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  1. George Floyd is not an Oregon problem- last I looked at a map- Minnesota is no-where near Bend Or.

    S-… if these people want to protest a death- then hit the streets with your pickets- your chants- and your outrage over the loss of thousands of Oregon jobs- state-wide financial ruin- and the upcoming decade(s) of economic turmoil over the State’s Dead Economy- at the hands of the woman who signed the Executive Orders to execute- Democrat Governor Kate Brown !

    And in the process- let Z21 know what is really important to our regional citizens !

    1. There are a lot of Minnesota natives in Oregon; many came generations ago to work in the timber industry. I have a Minnesotan from the Twin Cities area in my own family, as a matter of fact.

  2. Virtual signaling at it’s finest. A bunch of white liberals who fled cities filled with minorities to live in an affluent mostly white city are protesting racism. You can’t make this crap up..The lack of self awareness in these people never ceases to amaze me….

  3. It seems that you wear you while privilege like a coat. They were protesting yet another unarmed, non-resisting black man being killed by police. If you really don’t understand why that is wrong, you need to take a look at your soul.

    1. Is it racist when a black cop kills an unarmed non-resisting white person? If so, will white people be justified in looting stores? If not, why is it racist when the roles are reversed.

  4. A bunch of unemployed junior liberals hiding behind masks. Of course they will
    say it’s because of the virus but most of these people are cowards and don’t
    want anyone to know who they really are. Seems to be the standard dress code for
    most of the rallys that are held…
    My first comment didn’t make it past Barney, so I guess my suggestion that tear gas
    be used when they block a street wasn’t appropriate.

    1. You know what cowardice looks like? Hiding in a bunker while proud citizens express their disdain for an oppressive and racist police force. Dimming the lights on the White House (a tradition reserved to honor the death of a sitting president) because you’re TOO SCARED to make a statement that ISN’T on Twitter. The man in the White House is the EPITOME of a COWARD. Trying to declare anti-fascism a “terrorist organization” isn’t clear enough for you, is it?!

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