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Juniper Ridge homeless receive assistance from COVO and partners

Until city clears area, organizations providing much-needed services

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ)-- The Juniper Ridge homeless community is still receiving assistance as they prepare for the city to relocate them soon.

Central Oregon Veterans Outreach put together a mobile resource center for the homeless community to have access to resources as they prepare to vacate juniper ridge in northeast Bend.

Thursday was the third clinic, and partners like the Mosaic Medical van came out as well as a shower and dental truck, and Companion Animal Medical Project.

Nearly two-dozen people and their pets were cared for. Even though this care goes a long way for the homeless community, Alison McKinney, veteran services coordinator for COVO, said it's not enough.

"Even though we're out here and we're providing all of these services, and we're trying to get them set up for success, the majority of them are still not going to have a permanent stable house to go to," McKinney said. "They are still going to be wondering where they will spend the night tomorrow, or the next night."

Those who participated in the mobile resource center were appreciative to receive assistance. Jon Eveland was able to have his 8-week-pup Daysha examined. He said it makes a difference in whether they live or die.

"It makes it so that they can come outside and be healthy," Eveland said. "If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to afford it right now. I'd be beside myself if I lost my pup -- as you can see, she is pretty cute."

Companion Animal Medical Project provides wellness services to the animals homeless communities. At the site they assisted with vaccinations, de-worming, evaluations and handed out vouchers for spay or neutering.

Veterinarian Patti Mayfield said, "We're also trying to support wellness for the humans as well. The human- animal bond is huge and we recognize that people experiencing homelessness, often their pets are their only friends."

"It's almost paramount, more paramount for them to have access to these services," Mayfield said.

The homeless living on the city-owned land will have to leave because a sewer line is going in, and the city hopes to sell parcels to businesses and industries. As a result of the 30-day notice the city gave the homeless community of Juniper Ridge, these services wont last long.

June 18 is the last day COVO and their partners will be able to service the homeless community at Juniper Ridge.

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  1. Thanks for coming by today! I just wanted to provide the additional details that many of us service providers have been serving this population at this particular site as a group for a couple months now, and (for years prior at other sites) and we will continue to do so once we have a new location that will reach the most people after the eviction. It’s import to us that those experiencing homeless know that we will continue to provide care and services despite upcoming eviction and ongoing pandemic. Thanks for helping get the word out! -Kerry Gillette PA-C, on the Mosaic Medical Mobile Van.

  2. Thank you COVO for all you do. No person should be deemed expendable. I’m so grateful you look over those whose basic needs may not be met otherwise.

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