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  1. Who are the ‘peacekeepers”?

    And their chosen candidate for Sheriff of Deschutes County, Scott Schaier, as described by one of his former supervisors at Bend PD – An additional insight into the Source’s candidate of choice from retired Bend Police Department sergeant, Todd Fletcher – Perhaps the voters should ask Mr. Schaier to post his BPD personnel file, en toto, online?

    Todd Fletcher 2:12 PM –

    “He should have been terminated a long time ago. He was a complaint generating nightmare for the last Sgt he worked for before I left. I know it for a fact because we were on the same side of the week and his Sgt came to me several times for advice. Unfortunately, Paul Kansky and Jim Porter didn’t have use [the] stones to actually deal with him even after all the issues were documented. Including honesty and truthfulness issues.”

    1. You are correct. Mr. Luke Richter is merely the front man for the “peacekeepers”.

      The “shot callers” are the two white military veterans, Lewis and Satcher.

  2. More lies and misinformation from the low I.Q peace keeper idiots…
    The two men that were killed WERE NOT victims of police brutality. They were killed because one had a gun, and the other had a knife, and both refused to obey commands from the cops.
    Of course she couldn’t be bothered to mention those important little details, but that’s how they operate. They would rather try to stir up emotions and blame the cops.
    This is just one reason that some people don’t take the blm garbage seriously…

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