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      1. NOPE- Nobody sees it that way ! Harg simply beat me to the punch… what you are doing here is disgusting ! Let me remind you that those working stiffs need those pay checks to put food on their tables… restaurant staff have not had the luxury of one Barney Lerten who has remained gainfully employed- and cowered in fear at the thought of not going along with Brown’s demands ! My advice to you Mr. B- instead of joining some monthly angels group grope… take 100% of your salary down to the Black Bear- and tip the waitress with two kids trying to fend off foreclosure ! This story makes me sick !!!

            1. This is why I voted for little cliffy bentz. Because I knew he would vote against the 27 BILLION dollar restaurant aid and recovery very bill! These restaurants don’t need help!!! They’re doing just fine ask little cliffy!!!!! Soooooo much losing!!!!!!!!!

        1. This dope and the rest of the republicans around here that wont wear a mask or get the vaccine are the reason all this is happening. This is all avoidable. We could literally be done with the pandemic if everyone got the vaccine, but republicans care more about not being told what to do than they do about our local economy, so here we are on the path to a forever pandemic and so many struggling/lost businesses. There is no one to blame but our local members of the cult45 insurrectionist party of far-right stupidity of which I would like to enter this bonehead into evidence as exhibit 1a if it please the court.

          1. If people want the vaccine, great! If they don’t want the vaccine, great! (I got mine). Open everything, get rid of masks and lets get on with it. It’s not about protecting elderly people anymore. Let the unvaccinated take their chances, getting Covid19 or being immunized both contribute to herd immunity.

            1. If someone wants the vaccine, it entirely their choice and I have no problem with it. But, all the information concerning it should be publicised so people can make an informed choice. The cases of negative reactions is being downplayed and the pressure to comply is being escalated.

            2. I’m totally against getting the shot but I most definitely appreciate your constitutional thought process!!! You have a good head on your shoulders and I completely agree with you! Thank you👍

              1. Da-Hoots Kounty is predominantly Demokant ! Da-Hoots Kounty currently has the highest number of C-Virus cases- Therefore- Da-Hoots Kounty Demokants are the ones spreading the virus throughout the Central Oregon Region- So what is it about Da-Hoots Kounty Demokants that refuse to wear a mask- social distance- or get vaccinated ? There ya go- I proved it !

                1. I take it you’re from Prinetucky? You most certainly sound like the progeny of a Lodge pole family tree.

              2. Here are 2 articles about anti-vaxxers in general.
                Mostly driven by white, highly educated, liberals.



                Here is the current state by state stats for COVID 19 vaccinations. Throw out high and low and the other 35 states split down the middle.


          2. According to the OHA- which you never quote-!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPICases….

            “10,000 cases of the C-Virus currently in Demokrat Blue Da-Shoots county”- leading the region into another Extreme Risk rating with 10x’s more infected’s than neighboring counties- I dare B Lerten and his wayward station to contact trace any C-Virus outbreak back to any BBD in CO… This is a political hit job- against a viable establishment- with KTVZ leading the haters charge… sorry- but that’s not their role in the community… to act as Nazi snitches in an attempt to put hard working men and women into poverty through job loss- while they all sit at home (trust me- Anderson hasn’t missed a meal) and smirk about their privilege. Lerten even goes as far as to “brag” about his college degree- on his “profile” page… Oh My- isn’t he the little genius- just blessed to be so much smarter than some line cook- a waitress- a bus boy… this is what “privilege” looks like- and this is what the evils of “arrogance and smugness” look like- this is what “contempt for mankind” looks like- and I’m sorry if my outrage at it all bothers you… but this is what free speech looks like !

            1. Zero people on Earth read one word of that because you’re a troll, but I take great pride in wasting the time you spent responding to me.

        2. The only person here cowering in fear is YOU, afraid of wearing a mask, or god forbid, following the law. Close your piehole,and continue hugging your keyboard while cowering in your hovel.Put on your Big Boy pants, and get yourself vaccinated.

          1. Law? What law? I never voted on a mask requirement. Last I knew laws had to be voted on by congress or the people. I think most people don’t want to wear something on their face just to keep you from getting sick. Take personal responsibility and protect yourself don’t expect everyone else to do it for you.

          2. hhmmm – Change this to “afraid of NOT wearing a mask” and your whole comment can be made right back at ya. However we all know that when anyone resorts to insults they are out of arguments and are just trying to cyber-bully anyone who will listen.

        3. Oh Karen, it’s ok sweetie. “The virus is way down and will be gone soon” “Hydroxychloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine ” “it’s just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under, everything is going to be fine” ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Still waiting for “the curve to flatten”!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Whining about totally losing is just sooooooo predictable coming from the failed hillbilly trump Borg karen!!!

        4. Everyone sees it that way, except a few moronic man-children who don’t know you can look right through that window and see the owners are sleazy criminals flouting the LAW.

        5. Well, your whiny attitude make everyone else sick, so there’s that. What’s disgusting about filming a window of a business? What’s disgusting is the sleazebag owners putting others in danger by Breaking.The.LAW.

        1. Wonder if the Black Bear owners will ever get a clue? We used to get take out from BB to help them weather the pandemic. No more; we’ve spent our last dollars there. We’ll continue to take our business to restaurants that comply with public health mandates. The violators can go out of business and I’d be fine with that.

              1. “Mandates” are not laws. Even the Mod here had to back-peddle and refer to them as nothing more than “guidelines”… Again- any establishment wishing to stay open needs to get a Phylagen test kit to prove to OSHA and the Z21 snitch-wagon- that their false accusations will not be tolerated- no matter what “risk category” Hate Brown may designate- you prove you have no C-Virus on site- they have no case- only speculation- and appearances… and that won’t hold up in court ! If business suffers- damage done- ya sue these klowns for defamation- slander- and libel… the trifecta baby !

                1. The footnotes of the guidelines clearly note ORS and executive orders that allow enforcement of said guidelines. I am not aware of any successful court challenges to Oregon’s overall enforcement actions (appeals of fines and last year’s challenges to some religious facility guidelines notwithstanding.)

                2. According to the American Bar Association- “While state governors and local officials have wide latitude to enforce their directives during an emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the exercise of their authority cannot be overbroad. Judicial review, guided by the Constitution and Supreme Court precedents, will have the last word.”… in short… See ya in court !

          1. By the looks of the number of customers sitting by the window seats… You certainly won’t be missed ! Feel free to take yer Guvment check over to the “Hungry Hippo Feed Trough”- they’ll take yer ducats !

          2. who cares where you eat? What changed at the Black Bear from Thursday to Friday other some nonsense spouted by some politician spewing junk science as fact?

        1. It’s a video, not a reporter story. It makes clear Black Bear was asked but declined to comment. Citizen complaints already led to fines against that restaurant, we weren’t informing OSHA of anything they aren’t already aware of. We didn’t ‘spy,’ anyone driving down Third Street could see what we see.

          1. Citizens have complained about maskless and failure to social distance your Z21 on-air telecasts too… I know this for a fact ! Has OSHA paid a visit ? Would you oblige us all the video and complete report if they ever do decide to show up… In the meantime- here’s the Bend OSHA contact number for anyone wanting to participate in this experiment- (541) 388-6066.

          2. “It’s a video, mot a reporter story”. So, to be clear does this mean that your video/photo folks aren’t journalists? And the media can’t figure out why the majority of all americans think they are untruthful!

            1. Your Toilet faced serial LYING criminal Russian arsehat Lost, that makes you and your ilk the Minority. Sheesh, no wonder you’re one of the uneducated fools that supported him.

          1. What Crime ? See how irresponsible this kind of garbage is ! Can you explain to me what the legal crime being violated is- if not- your are libeling this establishment on Z21’s behalf.

              1. Again… “what’s the crime” ? You should be correcting this “FALSE ACCUSATION” from Bob… “Reporting on crimes”. Why allow that offensive misinformation to go without a correction ?

              2. How about doing a report on how many of the fines have been tossed out in court? While the rules haven’t gone to court yet most of the fines have….

            1. If you get caught running a stop sign, is it relevant if the officer checked other stop signs? You’re making some pretty lame excuses…

              1. Z21 has no “officers” ! Unless you are suggesting that- as Harg is stating- that they are acting in cooperation with Kate Brown and her Nazi thugs… then you should just stop being stoopid and agree with Harg !

            1. There was no set-up here, no entrapment, no selective editing, no “gotcha”, which is Veritas’ claim to fame. They’ve lost more lawsuits for publishing misleading videos than KTVZ, so there is that.

      2. KTVZ should do a story about the terrible potential for the spread of innumerable diseases that are likely coming out of the new crime/ drug camps all over town. I am quite certain they violate many laws (OSHA laws as well) I mean really, there are growing encampments that are potentially deadly to the community but the law is not enforced on them. Demonizing the working class while normalizing the criminal class is Marxism 101, ask any Bolshevik.
        Make Bend Portland:)

    1. absolutely agree. so sick of the media shining the spotlight on businesses trying to keep their doors open and keep their employees working to support their families. i dont remember anyone saying the flu pandemic would all be over if everyone would just go get their vaccine. oh wait, no one ever said that when the flu was killing thousands of people.

    2. They don’t have to harg, pretty sure the station or Barney has s way to contact Brown. In 2-3 weeks we will hear her say we’re so close to having these variants beat that we need to put our faith in her. That she’ll lead us out of the darkness. They want to use the 🌽 pone line “today we gain our independence from this virus” on independence day so bad.

    3. hope doesnt get to where the people in the video it shows are tracked down by brown’s people and fined for eating somewhere thats being non-compliant. at least she hasnt ordered businesses to threaten termination to workers who arent vaccinated.

    1. Yeh- Probably ! I doubt a rigged individualist like Owen would cower in fear under the blankets for 12 months as the calendar days dwindle on by. Some of you might want to take a hint from the likes of the Owen’s of our world… live in fear from a Chinese virus with a 98% survival rate- or get out there and take advantage of life-liberty-and the pursuit of happiness… this aint North Korea- at least not yet !

  1. WTH is Z21 doing here- besides acting as Kate Brown’s Nazi thugs ???… “…appeared to be in violation Friday.” !!! How about Z21 explain in great detail how allowing their morning news crew to sit within feet of each other unmasked- blatant violations of two temporary OSHA rulings. I’d also like to see how the Z has “upgraded” their in studio ventilation systems- and a copy of their covid policy- required by any business with more than 10 employees. Then Lee Anderson needs to explain why he is picking sides in this battle- this is not fair and accurate journalism- this is petty bullying by a local newsroom rum amok ! Maybe it’s time for our veterans to picket and march on the KTVZ offices of misinformation and hate !

    1. The Black Bear could disappear tomorrow and literally nothing would happen to this town. Actually, less people would die of heart attacks so that would be an improvement.

      1. “nothing would happen to this town”… Not True ! People would lose their jobs- a community gathering point would be eliminated- ancillary business that provide products and services to that establishment would be harmed. In contrast- if the haters and angry half-wits like the gluttenghosts of our world disappeared- than really- honest to god- nothing bad would happen to this site. Adios loser- take yer constant anger and hate back to Facebook Bend.

      2. I don’t disagree with you that if Black Bear disappeared tomorrow nothing of notable difference would happen to this town. The argument seems to be what is best for the collective vs. the individual. There are a handful of individuals that would be hurt if Black Bear disappeared tomorrow. What is the argument for just letting those that want to take a risk and go to Black Bear go? Whether it is to show support or whatever and if you don’t want to then don’t.

        Interesting side note. I was traveling in another state recently and saw multiple motorcyclist speed by me on the freeway without wearing helmets. In that state there is no helmet law. While I personally would always wear a helmet and it seems common sense to me. It was nice to see that they don’t need the state to set a law for everything and individuals can make their own decisions good or bad.

    2. What does this have do do with Veterans? And why would they side with a bunch of whiny morons? They’ve already been fined for Breaking.The.Law. You are siding with repeat offenders of the law, which explains your love of all things tRump.

    3. Name ONE morning, lunchtime, or evening news broadcast ANYWHERE where the people on air are wearing masks? I would assume every one of them have been vaccinated. Why would I assume that? Because news rooms hire intelligent, educated people, they don’t hire loudmouth Stupid morons spouting gibberish. Even the idiots at Fox FAKE news don’t mask up on air.

  2. Good old KTVCNNZ doing the leftists work.. Barney you should be ashamed of yourself and of the damage you are doing to your community… I hope that the consequence comes back to every news agency and employee who ever pushed this crap sooner than later…

  3. If you do not like KTVZ or Barney why the heck do you keep watching or reading the news from here and making comments about how horrible Barney and KTVZ is? Personally I like the job they do and really have always been impressed by how Barney puts up with all of it!!!! KTVZ is not partisan, communist, or ANTIFA. Get over it!

    1. You seem to be part of an over-zealous kancel kulture mob with your warped 60’s ideology of “love it or leave it”- a far right slogan that has now become the “go to” phrase for angry Demokrat libs nationwide… how funny is that ! The facts are clear- BBD has never had a single case of the C-Virus from Wuhan contact traced back to their establishment… Safeway-Bi Mart- Costco all have ! Yet Z21 completely ignores those big box stores and their outbreaks- to instead go after small scale Mom and Pop shops… why is that ? Remember- what I’ve posted are facts- focus on your response- no spin- no anger- no hate- answer that simple question- the truth will set you free.

        1. The three I posted have all had actual C-Virus outbreaks… why didn’t OSHA fine them ??? Do you not see the lunacy here- with all your privilege of ongoing employment- stress free life- that you would start to think about the others out there living in crisis day after day. Here’s a fact Barney- according to the OHA- this mild virus has a lifespan of less than 10 days… that’s ten days that one has to suffer through the sniffles- a headache- the inconvenience of being bed ridden. Kate Brown’s knee on my neck has been going on for 400 days and counting ! The data shows massive increases in alcoholism- isolationism- physical ailments due to the cancellations of surgeries- the dumbing down of a whole generation- children losing out on life experiences… for 400 days- and it aint over. So while you and Lee eat your apple pie down at Kate’s Kovid Kitchen (KKK) take a breath in-between bites to think about that line cook- the bus boy- the waitresses that you all are so gleefully putting out of work… Damn Shameful behavior Barney L- Just Shameful !

          1. I am proud of our work in this crisis, keeping the public informed of the facts. We have done many of the stories you ignore or claim we have not done, but I’m not going to waste more of my time proving it, only to have you move on to your next diatribe.
            I’m blessed to be working, as are you, as I’ve told you numerous times. So do you do things to help your community, as we do every day, rather than waste so much of your and everyone’s time here? Apparently not.
            Many people I never met before sympathize with me for having to put up with your unfair and untrue accusations. You obviously are the one who should be ashamed of wasting everyone’s valuable time with your frequent postings of whatever it is you falsely believe, but you’re not.
            Clearly, you are employed, too, and enjoy spending your “free time” attempting to create stress for me, while convincing no one of nothing whatsoever, other than what a sad place your mind lives in.

            1. I personally help “Hire” people Barney- many knock on our door because their restaurant job vanished- they are clearly not qualified to do what we do- but they are terrified that they have a rent payment due- need food and clothes for the children- need to put gas in the car- all as consumer goods increase in price because of Joe Biden’s failed policies. I have family members out of work- I send them hundreds to keep them afloat- off welfare- somewhat stress free till this Demokrat attack on our nation is over. I’ve not saved a dime in over a year- I break even- so yeh… I’m pretty damn fortunate ! So when I see the likes of your cheer-leaders show up here demanding more shut down- more rules- regulations- more knee to the throat- I’m gonna do like some kid with a camera phone- expose this BS for what it is. That kind of mind isn’t as ‘sad” as you may think- there are still many of us who understand right from wrong- from a moral and ethical sense… and that’s where you get off the boat !

              1. I am glad you do those things. I just don’t get the inconsistency of your being so helpful and kind in real life and so hateful toward me and my colleagues and many others here on our site.
                You’re able to do all those things despite our “evil” governor who you blame along with everyone on the evil other side. That kind of mindset solves nothing.
                We don’t promote, criticize or any of the allegations you throw our way. We present facts and a variety of viewpoints. And will continue to do so, to the best of our abilities.
                If only you stuck to the endless criticism of elected leaders, regulations, etc. Instead, you rarely post without personal attacks. on me or anyone who dares disagree with you. That puts you in a category worth ignoring, as many do. I don’t have that option.

        2. How many laughing emoticons would be after that story. If so many on here want the 🐻 closed because of this have authorities shutter their doors so noone gets in.

    2. Because KTVZ is supposed to be a news outlet, not a propaganda machine which a CNN executive has recenlty admmitted to (on video, see Project Veritas).

  4. Hey, they’re just honest people tryin’ to make a living! Let’s exempt them from ALL safety measures! Let them serve rotted food on dirty plates to maskless patrons! Who the hell is the government to tell them how to run their business?!? Let each person make up their own mind!!! If I want to eat rotten food off of dirty plates in super-spreader conditions, that’s MY business! I so sick of this government tyranny and overreach! FREEDOM!!!

    Hey, to all you rubes that agree with this? Just wanna let ya know, it’s called SARCASM.

    1. You finally said something right their Adolf… “Let each person make up their own mind!!!” Absolutely- it’s called the free market- let the customers decide- isn’t that how McDonalds rose to
      international fame- ever remember the Original Dominoes pizza (ketchup and garlic sauce paste)- or how about your marijauna dispensaries- Oh- No… Nothing to see there ! This called- “LOGIC”… some of us don’t need fake outrage under the guise of “sarcasm” to make a point !

  5. Ktvz is left leaning, no doubt about it.

    I love the BB and will continue to support them because we have been lied to enough by the goof troop in Salem.

    If you’re so scared of covid, stay in your basement with two masks on, that’s your right.

    It’s my right to live my life as I choose.

  6. @KeyserSoze, typical liberal hypocrite. Take the name of a fictional murderer an then call people murderers because they don’t wear a mask.


  7. For those of you waking up this Saturday morning wondering what all the ruckus is about… in a nutshell- this Z21 declaration right here- “Bend’s Black Bear Diner appeared to be in violation Friday.” !!! This statement is no-where attributed to the OSHA representative Aaron Corvin in the video… so who inserted this “opinion”- and for what purpose ??? KTVZ has denied that they provide opinions- just the facts (Ma’am)- but once again you can clearly see a blatant violation of their own policies- for again… what purpose… it certainly isn’t to protect the citizens from the big bad C-Virus… if that were true- the Z would be interviewing the large scale grocery chains to discuss their “logged” outbreaks with the OHA. This is shameful and CO citizens should demand an apology to the staff and customers for this slanted opinion piece !

      1. No Barney- the “facts” stop right here- “Bend’s Black Bear Diner appeared to be in violation Friday.”… Who made that assertion on “appearance” of a violation- that is sheer speculation- not backed by the comments of Aaron Corvin. You guys are way out of line on this with this false narrative. Have you all gone to mandatory masks and six foot social distancing on your morning live broadcasts ? No you haven’t- why ? The OSHA regulations do not exclude you from this temporary mandate- so without a proper explanation from you- and I’m giving you the mic- you are just as guilty as the BBD. So what says you ?

          1. Nope- you are completely wrong about your role in society- it’s to report factual news and information… this sentence violates that basic standard… “Bend’s Black Bear Diner appeared to be in violation Friday.”… I’d like you to send a team of reporters to Prineville- where the Crook County Sheriff stated that his office will not enforce all of Kate Brown’s mandates- did you already forget about this… “By KTVZ news sources
            Published November 20, 2020 4:55 PM- “Crook County sheriff tells Gov. Brown: I won’t enforce mask, gathering mandates” !!! The Z21 story goes on to say… “Gautney said his “heart goes out” to those who have lost loved ones, but added, “I fear that we are going to lose a great many more to suicide and our mental health population is going to increase beyond our ability to provide care for.”… “Governor Brown, you need to open our counties for business, allow churches to hold services and schools to open, or I fear we will see something far worse than we have ever seen before,” the sheriff wrote.” Now in hindsight- the good Sheriff is correct… Your Link…… To quote a phrase… “You are wrong- as usual” !

              1. Yes, you are in the right, technically. Do you intend on continuing to look for other rule violations and call them out.
                It’s a really good idea, pitting citizens against one another gets clicks.

                1. The state investigates these, and we report on their investigations. And when it’s a local business, it draws more attention.
                  It’s a very, very heated issue. But we don’t take sides, which makes some people very mad. When folks in such situations (large fines, etc.) are willing to talk to us, we have and will present their side.

                2. Is the state investigating the overall economic damage that this hoax has resulted in ? After a year of lock-downs, closures- financial strife- the state must certainly know the economic numbers- How many businesses closed- how many individuals put out of work, how much in lost tax revenue, how much did each Oregon household lose in savings- in lost earnings- how did this Wuhan attack affect our GDP ? Where are the numbers and why haven’t we be given this information… you really wanna kick over a hornets nest- just wait for this data drop- then add on these petty attacks against a regional restaurant chain like BBD.

    1. You have a choice to not eat there than. Other people obviously enjoy it. What the heck is your problem with people having options and liking something you don’t. I don’t wish a business to go under and have to fire employees just because I don’t like what they have to offer. That’s ridiculous.

  8. Congratulations on your new reporting low
    Did you put your spy cameras in Redmond Lowe’s?
    They recently got fined also
    Wow, “central Oregon’s news leader”, lol

    1. “Investigative reporting” would be more comprehensive, there was no investigation here at all. I see you’re back to name calling, you should stick with it, you’re “arguments” aren’t cutting it.

        1. Another great argument. That you didn’t se the humor in the bonehead/bean brain exchange says a lot about you. So does the “I’m done with you” comment. You should try to quit seeing red when you comment, it colors your judgement.

  9. At one time we loved dining at Black Bear. But, from now on its disdain for the welfare of our community will leave a sour taste. Congregant settings are the riskiest for continued spread of a disease that should have been dealt with and knocked down from day one. All hail the Trump Virus–a scourge AND an attitude that, like Covid-19, has mutated into the Trump Death.

    1. You do understand that the data studied over and over now has clearly shown little to no Covid transmission at restaurants right? Indoor family gatherings make up around 98% of cases right now. I guess data just doesn’t matter any more in smart decision making.

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