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Portland sees first measurable April snow in known history; storm shuts I-84 in NE Oregon

(Update: Snow, spun-out trucks close I-84 in E. Oregon)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland received its first measurable April snowfall in recorded history on Monday as a spring storm brought rare late-season snow elsewhere and large amounts in the Cascades.

One inch of snow fell at Portland International Airport, setting a record with the only measurable amount of snow there since official record-keeping for snowfall began there in 1940, the National Weather Service said.

Schools across the region were closed and some areas about an hour west of Portland received up to several inches of snow.

Portland General Electric reported more than 55,000 customers were without power in a six-county region of western Oregon.

A winter storm warning was in effect on Mount Hood for the next 24 hours and between 12 and 24 inches of snow was expected to fall.

ODOT said Interstate 84 was closed Monday evening in both directions in Eastern Oregon between Exit 216, east of Pendleton, to Exit 265, east of La Grande, due to severe winter weather and multiple spun-out trucks. Oregon 204 also was closed, with access by local freight and passenger vehicles only. Check conditions at our TripCheck page.

 Highway 26 was closed Monday morning between Interstate 405 and the State Highway 217 interchange, KGW reported.

Commuters all over Portland faced a slippery and snarled commute, particularly on the west side, with widespread reports of downed tree limbs, stalled cars and smaller-scale road closures.

Parts of the High Desert also saw several inches of snow, while others saw little or none. Weather spotters around Bend reported .3 to 1.6 inches, while one west of La Pine recorded nearly five inches and another in the Sisters area reported an inch.,

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    1. Wrong , it is now called “climate change” so ANY inclement weather can be tagged with it -I recall a blizzard which closed Santiam pass mothers day 1985 ,fun times!

      1. You can call it what you want, but global warming is occurring (largely because of us), which in turn causes climate change. Simply a case of cause and effect. And a bit of simple research in to what climate change will mean may enlighten you.

        1. Ive done my share of research and ive found zero substantial scientific evidence to prove that your claim of climate change being “largely because of us” has any merit. The climate on this planet has been changing since it began and will continue to change forever. If you think your electric car and paper straws are influencing the atmosphere then you should find a different flavor of kool aid to drink.

  1. Well when they come up with some scientific evidence instead of guessing maybe others will get on board. Just because news stations, Hollywood and our liberal liars in the WH spout it daily doesn’t make it fact.

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