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RV, minivan burn in fire east of Redmond

A fire destroyed an unoccupied RV and minivan in a homeless camp area just east of Redmond Wednesday afternoon, but firefighters kept it from reaching juniper trees and spreading, officials said.

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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



  1. Someone is once again NOT doing the job we taxpayer pay them to do, there should be NO homeless people living in this area, there were signs posted, and people were removed last year and a big clean up. Now they are all back , who is in charge of this area. KTVZ needs to investigate this person, person’s, and agency. I want my money back.

    1. The cause was not careless idiots. People are so quick to judge due thier own ignorance.
      Different laws apply out there. This isn’t the first fire and it won’t be the last y’all just never are told about it. People out there burned down the camp because they can. It was a thought out act by someone who simply didn’t like this person. And nothing will happen to them. Nothing. Nothing ever is when thibgs like this happen out there. Your carelessness remark should be towards dcso and Redmond pd.

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