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Black Lives Matter protest rally held in downtown Bend

The Central Oregon Diversity Project organized a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest rally in downtown Bend on Thursday.


KTVZ News Team



  1. Hey Central Oregon Diversity Project, are you going to protest for all Brown, all Red, all White, all Yellow schools as well, since there are all Black Colleges, Universities, Awards, Entertainment, Beauty contests, etc.? If not, you’re just as racist as those you claim are. The truth is, racism is alive and well in the black community, when you have “Black Only” anything. Are you going to promote and protest for diversity in the cop killings? How about murders? Assaults? Robberies?

    Let’s be honest folks, Ya’ll need to look at the definition of “DIVERSITY” and then look at what you are promoting. As it stands right now, you are promoting Racism and Segregation! You promote one color over another! You shout about “White Supremacy”, while pushing “Black Supremacy”! You want to be treated equally, but you want segregation! You have no problem with rioting, looting, and destruction of Black owned business’, while claiming it’s a “White” issue! You have a problem with Black people being killed by LE of all colors . . . yet refuse to do something about the Black on Black killings, especially of children! AND you hate a President that had forced the lowest Black and Hispanic un-employment numbers in history, while helping more Black and Hispanic business’ to become a reality. Yeah there’s a problem in this country and it’s the push of racism, not diversity by the Democrats and Liberals.

    Before you attack the messenger, get your facts in order, and be prepared to “PROVE” I’m wrong with facts and not YOUR opinion or the opinion of MSM or others! Think before you respond and be prepared to respond with facts!

    1. I basically agree with what you are saying. The only points I would make are that the involved “people of color” are probably a minority and most are still reasonable and don’t forget to include the self serving whites that protest as well.

      But yeah, the sheer hypocrisy, blindness, and righteous outrage without any substance is amazing to see. These kind of movements bring out the worst in some people. They seem to include manipulative people, those that are highly anxious, entitled and those with internal guilt. That I can honestly tell, overall racism is lower than ever, except for the protestors ratcheting it back up.

      1. I agree! If you look at all the video, the ones rioting/looting are primarily White agitators responsible for the destruction. There are many videos of Black people mad about the destruction happening around them and in their neighborhoods. Those that are losing their jobs, access to food, etc., my heart goes out to.

    2. Sharder8,
      You are way too factual. Their only response will be to call you a racist or ignorant. When a leftist has zero facts this is what they resort to. For those of you who dont know this the BLM leaders are self proclaimed Marxists.. yes communists. Pretty disgusting actualy.
      In the last 100 plus years this ideology is responsible for the Murders of a couple hundred million innocent people. Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, China, Venezuela and so on. Marxists destabilize by using stupid people as their soldiers.. yes all of you at the BLM rallies are stupid because you are supporting what you think is right but you are ignorant to both history and the motives of those who dont care anything about actual justice. Its a good thing that there are many good black and brown patriots who see through the BS these Marxists are spreading. Google search #walkaway or #Blexit or Candice Owens.. Many people are becoming actualy “woke” and rejecting leftist Marxist ideologies. You white social justice idiots projecting your self righteousness are laughable morons. You have no clue of the actual agenda of the far left. Keep rallying because you are only causing more divide and doing nothing actualy tangible to help Minorities.

      1. Another ignorant post spewing regurgitated right-wing talking points. Our country’s lack of a competent educational system shows in the Republican’s attempt to label everything they don’t agree with as Communism.
        Sad, sad snowflakes.

        1. Why do you support a party that opposes school vouchers?
          Don’t pretend to favor quality education when you cast your vote you maintain substandard schools.

          1. School vouchers? Like for private schools? Basic education is in the best interest of our society, and private schools are far from relevant to that subject. Do I need to mention Betsy DeVos?

            1. What an asinine approach. But given your politics not unexpected.
              Private and charter schools are hated by leftist union racist like yourself… you don’t believe a parent should be able to decide the quality of their child’s education?
              School vouchers, yes.
              Is it your opinion that Oregon public schools are doing a good job?

        2. The BLM founder themselves have stated they are a Marxist organization. They don’t need to be labeled by anyone. It’s in their founding statement. Don’t your programmers let you read anything?

          1. Most of those kids think they are continuing the cause of Martin Luther King, which “Black Lives Matter” is the antithesis of. Read it for yourself.
            King delivered a 17-minute speech, later known as “I Have a Dream”. In the speech’s most famous passage – in which he departed from his prepared text, possibly at the prompting of Mahalia Jackson, who shouted behind him, “Tell them about the dream!”[138][139] – King said:[140]

            I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

            I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.’

            I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

            I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

            I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

            I have a dream today.

            I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

            I have a dream today

        3. nice reversal tactic. what you meant to say is that anyone that disagrees with a Democrat is poor educated and a racist. you people are manipulating dupes

            1. Your link did not include the most important factor determining political affiliation: Occupation.

              Occupations affiliated with the government, that is, government workers and companies closely associated with government contracts heavily tend to be Democrat.

              Occupations affiliated with owning or upper management of independent businesses not connected financially to the government heavily tend to be republican and independent.

              Pew Research Center has a disclaimer that the people most likely to answer the poll tend to be bias toward a more liberal (democrat) bias. Pew does not have an estimate of how that skews the poll.

        4. Actually 3 leaders of BLM are self proclaimed Marxists and Susan Rosenberg who handles their finances is a convicted terrorist who was associated with the Weather Underground and M19CO. In 1985 Rosenberg was convicted of possessing hundreds of pounds of explosives. She and her organization were involved in robberies, police assassinations and bombings. Her 58 year sentence after spending 16 years was commuted by Clinton. Even Chuck Schumer criticized Clinton for letting her out. All of these members mentioned have written about their hatred of whites. They are a racist organization that participates in hate speech and are using these unwitting protesters to advance their cause.

          1. BLM received major funding from old white men and their subsidiary foundations (Soros and friends). BLM has now grown in influence to the point that major corporations contribute large sums of money so they can advertise their support on TV and other media, virtue signalling the wokeness of the corporation in the most economical way possible without changing the way they do business.

        5. Our county’s education system is SOLIDLY democrat policy, But I would venture to guess that’d you’d blame the republicans for its inception. Guess what….Jimmy Carter, ’73 and it’s been going downhill ever since

      1. LOL. Two minutes of a guy talking about single-parent vs two-parent child rearing statistics from 1995 and making a non-argument about eradicating white supremacy…? What was your point?

        1. I’m glad you think it’s funny. Well, not glad… but not surprised.
          Many conservatives believe that the breakdown of the black family is directly tied to the disparities in education, incarceration, and economic inequities.
          And not because of stats from 1995, either.
          Sorry, IR, as Candice Owens points out so well you libs are loosing your plantation slaves. As she also illustrates, dems are looking for a new slave class in the form of hispanic illegal aliens.
          White supremacy is the problem? Nope. YOU are. Once again democrats are pushing for segregation, and it’s an old, tired story.

          1. I agree that there is a problem when it comes to education and our public school system. And I believe that also plays into the problems of incarceration and economic inequities. One way to correct that is the school voucher program. Let the kids go to the best schools available and try to correct that issue and you may see a drop in the other two issues.

    3. The problem with you “all lives matter” types is that you’ll continue screaming that what BLM is doing is the “real” racist movement, while consistently disavowing ALL new (to you) information that proves the contrary. Here’s the short and skinny: BLM does not mean that Black lives matter ONLY; there is an implicit “also” at the end. Black lives matter, also. Our country is built on a system that oppresses non-white people as standard. As a productive member of society, it is UP TO YOU to do the work and educate yourself. It is unfair to ask the oppressed peoples to educate you (yet some do, out of the kindness of their hearts). It is WORK to educate yourself, and if you aren’t a LAZY MILLENNIAL (I kid, I kid) then you can put in the time to start gettin’ learnt. Here’s an article (with sources) that can start you on your journey:

      1. Those who make the claims have the burden of proof to bring the evidence and analysis. If they don’t bring the evidence, those who disagree do not need to provide evidence to prove them false or illogical. Claims without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. If I were to make the claim that I have been oppressed, I would have to provide the evidence for you. I wouldn’t expect you to prove me right as that is silly. It’s also nearly impossible to prove a negative, that racism isn’t the main driver for the multiple discrepancies between those who are white and those who are black.

        No, this country was not primarily built on oppression. Again, you need to bring the facts supporting your contention that the main foundation was built on slavery, which is not to say that slavery wasn’t present. Slavery was only in a portion of the country and a poorer part of the country at that. That suggests that slavery really isn’t a good means to improve the economy, which is what you are naively implying. The North, without slavery, was much more prosperous than the South. If slavery was highly productive and successful, the South would have won the Civil War. The main means of building this country was and is capitalism – individuals planning ahead, working hard, making sacrifices and taking risks.

        Why are some in the black community not able to take advantage of the opportunities that exist, to me, is the most legitimate question. What can we do about the discrepany that exists between the highest and lowest earners? There are likely several reasons why and need to be understood in order to be able to make meaningful policy changes. I absolutely agree that having large portions of the population, which includes whites as well, not doing well is good enough reason to figure out why. As an example, I have no interest in imprisoning people excessively or supporting entitlement programs if it is possible to help people be productive and avoid crime. But the black and white thinking that EVERYTHING is due only to racism is counterproductive.

          1. Amazing that you link Jim Crow. Brought to us by your people, the democrat party.
            Exactly what rights under our laws don’t people of color have full access to right now?
            Your white guilt is nauseating. Unfounded. And self serving.
            By all means, keep telling black Americans that they need YOU to succeed.

            1. You can think what you want, but you’ll never be taken seriously until you actually educate yourself to make half of a rational argument.

              1. That’s your answer to a direct question? To side step the answer with ” you can think what you want”? You certainly are a democretin aren’t you. You have no real clue what you are fighting for. You truly know nothing do you? Watch this video and you will discover exactly what you are being dooped into fighting for.
       Then watch this one

          1. So you plead the fifth?
            Why not just answer the question, IR?
            Yes or no, do you consider Candice Owens a white supremacist?
            Do you disagree with her position?

            1. I disagree with most of her current views, based on what I’ve read:
              She was “anti-conservative” until her Social Autopsy garbage got turned against her and she blamed, primarily, two software developers for her getting doxxed.
              “After this, she earned the support of conservatives involved in the Gamergate controversy, including right-wing political commentators and Trump supporters Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich.”
              So it sounds like until she got bullied by a tool of her own design, she was a liberal-minded person. But now she’s brainwashed just like you.

      2. NO! We believe ALL Lives Matter . . . Including Black Lives! They have as much right to protest as anyone else and to point out what they deem to be injustice or inequality as anyone else. What they don’t have the right to do, is riot, loot, destroy, intimidate, which is what BLM is doing. Show me this oppression today . . . who is being oppressed and by whom? Please don’t use political talking points or far left Marxist or Progressive sources like American Progress.

          1. Wikipedia??? ROFLMAO! They’ve been proven to be very biased! I was born and raised Mennonite. I’m the historian for my generation. I corrected Wikipedia and they removed my correction, claiming they knew better, while admitting the one that removed my correction wasn’t Mennonite.

        1. BLM is an organisation. Black Lives Matter Inc. they rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations then funnel those donations into Democrat foundations. Where the money goes after that is a good guess. They are not about black lives at all. They, according to their own website, are a Marxist movement with the agenda of transforming America into a Marxist welfare sate.

    4. Well said.
      I would add that in addition the the blatant racism and divisive message of the left and blm, they also viciously attack black men and women who hold conservative views (much like many women’s movements deride women who disagree with the liberal narrative).

      1. Black on Black attacks by BLM is a big issue IMHO. Why are you attacking your own kind, just because they don’t agree with you politically? What or who is it pushing the finger on the trigger? Well, you pointed the answer out in your comment . . . Who is attacking those of Conservative views? Democrat party and Liberals! Ask yourself this, why are more and more people of color walking away from the Democrat party? Why are they trying to intimidate people that have walked away?

        1. Using the term “your own kind” is part of the way of looking at life and society that’s the problem. (Reminds me of a recent frequent commenter who always says “you people.” Immediately making any valid criticisms far less worthy of consideration.)

          1. Careful, Mr B. You’re in danger of becoming a conservative 🙂
            “Using the term “your own kind” is part of the way of looking at life and society that’s the problem.”
            That is why so many are pushing back against the liberal and blm narrative. We aren’t a bunch of skin colors vying for position, we’re Americans with equal opportunities for success.
            Just not according to cnn or blm.
            I do notice a more polite discourse here lately, that is a huge win for you and all of us.
            Many thanks to you for enduring the slings, stings and arrows to make this a forum where different opinions can be voiced.

            1. I am consistent in saying BOTH SIDES commit such divisive rhetoric that accomplishes nothing.
              The idea that all these protesters are mindlessly following the media’s or a political party’s bidding… and not acting of their own volition and beliefs (“misguided” or not), that is a grand example of a part of the problem.
              If both sides decide the other side is all wrong and evil, and just spend their lives trying to prove THAT, we’ll never get anywhere.
              I relish civil dialogue. Most of what we get is just trashing those you don’t agree with.
              But thanks.

              1. In this discussion, I think most admit that there are instigator’s involved that are responsible for the destruction, looting, and rioting, when it comes to BLM. Those instigator’s appear all to often, to be White . . . as in ANTIFA. I’m not saying MSM is driving the rioting, looting, and destruction, but they sure like to cover it with big headlines, lots of video/pictures. ANTIFA needs and wants as much attention as they can get and MSM loves to give it to them. On the other hand, MSM doesn’t give White supremacy much attention for a reason . . . they don’t want to give them the attention and fame the supremacists seek. Let LE and the courts give them the attention and fame they crave.

                Can you explain why mayors are permitting the rioting, looting, and destruction to continue? For the life of me, I just can’t comprehend the reasoning. Why are mayors and city leaders defunding their police departments? They sure as he>> won’t solve the problems causing the demands and they sure as heck won’t stop the rioting, looting, and destruction, by reducing the numbers of available LE. They also won’t reduce the murder, armed robbery, or assaults, by having fewer LE available to prevent or investigate.

                For years, Democrats/Liberals have said we don’t need guns, call 911. With what’s going on now, you are seeing the record breaking numbers of people buying their first and additional firearms . . . Why? Because people understand that now, they won’t be able to rely on LE to save them. You don’t reform/train police by cutting funds and you don’t reduce crime by cutting officers and support staff. Yet many Democrat mayors of large cities are doing and expecting just that.

                1. I say when 1,000 kids cross the street safely, it’s not news (unless there was a big safety project), but when one DOESN’T it’s news. Always has been that way. People hear sirens, want to know what’s going on. The worse the tragic crash, the more people want to know more about it. That is not an “agenda.” It’s journalism. I don’t answer rhetorical questions that try to push me into a corner.

              2. “The idea that all these protesters are mindlessly following the media’s or a political party’s bidding… and not acting of their own volition and beliefs (“misguided” or not), that is a grand example of a part of the problem.”
                A flowery speech, Sir, but that is exactly what has happened. Mindless masses taking to the streets to commit rape, murder, theft and violence.
                Did “both sides” destroy entire city blocks? No.
                Did both sides kill and maim police officers with bombs, bricks and guns? No.
                I’m all for civil dialog… are you saying the blm movement is for civil dialog as well?

                1. We talk to individuals, and air/share what they say. They don’t seem brain dead or catatonic to me. Holding the rioting and looting against them all doesn’t seem fair, to me. Differentiation is vital. Generalization is deadly.

                2. BL wrote- “Holding the rioting and looting against them all doesn’t seem fair, to me.”

                  Denying the extent of the violence-damage-or destruction is irresponsible.

                  Journalists have a responsibility to get it right- reporting that the riotous events playing out in Portland or Seattle as summer-time block parties (like what we read here at Z21) was a perfect example of such politicized propaganda that seems to over-run this site.

                3. Replying to a discussion closed:
                  “We talk to individuals, and air/share what they say. They don’t seem brain dead or catatonic to me.”
                  Are you kidding me? “Brain dead or catatonic”? I never said that, never alluded to it.
                  So who do you hold accountable for the rioting, rape, murders and looting?
                  Let me guess… no comment.

                4. Me? The criminals who do such, of course. Like most folks, I believe. Some “experts” say it’s non-BLM agitators trying to start a race war or foment … whatever.

          2. I do use “my/your own kind” . . . typically when talking “Green on Blue” or “Green to Gold”. Of course, that also applies to Veteran vs. non-Veteran, young vs. old, etc. Same can be applied to Democrat vs. Republican, Liberal vs. Conservative, Hockey vs. Football. The part when you fail to back up your criticisms with facts doesn’t make them valid though.

          3. hahahaha i am powchaser! cracks me up every time i say “you people ” every time i say it im referring to wacky liberal Democrats. theirs no reasoning or common ground with these poorly educated dupes. they got ripped off with either “education ” and the bantering back and forth is for trolling entertainment purposes only.

            1. Fine, just please don’t try dragging me into your “fun,” and please don’t make it SO hard to resist you talking about “poorly educated” folks in a post with typos (theirs/there’s). It’s too inviting.

              1. hahahaha, oh Barney,most the liberal dupes on this website prove nearly every day that they can have all the “education ” and proper punctuation in the world and still be a total moron. they colleges these people go to are more like reeducation camps. they all come out like robots with no logic or thoughts of their own.

          1. “credit to Barney for allowing honest discussion”

            You shoulda been around during the early “disqus” days… BL censored-banned-removed “everything” he didn’t personally agree with… the decision to allow more “open” dialogue was not of his making- but clearly came down from corporate.

            Having said that- there is still a lot of room for improvement to weed out the personal attacks- vulgarities- and off topic chatter.

            1. FACT: I/we NEVER made the call on whether we “agreed” with a position. EVER. What we did NOT allow way back were personal attacks on me, our station/company, our reporters or our product. Seemed fair to me, it’s like spitting on the microphone we provide (Reagan).

              But now, as things evolve, we err on the side of freedom of speech – WITH LIMITS – and our reporters just have to grow thicker skins, like everyone else in the world of bitter, nasty social media that you disdain and yet are a major part of.

              And if we “weed out the personal attacks” (including on ME) your posts would never see the light of day. And any attempt you make to “prove me wrong!” will just prove me RIGHT.

              1. “And if we “weed out the personal attacks” (including on ME) your posts would never see the light of day.”

                Clearly admitting that “personal attacks” are approved at the highest levels of moderation… so why not just come out and say it ?

                Maybe because it blows a major hole in your argument about what you deem “offensive”- justification for deleting/censoring opinions or ideas you don’t agree with !

                A clearly subjective position that should not be at the discretion of a single moderator… seems that anytime we insist on an “extra set of eyes”- you poo-poo away the idea as unnecessary… like the school yard bully who uses his brawn over his intellect- you expose yourself for the insecure ball-hog you are.

                I’mmmm Baaack !!!

                1. I never base my calls on “offensive: on whether I agree with them. If I did, how would I allow any of your posts? The proof is there! So you’d rather have a fleet of moderators to argue endlessly with? No, sorry, you’re stuck with me. The one who is bullying is clear for all to see. Go ahead, prove me wrong “Biff!”

                2. “I never base my calls on “offensive: on whether I agree with them.”

                  Sure you do ! What one considers offensive- insensitive- or vulgar is usually generation based- you of the “OK Boomer” group have been dragged into the new millennium kicking and screaming- and in the process- have gotten it “all” wrong !

                  Trying to appease the various masses with wishy washy terms of use- allow an “F” bomb here- but censor a comment on a drunk driver for engaging in reckless behavior !

                  No one is asking for a “fleet”- as my post reads- “a pair” will do- and as I predicted- the bully has taken his ball and is going home ! So predictable !

                3. You are back? Too Bad.
                  An idiot troll with nothing better to do than attack a small town forum moderator.
                  You have nothing better to do? This is the extent of your “talent”?
                  I’ve never heard you promote ANY cause, except your own crippled ego.Maybe if you could manage putting your pathetic life in order you might be able to make a difference?
                  I doubt it, though. Folks like you seldom do. It’s easier to cry then try.

            2. I was, and what you just just posted is an absolute lie.
              I may disagree with him, and he may disagree with me, but I was never cut off for my personal views.
              I had posts rejected for inappropriate content (usually during a heated debate), and the few times I disagreed with the action it was a close call.
              You, however, are well known to be a rude blathering fool. You annoy and offend people on both sides of the aisle for your lack of substance and over-abundance of rhetoric.
              Live up to that last line and maybe we’ll have something to talk about, but as it stands now you’re among the worst.

                1. No worries, Barney.
                  I call em as I see em, as you do.
                  Obviously we have different political views, but what makes this country great is that we can have “that” debate.
                  I haven’t heard the “Barneys Kids” moniker yet… but then again I try not to debate the mentally challenged 🙂

              1. “You annoy and offend people on both sides of the aisle”

                Some would call that “all inclusive- an equal opportunity offender-a real straight shooter”.

                Like all others- you are free to scroll on by- you can take yerself outta the game anytime you want- Go ahead start a boycott- stamp yer feet- turn into that “blathering fool” who can’t debate the issues- who then results to simplistic freshman name calling… or you could up yer game- open yer mind to other opinions- take that challenge and… “prove me wrong” !

                1. Another bland post from a boring, insignificant pos.
                  “like all others”? At least you recognize that you are the only one who likes you.
                  Apparently you hold yourself in higher esteem than anyone else.

                2. And by the way, what’s with this fake AOC accent you adopt when responding?
                  “Yer”? Christ, you talk about freshman antics.
                  Oh yeah, before I forget to mention it again: you are a liar. Or to put it in terms you seem more comfortable with: “Yer a lyin’ sack of poo, mebbie surived the “bortion, and most likely have no friends at all.
                  Why punish us just because nobody likes or lives you?

            3. I go way back, including the Disqus days and the only posts I saw Barney remove were removed for a number of reasons . . . NONE of it because he didn’t like it or agree with it. He deleted some of mine and I suspected he would before I posted them and I didn’t have a problem with him deleting them (I can get a bit vulgar at times). If he deleted some of yours, I suspect I would have also deleted them for the same reasons he used. NOTE: I don’t delete posts on FB, even when they probably should be and I don’t Un-Friend anyone for their comments or attacks on me. Barney has always been fair from what I’ve seen and usually, you can never tell what side he’s on.

              1. “I saw Barney remove were removed for a number of reasons”

                So… what reasons ? Be specific. Because if my memory serves me right- what was immediately removed in 2015- is now allowed at the expense of civil discourse.

                I just posted a comment against one of the local liberal nut heads- who had nothing more to say than calling another poster here a “pig”.

                How is that not considered “offensive” ?

                Z21 needs more than just one moderator- they could even go to a computerized system that picks up the vulgarities and personal attacks we see so often here.

                This “one guy-Judge Jury and Executioner” nonsense is what is driving hundreds away from here- and that’s bad business !

    5. you’re a 100% right. however liberal Democrats dont care. they are so dishonest and manipulative and out of touch with reality it doesn’t matter what you say. the have been programmed to call u a poorly educated racist. thats all they have . they have no thoughts of their own

    1. I missed it too!
      I was too busy purging my kitchen of racist items. Aunt Jemima syrup? Gone. Uncle Ben’s rice? Gone.
      No more crackers hiding in the pantry, no more white bread lurking on the shelves.
      I have a turkey in the smoker for tonight, but instead of the racist “white meat or dark” optiom, I’ll serve “segregated or non-segregated” plates.

      1. Oddly, I’ve never looked at those things from a racial perspective . . . If they don’t want those products to be associated with the best, that’s up to them. Personally, I identify Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s as the best syrup and rice products. Same with the Indian Motorcycle and Apache helicopter . . . best in their class. When it comes to crackers . . . as long as they aren’t stale, I don’t really care what brand I buy.

  2. I liked Bend much better in 1969. The increase in liberal views and people are off the charts. Bend was once a conservative community, not anymore. I remember that Judy Collins song, “send in the clowns”.

  3. If Z21 is not partial to the left, why no report on the 100+ Trump supporters on 3rd street just before the 4th? Nope, you can’t reply to that can you Barney????

    1. Yes, actually I can. As a competitor reported, organizers apparently urged everyone involved not to contact the media ahead of time. Not sure why, there are many possibilities (to “test” our ability to be aware of all things at all times, even on a late weekend afternoon, to not have counter-protesters show up to cause trouble, to make us look bad/have something else to blame us for?) They showed the message on-screen. In general, if a large number of people are going to gather somewhere and rally on any side of any topic, and they let us know, we’ll try our darndest to be there. But I know better than to make promises/guarantees, because… stuff happens.

      1. You aren’t omnipotent?
        Great answer Barney. I know I can be tough on you, but it will never be for your lack of clairvoyance.
        How dare you not cover a clandestine rally?! *chuckle*

        1. Make your point. At least one.
          Oh yeah, try to make it intelligent.
          How’s “local news station doesn’t cover secret rally” grab you?
          The only thing worse than a stupid liberal is a stupid conservative, CO. Stop dumbing down what could be a good conversation.

          1. “Stop dumbing down what could be a good conversation”

            Says the Super Chicken who just posted this dandy above-

            “you are a liar. Or to put it in terms you seem more comfortable with: “Yer a lyin’ sack of poo, mebbie surived the “bortion, and most likely have no friends at all.”

            Gee- no hypocrisy from Barney’s Kids there !

            This site continues to go down hill as these nimrods dole out there own form of offensive off topic comments- and then criticize others for standing their ground- a true liberal cesspool of garbage and krap !

  4. all these stupid white people dont know crap about black people. when was the last time a black person was murdered anywhere in central Oregon? please someone tell me. better yet when was the last time a cop killed a black person in central Oregon? these idiots need to take their nonsense to where to applies and see what happens. go to Chicago or Baltimore or Detroit or any of the many black communities and do that crap there they live. ask black people why they are killing eachother. id be willing to bet my retirement that 99% of these racist white snowflakes have never EVER lived in a black community. these people really are nothing more than a bunch of idiots that have no clue what the are talking about. BLM even says on they own website that they want to destroy western family nucleus. they dont even mention black men till they start talking about transgender men or whatever they are. BLM is funded by liberal nwo elites . the same slave master lineages from the slave days from over 150yrs ago . dont believe me? educate yourself

    1. I’ve been in Black communities and felt safe in a vast majority of them. It didn’t matter if it was in the North or the South. Same for Hispanic communities and Asian communities. I grew up around Native Americans and lived, worked, and went to school with them . . . no different then any other community of good people. When I was a Company Commander in S. El Monte, CA, 1SG and myself were told not to wear our uniforms in town . . . We had been for over a year and never had a fear or worry. However, I’ve never lived in a “large” city . . . I’ve driven through them, around them, shopped in them and never had a thought about my safety or being a minority in them. Then again, the mayors never permitted groups like BLM or ANTIFA to exist or instigate in them either. I do avoid “large” cities, like Portland today, not due to race or crime, but because of the traffic. I just don’t have the temperament to deal with the heavy traffic any more.

    2. You’re not wrong that we live in a community that doesn’t see the same amounts of violent crime as other places in our country, but I am reminded of an old poem:
      First they came for the Communists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Communist

      Then they came for the Socialists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Socialist

      Then they came for the trade unionists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a trade unionist

      Then they came for the Jews
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Jew

      Then they came for me
      And there was no one left
      To speak out for me

      I hope you can see the relevance.

  5. BLM was founded on a lie, hand up don’t shoot did not happen, unless you insist on pretending otherwise and not looking for facts.

    Where does the money go? As they chant? Look up ActBlue. ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democrats, and progressive groups.

    blm is a marxist group disquieted as a do good organization who supports the Democrat party, its an election year and they are desperate.

  6. What justice? George Floyd died. The cops were arrested and await trial. That is the justice system. Meanwhile, dozens of young black men are killing each other every weekend. Does it matter to the Marxist BLM organization? Nope. You can’t shake down those guys for millions of dollars. Anyone who thinks they are supporting a worthy organization just needs to read their founding statements. Don’t be gaslighted by them.

  7. If Whites where doing this they would be labeled as supremacist KKK – So I have to say this is Black nazi KKK propaganda please stop supporting these disgusting separatists

  8. look at all the time and energy all these keyboard clowns put into trying to justify their favored social ills… good luck surviving the inevitable evolution, you bunch of delicate flowers

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