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Oregon legislative limbo lingers, threatening bills of both parties

Republicans have yet to return; if they don't, Democrats say, 'Everything will fail.'

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ ) -- Pressure continued to rise and the House and Senate chambers remained empty Wednesday at the Oregon Capitol, one day after most House Republicans joined their Senate colleagues in a walkout protest against the cap and trade bill.

Senate Bill 1530 aims to reduce greenhouse emissions, but Republicans believe the legislation would hurt rural Oregonians by raising fuel prices, among other impacts.

Without a quorum and with Republicans gone, Rep. Alissa Keny- Guyer, D-Portland, says everything will fail.

"They should be here to do the work, and instead they are having a taxpayer-funded vacation, frankly, not showing up for their work," Guyer said.

Guyer has been working on a bill to improve housing for rural and homeless communities and says the Republican walkout has caused a dilemma.

Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, who like House counterpart Cheri Helt stayed at the Capitol, said Wednesday he is a bit more optimistic that there's still time to resolve the impasse and get important legislation passed.

"There's still time left in the session, which is part of the reason I am still here. We have a precious few days left," Knopp said.

One of the bills Knopp is working on would freeze property taxes for low income seniors. He says in order to get the Republicans back in the building, democrats need to amend the cap and trade bill and send it to voters.

"The best way Democrats can help Republicans return is to remove the emergency clause from Senate Bill 1530, which is the cap and trade bill, or refer to the people," Knopp said.

Held told NewsChannel 21 she's working on a bill that would increase funding for agencies serving unaccompanied youth. Helt said she's keeping the faith that her counterparts will return to pass legislation this session.

"I'm not ready to give up," she said. "I'm here and fighting and digging in. I am really hoping that we find the lost art of compromise. That's what I'm focused on while I am here -- that we bring forward things that work for all Oregonians." 

It's the third time in 10 months Republicans have walked out in opposition of legislation backed by Democrats, who hold super majorities in both the House and Senate, Democrats need some Republicans on hand to reach a quorum.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. Why didnt the Oregon legislator pass all the necessary bills to keep the state running first and then get into the really bad unnecessary ones last ? Has anyone wondered why. Anyone ???

    1. We really don’t have to wonder why – they are attempting to use these issues to get everyone back in the capitol. Just shows they really don’t care about these issues unless they get their pet projects through.

    1. Well first, nice to see you visiting our new election page. But yeah, that brings a lot of CNN political stories to one spot. NO one wants this comment issue (and the registration one!) solved more than I do. But the ‘convenient’ aspect is you can find stories in one spot to inform me of. And do be aware it’s NOT just politics stories, plenty of others have the tech bug. I’ll try to go look there when I have time, but as always, local news has to take priority. Sorry.

  2. This is not a bill based on facts or reason. It needs to be called out as such. US % of world CO2 emissions = 16%. China % of world CO2 emissions = 29% Oregon % of US emissions = .7% or .1% of world emissions. About 1/3 of Oregon CO2 emissions are transportation related. Cap and Trade for Oregon is virtue signaling, not an effective remedy for CO2 production. There is no cost benefit for Oregonians for the elimination of a fraction of .1% of world emissions and the costs imposed on Oregonians. With Oregon CO2 emissions of .1%, you lack leverage to impact the world total, even if Oregon CO2 emissions went to zero. Cap and Trade will never sunset, even in the face of future successful carbon scrubbing technologies. Once liberal lawmakers have an income source, it is forever, even if the need is eliminated. Legislators, if you own an I-phone (China) and are sitting in the Starbucks drive thru, you are the problem. Government Efficiency: $300 million wasted on Oregon’s health care website-never used once. $200 million wasted on Columbia Bridge study. No new lanes, failed Coast Guard requirements. Total $500 million. That is half a BILLION wasted. With Cap and Trade, expect the same level of wasted funds. $500 million would buy 10,000 EV’s at $50,000 each or subsidize 20,000 at 50%. They could have been GIVEN to Oregonians to address CO2 emissions. That is 20% to 40% of the 2025 goal. Return the taxpayers money. They are better qualified to spend it.

    This is just a duplication of the corrupt Chicago Climate Exchange. Look up names of the folks who were involved with the scam. Take a look a the gross amounts of money that was made in the name of “climate change”.

    1. Good Catch !

      “US % of world CO2 emissions = 16%. China % of world CO2 emissions = 29%”

      And that 29% for China is highly suspect- for as we all know- China does not have the oversight (EPA) or expensive equipment to consistently and accurately monitor their factories.

      Simply sending up a balloon to gather air samples once a month is hardly dependable.

      American factories in China need to pack their bags and return to the US where we can monitor- evaluate- and address the amount of pollutants being released.

      1. just imagine how much carbon emission China could cut if they didn’t have to fill our country’s incessant gluttony for cheap stuff – lte’s not think about that though – self-righteous consumption!

    2. Thank you Pomcdad
      Finally someone takes the time to comment with actual statistics.
      And I don’t see any Brown followers arguing with you. Because they can’t handle the facts.

      1. $700,000,000 per yer perpetually. Never ending.
        As for the bills that are being delayed? These bills are not as important as stopping
        the liberal theft from stealing our money. #citizenwalkin

    3. Say it like it is brother!-as usual,the Dem’s are trying to make the “walkers” look bad with things like “education,schools,elderly” and such-this bill is a trojan horse,as if the last 3 years hasn’t brought enough cost increases in Oregon…

  3. [Senate Bill 1530 aims to reduce greenhouse emissions]
    Senate bill aims to do nothing of the sort!
    Senate bill aims to line the pockets of corrupt politicians and green companies

      1. So what exactly is a Democrat ? The last time I looked at the party- they were promoting an off-shoot of communism that they have re-labeled “socialism”… without the Venezuela of course.

  4. This is the kind of crap when you keep voting in socialists who love to blow your money. This cap and trade bill is just a tax and will not contribute one damn thing to the environment. Have you heard one word from those liberal brain surgeons in Salem what they are going to waste your money on. Just like the failed bridge over the RR in Lapine more money down the drain.

  5. Again (pardon my political process ignorance),I support the walkout,but question is why not just a “no” vote?
    Will the vote be too close for comfort?
    Count mine as NO.

    1. Since it is mostly a party line vote there are not enough of them to get the “other side” to even discuss options let alone for their no vote to stop the tax increase.

  6. The selfish fools fighting over mythical global warming or cooling should stop screwing around and worry about something real, like oh, I don’t know…CORONAVIRUS!!!!!

  7. Bernie is “Authentic” they write and you didn’t retract….Bernie wrote that all women fantasize about being raped by 3 men at once……but yeah…..”Authentic”. I think you should turn around at your desk and ask the first woman to walk by if that’s true. Seriously….I dare ya

    Why isn’t the media tearing him down over that? Maybe he should have said “GRAB “EM BY THE *****”

  8. I feel much safer when the legislature is not in session. It seems like all they produce are more taxes that make Oregon less livable. Please go back to having the legislative session every other year and spare Oregonians more grief!

  9. AS far as I am concerned they need to stay out as long as it takes to kill the cap and tax bill and protect us from the anti 2nd amendment bills on the floor, even if it takes till next election. And no – they are not on vacation, they are doing their job the best they can in the current circumstances

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