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GOP candidate for governor Jessica Gomez speaks with NewsChannel 21

NewsChannel 21 met with Republican gubernatorial candidate Jessica Gomez on Saturday. Gomez's top three priorities are building a strong resilient regional economy, public safety and education. Gomez is founder and CEO of a company that makes microchips. She has lived in Southern Oregon for about 20 years. For more information:

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Kelsey McGee

Kelsey McGee is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Kelsey here.



  1. I’d want to know what her plans for building a strong resilient regional economy, public safety and education. Just saying the words doesn’t describe her opinions or beliefs.

    1. Would you prefer the actions of a Governor who shuts down the economy- our schools- public gathering points for years- uses government agencies (OSHA) to enforce “unwritten” laws- aids and abetts the manipulation of state data to justify Executive Orders that are based solely on that false data ??? At this point Sunny- why don’t you tell us what yer looking for in a Governor. The floor is yours

  2. Forty years of Demokrat failed policies in this state- the environment is scorched earth- the economy is mediocre- the heavy handed bullying by Brown and everyone in Salem over covid was not only devastating to the economy- but it didn’t follow the science- crime is at record highs- murder- arson- common… homelessness and poverty- all on the Dems ! Their policies are catastrophic and nobody with a lick of sense can argue otherwise- toss em all out- and shout down anyone defending them- they’ve mucked up our state and the nation- data don’t lie- the media does !

    1. I’ve observed you commenting for several years. Everything is always “the Dems” fault and yet I’ve never seen you give suggestions on how things could be improved, never once heard you mention what YOU do to improve things. Now that I think about it, what exactly is it you have to offer?

      1. Well- Sunny, if you have indeed been “observing” my comments for years- then you know exactly what I’ve suggested. At the federal level- its easy- “get yer damn paws outta my pockets”- the US Constitution is the law of the land- at the social level- stop promoting hate and divisive messaging. Gee- didn’t DJ Trump promote an America where you decide how to spend your money, that the Feds stay out of our schools- churches- and society- and to be clear- it was the US media that went to war against him with daily lies propaganda and constant bullying that this nation has never seen the likes of before… there’s a start Sunny- whether you accept that is dependent on your personal bias and own political stand… I simply call em as I see em.

        1. “Stop promoting hate and divisive messaging.”
          Words to live by. Worthy of a Sunday sermon.
          But I doubt that you are listening to yourself or taking your own words to heart.
          As usual. Quite sad. And yes, I too “simply call em as I see em,” when it comes to your preaching for a tone and behavior that you never embrace.
          Have a blessed Sunday, anyway.

      2. As for the State of Oregon- it started forty years ago when the Dems decided that Oregon should be like Hawaii- a vacation destination ! So stop the logging- cancel rail and pipeline shipments of petroleum products outta Canada or the Balken oil fields (which Wa. State snatched up)- cripple the economy with over regulation of our waterways- (again Wa. State grabbed those international contracts for shipping)- control access to our forests through fees parking permits and regulations… for Native Oregonians- who farmed- ranched logged- worked in canneries and mills… this aint the Oregon we used to know- and neither are the weak willed and dependent people who have moved here.

  3. When she wakes up realizing the wasted money and efforts to become executive of a State with democratic majority and impossible for a Republican to win Governor… I will be laughing

  4. It would be nice if candidates would state the things they are for and against. Like for example yes or no to CRT or taxes. Like Kurt Schrader running ads on TV how he has reduced drug costs. Sure glad he doesn’t know what he is talking about. My drug costs have gone up every year and still going up. BS is not the truth it is out and out lying.

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