Franklin tunnel.

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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



    1. haven’t you heard? some big windbag is building a wall to prevent such things, and he is making Mexico pay for it – all to protect little old you from your paranoid delusions

        1. the only “simple” thing about your behavior is it’s ridiculous predictability – do you actually believe that your passive aggressive shtick is at all effective on anyone but you? — guess you’re a legend in your own mind

          1. Once again, you are quick to judge and completely wrong. I have no fears or biases and I’m NOT anti- immigration, IF they come here legally. I know you and your fellow liberals are okay with the criminals who come into our country illegally, and the worthless criminal in Salem that thinks she is our Governor, even takes it upon herself to break the law and support and encourage their behavior. I refuse to celebrate their behavior and disrespect for our laws, and it’s probably a safe bet that there are more of them living here that are here illegally, than there are those who actually cared enough to take the time and effort and did it legally…
            Those people have sacrificed in order to live in this great country, and enjoy everything it has to offer, and I would be first in line to congratulate them for their accomplishments… Of course you will somehow manage to read something completely different into my comment because that’s what liberals do. One of the differences between you and I are that I am willing to say exactly what I think about something. I’m not a self-righteous hypocrite that wants everyone to think I am morally superior, and I certainly don’t worry about looking PC just to impress people…

            1. I don’t know why you even try to make sense with these idiots that can only post hate. It is totally ironic that they call you the bigot. Must be all thier white guilt, guess that is why they are total racist towards white people.

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