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  1. Holy cow! Cult of Trump seems to need jobs. Do these people ever go to work? They are always out in the middle of the day showing their loyalty their leader. Odd….

    1. “They are always out in the middle of the day showing their loyalty their leader. Odd….”
      Unlike Biden supporters, who are up all night looting and burning businesses. And attacking our men and women in Blue. Yeah, it is odd.

      1. So you really believe what you just wrote there, that Biden supporters are up all night looting and burning businesses. The first comment was disingenuous, to be sure, but what you’re doing is completely logically fallacious, which is assigning a characteristic to a subset of a group (which isn’t proven, because I don’t think you know who business burners support), and then attempting to apply it to the group as a whole.

        I invite you to explore first order predicate logic, where you learn to apply existential and universal quantifiers to your arguments to make them true and relevant.

          1. Thank you for getting it, Skittish.
            It’s interesting how some people accept sweeping generalizations directed at ideology or political preference, but cry foul when the same standard is applied to them.
            Notice tio, for example. Very dogmatic, very willing to paint with a wide brush, and very easily offended when that brush is applied to his/her political leanings.

      2. all that Q stuff really has your knickers in a twist doesn’t it, the old chicken? – always wondered who was dim enough to swallow that stuff, yet alone repeat it – what a specimen you are!

        1. I know little to nothing about qanon, so no twisting of anything here.
          Are you not the least bit concerned about the media blackout surrounding Hunter Bidens laptop?
          Or about the potential stacking of the SCOTUS?
          Of Biden lying about taking cognitive tests, let alone lying about taking money from foreign entities for personal gain?
          C’mon, man.

        1. Three years of every aspect of Trump’s life investigated and nothing found. Hunter ADMITS ON RECORDINGS and through email the Biden clan is working for a Chinese spy agency and you deny it?

            1. And you can’t deny a single thing i said. Hunter Bidnen.
              Another laptop with phone numbers and contacts ONLY the VP is able to have including his SS detail. Hunter, setting up meetings with Chinese “spy chief” with “The big guy’s” assistant (as VP) Kathy Chung. Yet nothing. The Bidens are property of China. But just admit you’re not voting for Biden. You’re voting for Kamala because Biden won’t make it a year. Then you antifa BLM thugs will really have it good.

        2. amazing how short your memory is, demonrats spent upwards $40,000,000 of tax payer money and had team of 18 demonrat attornies and finally after 2,500 subpoenas and 3 years of investigation, wait for it, NO EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN IVOLVEMENT BY TRUMP. nice try snowflake, back to your mommy’s basement with your crayola’s.

    2. A couple recent stories about Trump supporters being out during the middle of the day,
      and you come to the conclusion that Trump supporters need jobs ?
      I wouldn’t climb up on your moral high horse to quickly because it wasn’t long ago that there were stories almost daily about liberals protesting, blocking ICE buses, and showing their support for blm and Biden, and I’m pretty sure that all of those took place during the middle of the day…
      Of course the liberals do have your dedicated group of violent and destructive anarchists in Portland that seem to prefer ‘working’ the night shift but they probably do that because
      the flames from the buildings and cars that they torch look more spectacular at night..

  2. If you haven’t filled out your ballot yet, be grateful that you live in OR where mail in voting has been very successful and almost completely fraud free. Before filling in those ovals, ask yourself which political party is making a strong effort to suppress voices across the country and consider what that truly means to our nation. Then cast your vote for what’s good for our country.

    1. I’m writing in Rocky and Bullwinkle!!! But would settle basically for any functioning adult!!! – golf and a whore anyone!! – trump / putin 2020 – MORE LYING – DYING and DENYING!!!

      1. Fester is obviously trying to undermine the election—whether Bullwinkle is originally Canadian or American is hotly disputed, with each side claiming that his native Moosylvania belongs to the other.

    2. I may disagree on how well our mail in voting has been, but agree completely that a critical eye should always be used when casting a vote.
      I’m curious what you think about the media blackout on the Biden’s interactions with China, Russia and Ukraine. Or do you think there even IS a blackout?

      1. No kidding about the media black-out – have they no shame? Biden’s influence is clearly for sale based on Hunter’s emails, and as much as he shills for China, one could reasonably wonder if he has been bought. If he wins and all of a sudden China is getting very favorable trade deals and is allowed to militarily take over contested waters and lands, we will have strong circumstantial evidence as to why. If Democrats take over the Senate and maintain the House, nothing will happen and graft will be even more tacitly acceptable.

        1. There’s so much to unpack here. First, there’s no media blackout. There’s a random laptop that showed up at a repair shop run by some QAnon supporter who posts all manner of wacky stuff that ostensibly had some emails with that claim putative meetings that are contradicted by official calendars.

          When was the last time your business took a computer to a repair shop? That’s not even a thing! No business does that. Laptops are cheap, and time is imperative. You chuck the laptop, restore from iCloud, and continue about your day. This story seems to have been created to resonate with people who are old enough to still believe people take televisions and computers to a repair shop, which doesn’t really happen. Certainly not for businesses and the wealthy and affluent. I’m a developer, and I can’t wait weeks for a chunk of hardware to get repaired. I just buy a new one, restore, and get back to work, the same way that everyone in the normal world operates. Because time is money.

          I think it’s cute that Trump supporters are suddenly so anti China, and yet they’re perfectly comfortable with Trump’s attempts to pull the US military out of Korea, which he attempted to do and was fortunately thwarted by the adults in the room. Do you know why you need military in Korea? It’s not to contain North Korea. Other than the civilian casualty count, the ROK military could and would wipe the floor with the North Korean military. There’s no comparison in terms of strength and capability. No, the value of the US military presence in South Korea are the TPY-2 radar systems that provide us with advanced warning of a Chinese missile strike. Unfortunately, trying to convey this to Trump is like trying to sink a 10 pound idea into a 5 pound mind, so the adults in the room just chucked whatever crazy orders he signed. Crisis averted.

          And yet, Trump supporters think that he’s actually “tough on Gina.” He raised tariffs! Great! Only, Chinese companies don’t pay US tariffs; Americans do. The cost is simply passed on to the consumer. If there were equivalent US products, then maybe the tariffs would make the Chinese products more expensive, but there aren’t equivalent US products, so you the consumer get to bear the brunt of that cost. Didn’t hurt Chinese business. All it did was make the Chinese even MORE committed to their New Silk Road, while Trump is actively cutting aid and pulling out of the countries that China is making in-roads in.

          I also think all of the Trump supporters’ prognostications about economic doom and gloom are cute. Only, they’re far too late. If you wanted to stop China, you would’ve had to go back in time to thwart the corporatist wing of the GOP back in the 70’s, when Nixon opened up China to the American corporatists who wanted to make more money by paying lower wages. Only, in doing so, when one company goes to China, the rest do as well, not only because of the lower wages, but because it doesn’t make sense to ship, say, screws for a part, from the US to China, only to have that same product come back to the US again. And the turnaround time is ridiculous. But if you think the Democrats are going to magically ship everything to China, you’re about 50 years too late.

          And with respect to your prognostication about graft, your party was the one who made Halliburton rich with a war they concocted based on imaginary evidence that they confabulated. And it continues unabated today, with Trump as the latest shining example of someone who uses their office to make himself and his family rich, in ways that would make Cheney blush.

                1. Chicken, we sure have heard a lot about it for you to claim “media blackout.” Just sayin’. And it still hasn’t produced any tangible evidence. Seems odd.

          1. I bet you were waiting a long time to be able to make that response – it’s a swing and a miss. There’s simply too much artifact of imagination to go over, and I am just not up to that gargantuan of a task.

          2. This was epic. Well said.
            You have to cut future responses into bite sized chunks for the local cult45 members though, this was WAY too much for any of them to digest.
            Anyway, cheers, and thanks for your thoughts.

          3. Ryan-scammer wrote- “First, there’s no media blackout”…. Really ??? So go ahead and do a KTVZ website search of “Hunter Biden” and tell us what you find !

    3. There is only one way to prevent voter fraud, show up in person with ID at a polling precinct and vote. Demonrats not in favor because they are corrupt to their core.

        1. Democrats have always had a bad name.
          Slavery. Abortion based on race and economic viability… you’re in the right party, FC.
          Comrade? Getting excited about a switch?

      1. I actually wish voting would go back to the way it was years ago because people actually had to make an effort to vote. You had to get in your car and drive to the polling place, find a place to park, and if there were a lot of people, you stood in line with other
        people that also put out the effort to cast their vote…
        While it is certainly a lot easier now, it just seemed like it meant more…

    4. Considering the democrat foot soldiers are burning building, attacking Trump,supporters, killing cops, and tearing down our history that’s sage advice. Wave a flag by the freeway or destroy a city. Your choice.

        1. Portland. 3 hour drive. And they’re moving east. I guess you missed their little party last week. You think they’re going to stop when Oregon’s leadership supports these violent thugs?

            1. “Portland in ages. I’ve actually been there”…. So have I- homeless camps everywhere, prostitutes milling about, crack-heads lighting up in front of the local Subway shop ! The place is a complete disaster- run into the ground by forty years of Demokrat rule.

      1. My top one is that Biden won’t ignore and play down the pandemic.
        Biden won’t give tax breaks to the wealthy.
        Biden hasn’t ripped off the government like Trump has. $750 in taxes in a year is a freekin joke, I pay over $3,000 each month.
        The best thing will be not having this idiot and lying scum bag in office another 4 years. 4 years of lying and taking advantage of our government is more than enough.

        1. Trump did limit travel from China and was called a xenophobe. Then he was castigated a few weeks later for not acting soon enough. He did obtain ventilators for New York. He did send hospital ships to New York and LA. He has encouraged the development of new treatments and vaccines. However, I do agree, he made a serious error in trying to appear like nothing was wrong – it was silly to say the pandemic would be over by Easter. His actions however, were more appropriate, and I can’t think of anything more at a federal level he could have done. But that may be due to my lack of knowledge of applicable laws – the states seem to have the most control over public health policies. What other actions could he have taken that would have made a difference, realizing that the restrictions of citizens are primarily at the state level?

          1. 1. He did not limit ALL travel from China, which would have been necessary to stop the spread of the virus from China. It’s like saying, “I plugged the holes on this ship!”, and yet the ship continues to sink, because you lied and didn’t plug ALL the holes. SOME is NOT the same thing as ALL. Logic lesson 1.
            2. He was castigated because by that point he had months to prepare, NOT because of his ineffective, incompetent policy of disallowing SOME travel from China.
            3. Like hydroxychloroquine, that proved to kill more people with COVID than by not doing anything at all?
            4. Not only was it silly, but the President of the United States has a microphone to the American people. If Trump had actually been remotely presidential, he would have warned of the dangers of the disease that he admitted he knew about, and would have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives.
            5. He could have distributed masks to the entirety of the United States, like the US Post Office tried to do, before he cut funding and installed his stooge to undermine the election.
            6. No they don’t! You have a massive Federal government with near unlimited budget and resources, and here the administration is trying to thwart numbers to project a decline in cases, rather than distributing masks, which *actually* save lives instead of hiding the death count.
            7. That’s a fallacious final sentence. As President of the United States, he could have used the massive juggernaut that is the Federal government to send out masks, order the production of medical supplies, warn the public of the danger that he clearly knew of and admitted on tape, and implored the American public to remain vigilant.

            1. Much confusion in your statement. Trump did all those things while Biden and Pelosi were calling the response “racist and xenophobic fear mongering.” Nice try though. It shows those ads are working to convince somebody.

            2. President Trump was the first Global leader to put the halt on Chinese travel- I’d hate to hear what you have to say about the Italians- the French- The whole of the UK… yer treading on some racist ice there ! In addition- the US President assembled the best scientific minds in the nation to forge a strategy- guidelines- immediate action to address what was later termed a “mild virus”. If you don’t like the way the CDC has handled their responsibilities- take it up with Fauci- the US President is not a dictator ! This President took care of every hysterical shreeking nanny stater like Governor Kate Brown from day one ! He led the charge to get them all what they needed- He even got you ingrates a pile of stimulus money for your pockets… What the hell has Kate Brown delivered for you ??? Come on now- 8 months into her Executive orders- and the State is seeing record numbers of “new cases” ! That in itself is a complete failure to control this virus…. and now she is back-peddling on her catastrophic school closures policies- having to admit in public- on record- that “HER” cure has been worse than the China virus ! But you won’t listen- you’ll just keep repeating your CNN talking points- you best prepare yerself for next Tuesday’s election results- Trump in a landslide- won’t even be close ! Time to disband the Demokrat party as you know it- a complete failure !

            3. Oy vey. Look, you have some education and intelligence, but have lowered yourself by being a clear ideologue. For example, you have superficial knowledge about logic, but can’t apply it. Just look at your first two points. He limited travel of Chinese nationals to the US, was criticized for being xenophobic, implying that Democrats thought he was motivated by racism only. By his actions, being the first leader in the world, at least to my knowledge and certainly in the US, to begin to recognize the oncoming pandemic, shows that he did take the threat seriously before the Democrats realized anything was wrong. Then when they did realize the nature of C19, criticized him for not acting fast enough, as you point out, by not limiting all travel. It is quite clear Democrats criticize him no matter the situation. The rest of your points follow pretty much the same pattern – a failure to consider all of the facts. To wit, hydroxychloroquine does not lead to more deaths, but was shown to have no benefit, therefore the FDA revoked its Emergency Use Authorization.

          2. Let’s keep in mind that by the time the time the administration started to limit travel to China, several major airlines had already started curtailing flights. You can also track the amount of incoming people from China after that ban. Just a small matter of thousands of them. As for other actions, let’s just begin with following accepted science and masking up.

        2. Biden has no plan for covid, other than “orange man bad”.
          Biden ripped us all off when he was enacting US policy based on money he received from China, Russia and Ukraine. I’m pretty sure his graft extended into other nations as well.
          If you believe Trump paid $750 total in taxes in any year, you are either being dishonest or haven’t looked at corporate tax structure.
          Now, about your insults (vs substance). These days, I believe in pushing back… first with substance, and then with the tone of a given post. So for you:
          You are an idiot. A true socialist scumbag. An under-educated liberal fighting to destroy our system of government and an advocate for racist policies that have been the hallmark of the democrat party since its inception.
          The real joke here is you complaining about paying $3k a month, but voting for the green new deal and chasing after the success enjoyed by Venezuela.

          1. You, like the president too, are an idiot and a filthy scum bag. My vote has already been cast and we will flush the big turd this November 3rd

            1. The only turd about to get flushed is the likes of you Dementia Joe supporters who will suffer “another” historic lose come next Tuesday. Trust me- you’ll be gone- tucked tail- whimpering under yer bed for months after this next bum kicking !

              1. I guess we’ll see about that. And we’ll see who hides under the bed.
                I haven’t hidden these last 4 awful years. Keep working abd keep saving.
                The only good thing about this filthy bastard in the WH is that I have an idea on how to cheat to get away with paying $750 in federal taxes and that I can actually pay a hell of a lot more in taxes to a foreign government. More money to my retirement fund. A few years from now I’ll be an absentee voter living the good life abroad while Trump’s in prison or in Russia.

                1. Why not just stay legal, and follow the tax code?
                  Better yet, cheat you filthy bastard. And if Biden wins, have no doubt that you actually WILL being paying a lot more to foreign governments.
                  China, Russia and Ukraine thank you for your stupidity. And your vote.

        3. I guess you are living proof that people can survive on kool-aid and denial…
          You say you don’t want a lying scum bag like Trump to win, but you are okay if Biden
          wins and we are stuck for four years with a truly delusional, lying, crooked, pedophile for our President ?
          Big surprise…

        4. el-weako posted: “Biden won’t ignore and play down the pandemic.” Really ??? Then why has he criticized the President for his immediate action to halt flights out of China to the US ? The first global leader to “act” against China’s assault on the world ! Biden will do nothing but talk hysterics and run in circles like all the rest of the Dem staters out there… You want a knock-out blow ? Ask Biden about Dem NY Gov Cuomo’s decision to mix infected covid patients with elderly nursing homers… Sleepy Joe goes quiet !

        5. More from el-weako: “Biden won’t give tax breaks to the wealthy”….. Fact time- under President Trump “all” levels of American society have financially benefited ! “Data released by the Census Bureau today show that 2019 was a historic year for raising Americans’ living standards. Real median household income reached a record high, and poverty reached a record low. Improvements in income and poverty were the largest in over 50 years. Minority groups—including black, Hispanic and Asian Americans—experienced the largest gains.”

      2. Biden policies; open boarders, heath care for anyone and everyone who gets to the United States from anywhere in the world including their families, take any and all freedoms away from this countries citizens and lastly destroy the United States of America as founded.

        1. Have you actually ever read the Federalist Papers? I invite you to read them.

          “But politicians now appear, who insist that this opinion is erroneous, and that instead of looking for safety and happiness in union, we ought to seek it in a division of the States into distinct confederacies or sovereignties. However extraordinary this new doctrine may appear, it nevertheless has its advocates; and certain characters who were much opposed to it formerly, are at present of the number.”

          Sounds a lot like your guy.

      3. Biden’s no saint. I don’t know anyone who’s enthusiast about him. Bland, at best, harmful at worst.

        But a _lot_ of people like Biden way more than Trump. And that says a thing or two about Trump.

    1. And almost none of them wore masks, despite the monumental spike in COVID cases in Deschutes County. Thanks for being superspreaders! I’m sure the countless infected families will thank them from the ICU.

      1. Thanks for being over dramatic… There has been an increase in Deschutes County, but I wouldn’t classify it as monumental, and there haven’t been any “super spreaders” in Deschutes County.
        Unless you can’t count without using your fingers and toes, there aren’t going to be “countless” families affected, and of those that are, only a small percentage of the people that contract the virus end up in the ICU…

  3. “United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” Patrick Henry. Maybe the guy holding that sign should think about how that speech applied to the whole country not just a political party.

    1. Maybe the guy holding the sign is thinking that very thing?
      I wonder what Mr Henry would have to say about the democrats plan to destroy our three separate branches of government? And to top it off with eliminating the electoral college?

      1. Then the person wouldn’t also be holding a Trump sign. Trump’s mode has been to create unjustified fear of the opposition in order to create an enemy to be attacked. To which you seem to have swallowed hook, line and sinker. Demonizing the Democrats is not the way to bring this country together. There are differences in the parties which is suppose to mean that there should be some meeting in the middle. Your candidate wants it all his way and total submission from the other side. I don’t care to live under a dictatorship but perhaps you do. And the electoral college has not been eliminated.

        1. “I don’t care to live under a dictatorship but perhaps you do”.
          You’re voting to live in a dictatorship, Martha.
          Memorize Henry, maybe hide some copies of his words and works. The EC is under fire (you have seen the constant sidebar on ktvz/2020 ?)
          And all three Branches are in jeopardy of being null and void.

          1. Yes, you are correct, all three branches of our government are in jeopardy…..our current President insinuated today that on Tuesday night he will declare himself the winner, no matter what the vote and then yes, we will have a dictator and our Constitution will be trampled but not by the Democrats.

            1. Would you link that quote, please? Sorry, but democrats have a habit of twisting things these days 🙂
              And trample is right, Martha. What are we to think when Biden refuses to answer the question of court packing until after the election? How about adding seats to Congress to overbalance the two Houses?
              Guess which party is entertaining both those ideas, as well as eliminating the electoral college?
              Sorry to interrupt… you were talking about dictatorships?

              1. Don’t need to link, it’s been reported on numerous news sites. Where’s your links? Kind of hard to do any of that without control of all three branches and Trump has just packed the Supreme Court. Fear and more fear, everything now is based on fear…..maybe that’s why he’s having another fence constructed around the White House. Karma

        2. OK Martha- just what have the Demokrats done in the past four years to bring the country together ? Was it “Russia-Russia-Russia” ? Noooo- that was Hillary ! Well- was it respect for the Presidential office and time honored traditions like listening to the “State of the Union” speech without “acting out”…. Nooooo- that was Nancy Pelosi tearing up the President’s speech- a document that is “owned” by the American people ! Then… how about the Presidential debates ? did the Demokrat representative present himself in a Presidential manner ??? Hell nooooo… Joe Biden lashing out by calling his opponent a liar- “awww- just shut up man” !!! Face it Martha- the Demokrats are a failed organization. They have no uplifting message for the American people- and will be soundly defeated this next week- you best prepare yerself accordingly- I know I will- with a bigly bottle of champagne !

      2. And Patrick Henry was a brilliant political orator. I’m sure he would be turning in his grave if he had to listen to our current President try and talk.

        1. He would be turning in his grave to learn republicans had freed the slaves.
          He died owning quite a few, you know. And split them up among his family when he died.
          A great orator, and a not opposed to buying and selling human beings.

          1. Maybe you should check your ancestry. It was a common enough practice back then for everyone. Doesn’t make it right but it was a different time. How far you want to go back in history? People have owned slaves for a very long time.

    2. Hence the democrat party splitting every person in to a defined group rather then individual Americans. Easier to control people when they can blame their problems on someone the democrats don’t like.

  4. Qanon believers if you look at that first lady’s sign. “Believe in Qur President”. This is a truly frightening time in our country. This is what mass pathology looks like. And, the followers think others are the sheep. They are delusional.

  5. Hello KTVZ News team….there were 200 ralliers! There are 2-3 counters that have counted ralliers at all 9 of our peaceful,incident free events since July. Btw, we are business owners, retirees, civil servants, full time laborers, stay at home moms and everyday patriot, liberty-loving Americans. We are a large cross section of society.
    Get it right on the numbers Mr. fake news camera man.

    1. That’s not true. The district attorney has said that most of the violence has come from the right….your people. Read his statement. Your gatherings are not innocent and do not reflect the majority. The cult of Trump is the minority of Americans. The questions is are you truly a patriot? Will you be waving flags and banners for our next President Joe Biden? Or just another cult?

    2. Go easy there Jana- it is regionally accepted that the Z has more than their fair share of “credibility” issues- having lost the whole morning news crew just a few weeks ago- seems that not everyone agrees with their style of slanted and politicized reporting- even at the local level… it’s always nice tho to hear from the person on the street who was actually involved ! Thanks for the clarification !

  6. I’m just struck by how few of these individuals are wearing masks and/or socially distancing, right when COVID numbers are spiking in Deschutes County. I hope that, when some of them end up in the ICU, that this video is replayed continuously, so that they can learn to associate their behavior with consequence.

    1. What do you expect? It is the Trump Death Cult Party after all. They’re just doing their part to spread the virus to achieve herd immunity which is the take-no-responsibility leader’s do-nothing pandemic response.

      1. Back to the “death cult”, huh?
        A pro abortion advocate should choose their words more carefully.
        Stop pretending to defend and protect life when you’re cool with negative population growth in black communities because of the slaughter you applaud.
        Do you keep a straight face when you type “death cult”, while promoting genocide?

    2. You seem to have a lot to say “Ryan”… kinda like some other posters here who insist on dominating the discussion… whatever… if I may… “I’m just struck by how few of these individuals are wearing masks and/or socially distancing” ! …. Lemme ask ! Just how have masks and social distancing worked out these past eight months… as a result of Governor Brown’s executive orders… are we seeing fewer or more new cases ??? In that 8 month time period- Do you know when the state of Oregon had fewer then 100 new cases a day ??? That was way back in April… so… what happened ?

  7. Fellow Oregonians – get your ballots in. We are on the edge of an abyss, and this might very well be our last election – ever. For some background, check Wikipedia on Germany in 1933.

    1. For now. Wait until fossil fuels are banned.
      I won’t go into how hypocritical it is to hate petroleum while driving to a rally to support someone who hates petroleum.

    1. If you’re a voter in states with large rural areas but with large liberal cities, the EC is all that makes your vote matter.
      It’s why we are a democratic republic. Do you have a case to make for straight majority rule, Beej?

  8. There are only about 10 people on here arguing back and fourth. 5 Trump supporters, 2 Biden supporters, and 3 that just hate Trump. All 10 of you will still feel the same on Wednesday.

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