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Climate activists protest on Bend’s Peace Corner

Bend-area activists participated in the first of several weekly winter protests Friday evening. It's part of the Oregon Youth Climate Strike, inspired by the global 'Fridays for Future' movement toward climate action.


Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



  1. Remove the hydro plants, deny LNG pipeline, and how are you going to produce more electricity as needed? As it stands now, you have 3 choices . . . 1. Coal fired power plants. 2. Solar. 3. Wind.

    How many wind turbines are standing dead and abandoned? Why aren’t they forced to be recycled? How much energy is wasted by not re-using the towers and building more? How many solar panels are dead and left standing? Where do you thing the plastics used in them come from? Why don’t we force the recycling of them?

    Why does Oregon Green Energy refuse to help install residential wind turbines? Why do our electric companies make it so difficult to utilize solar and wind residential power? Have any of you looked at the required paper work the electric company demands you to fill out in order to hook up? Not to forget the building permits and electrical permits from the city or county. Why are the state and fed’s cutting green energy rebates for residential homeowners? Oh, I forgot Oregon’s new rebate . . . if you buy solar panels manufactured in Oregon.

    Yeah, I can go on and on on this save the climate BS! How did these protesters get to the protest? Car share, walk, bus, or take their car? I see some wearing nylon shell jackets . . . probably with man made fiber insulation. That all comes from oil. Their winter boots are probably all man made as well, as leather and fur are frowned upon by PETA and “save the planet” supporters. Cotton and wool are good, but they aren’t the best or cheapest when it comes to wet, cold weather. How many are wearing gloves that aren’t made with natural fibers? WHY? Love that polypropylene long johns to keep ya’ warm? PolyP is a by-product of oil.

    You want to talk about electric and hybrid cars??? They create more harm to the environment and climate to manufacture vs over-all savings, not to forget that those batteries are hard to recycle yet, leaving us with even more hazardous waste. Then we have auto recycling . . . yeah, shut them down because they’re an eye sore! Instead of recycling, force people to by new replacement parts!

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need to clean up and preserve our planet. But refusing to allow logging has led to larger, harder to fight forest fires and a reduction in natural recyclable building materials.

    1. They aren’t that dedicated. It’s SOP for liberals. They ignore facts and do what makes them feel good. Much the same as the ridiculous impeachment circus. Those idiots can’t even make up their mind what crime they want to use to impeach Trump even though there is no crime,
      but they keep trying because it makes them feel good. Well that and the fact that they have
      dug themselves so deep into a hole, there is no way to back out and save face…
      The people that stand on the corner protesting with their signs made from wood products, wearing clothes made from petroleum products like you mentioned, are just desperately looking for attention and approval.

    2. I applaud these youth (and others at the event). It is true- they aren’t completely consistent. Are any of us? No. But most of us do the best we can. I would challenge anyone who thinks climate change isn’t real, is a hoax etc to look at the science. Then if you decide you still don’t agree try to live one day, even one hour without science and all it has given us. Virtually impossible. Another thought-most who think we should not address climate issues are basically saying that they believe we should have more pollution (virtually no one believes oil refineries, coal plants etc are not polluting) in our air, water etc rather than less. Please pause for a moment and really give some honest thought to this matter.

  2. I don’t know which is worse. The fact that they actually believe the extremist ideas will make a difference, or that they think people take them serious. If it wasn’t for the hypocrisy,
    I would at least give them credit for trying but as it is it’s comical…

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