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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. Oh my goodness. Get over it white, rich, privileged children. If YOU are scared about returning to school, then stay home!! The district announced it received funding to continue with Comprehensive Distance Learning for any student who prefers it over in person learning. Maybe if you or your friends checked your 384 unread e-mails you would have seen that or better yet, read the news station you (likely) reached out to in order to get attention. Then you would be in the know.

    1. you know, y’all set the bar so low with Trump that all Biden has to do is not be a giant turd and he already stands head and shoulder above his predecessor – when you set the standards, you look like an idiot complaining about the results

  2. Lol let me guess if their demands aren’t met they are going to strike…lol. unions = terrorist. Terrorists..if you don’t meet our demands we will hurt you. Unions..if you don’t meet our demands we will hurt you. Hmmmm makes you think.

    1. Please don’t give them ideas. They already think they are owed attention and praise for no good reason, it’s not a stretch for them to demand free money for the privilege of going to school. Marxism 101

  3. Look at the bright side hasn’t been a school shooting since last March. You don’t have to deprogram your kid on the weekend after 5 days of indoctrination. You can teach then it’s ok to be patriotic and that religion is actually a good thing. America even with it’s faults consider yourself fortunate to live here. And for the everyone gets a trophy generation don’t be afraid to fail. But for us sucker property taxpayers don’t expect a refund even though schools are closed with operating costs greatly reduced. Mainly because the unions have ensured their members not miss one paycheck since the start of the wuhan suprise.

  4. It’s so hilarious to me that adults are so upset by the emergence of a student union. Don’t y’all have something better to do than complain about teenagers on the internet? Go on Twitter or something oh wait, ur accounts were probably deleted lol.

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