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Bend motorcyclist reports road rage assault

A motorcyclist says he was the victim of road rage Friday morning in southeast Bend, alleging a driver ran him off the road, got out and assaulted him at a roundabout on Bear Creek Road. Police are investigating.

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  1. I heard about this from my co workers Facebook. Tried to hear it from the ktvz website but AS USUAL too glitchy! Come on ktvz! It’s been years! Figure out your tech issues! I’m super frustrated and about to stop trying! Is this issue on my end? I’m thinking not because this is the only site I have issues on and I’m about to alleviate the aggravation permanently

    1. Plays just fine for me. Sorry, but I believe our videos play fine for most folks. Haven’t heard of an issue like this in a long time. Last time someone had an issue with a video that plays fine for me (with like 30 Chrome tabs open) it was an ad blocker or some such.

    1. What would you consider sufficient behavior to warrant getting pulled off your vehicle and assaulted? It might have been that. But tell me again how invaluable the services our police department provides are and convince me of their necessity, while trying to find an excuse for not utilizing their aid.

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