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  1. “Handle this as a medical problem and not a criminal one” ? So why not do the same with drunk drivers and those addicted to alcohol ??? Maybe it’s because the criminal acts associated with alcoholism were so wide-spread that the negative affects on communities demanded a change of course… this will be no different as the State of Oregon is now actively competing with California for their drug addicted homeless- the large scale homeless camps popping up around CO don’t lie. The State as a whole seems to have lost it’s way- voting for Joe Biden and Crack Cocaine in the same year ! “China Joe and a needle” ! More Lyin’, Cryin, and Dyin’ !!!

      1. Hey BGHW, how many DUIIs have you had for this to have hurt you so much in the boo boo?

        Hey sorry about your recent loss 😂 RIP Humpty Trumpty.

        BIDEN/KAMALA are kicking his ass so easily……

        1. Biden and a Crack Ho 2020 ! More Lyin-Cryin’and Dyin as no more than 8 Oregon Counties voted for Biden statewide…. and tossed in the legalization of crack-meth-and heroin in the process ! Now there’s some liberal progress for ya- yee-Haw !

      2. Beej ironically posted- “We *do* handle people addicted to alcohol as a medical problem!”…… Oh Yeh ??? You mean like this…. “Uptick in opiod, alcohol abuse during COVID-19 pandemic, AMA says”…. “Oregon has seen a 34 percent increase in alcohol-related fatalities over the last 20 years,” said Mike Marshall, the executive director of Oregon Recovers.” !!!…… Yup ! Ya sure do “handle people addicted to alcohol” in an effective manner !!! Biden and a Crack Pipe- 2020- more Lyin-Cryin-and Dyin…. where’s Hunter ???

  2. Well, it all sounds “nice” until the metrics are looked at.

    “The statistics are staggering: Oregon ranks worst in the nation for prevalence of mental illness, according to a new study by Mental Health America. Oregon also ranked 47th in the nation for prevalence of mental illness among youth.

    It should be no surprise, then, that Oregon also has the second-highest rate of homelessness in the nation and claims a top spot for its rate of drug abuse.”

    And Kate Brown’s administration continues to stonewall the building of new mental health / substance dependency hospitals (In-patient) in Oregon. Out-patient programs are overwhelmed and many suffering from acute or chronic behavioral health challenges are also addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, a combination of the two, or illegal drugs. 28-day in-patient programs are required to create a baseline of sobriety and “clear thinking” with transition to out-patient programs to support sustained recovery and growth.

    The shortage of qualified addiction specialists and therapists in Oregon is likewise staggering.

    And, the bottom line is this. If a potential patient does not want or is not ready to enter into a suitable recovery program…there is nothing anyone can do under the best of circumstances. Addicts will take advantage of ANY option provided to them and that includes “volunteering” to enter a treatment program, whether in or out patient.

    Then add this to the mix and you have the perfect storm in Oregon…

      1. Because Kate Brown told us all to stay home and go broke. Weren’t you all out there in Deschutes County listening ? According to your China virus numbers… I guess not !

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