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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



    1. You are doing what exactly to support local families that may appreciate the effort of these people or do you just hate people exercising their constitutional rights? I am curious, I am going to go to some of the Antifa/BLM riots to see if you are consistent. (guessing no)

      1. Ummmm mid-june called and they want their partisan fussiness back gramps? Anyways youre right, its a good idea but safety precautions need to be followed for these situations even in the best of times, waaaay more so when being organized by admitted contagion superspreaders of course

        1. “but safety precautions need to be followed for these situations”… Wrong ! to date- Kate Brown’s “safety precautions” have produced what ??? Go ahead- tell us all about the Governor’s cure for the China Virus ? You super-spreaders of lies and misinformation are part of the reason Oregon has failed to contain the China Virus- and you cannot argue otherwise !

      2. no, no, no, no – you don’t get to lie like that – you are creating a false realty – these clowns are trying to sell themselves as something other than the selfish turds they are and you are doing the same – open your eyes – the good people of Central Oregon have always been active in providing for those in need and your clown car of selfishness isn’t going to erase that

        1. Wrong again Bozo ! The good people of Deschutes are currently dragging down all of CO with their inability to contain the China Virus in their county ! The data don’t lie- the only ones being selfish- are those of you in Doosh- who can’t seem to follow Kate Brown’s rules- but want to point your covid infected fingers at everyone else ! So get back in your own clown car of lies and go all Thelma and Louis out CR Gorge somewhere !

    2. You assume they are sick, but you don’t know for sure. So you spread lies. How many people have you infected and killed? Probably the same amount they have.

        1. Still don’t understand how the virus is transmitted do you ! But that won’t stop you from runnin’ yer mouth all day- pretending to be the expert- the know-it-all… a Kate Brown enabler as the state hits one record after another… Ahhhhmazzzing !

  1. Nice job! This is the kindest thing anyone can do for others, especially those in need. It’s a shame hatred is thrown at you, yet they are supportive of Antifa rioting in Portland. Keep up the good work, many of us applaud you.

    1. not really (and, by the way – many, many Central Oregon citizens do such things for their fellow citizens all the time – where have you been?) – there are those who say that not getting your fellow humans sick when it can easily be avoided is a pretty kind thing to do, but you might disagree

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