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Redmond police release photos, seek owner of off-leash dog in fatal dog attack

Pickup of interest Redmond fatal dog attack RPD 1111-2
Redmond Police Dept.
One of two security camera photos released by Redmond police of vehicle of interest in fatal dog attack on Oct. 31 at American Legion Park.
Pickup of interest fatal dog attack Redmond PD 1111-1
Redmond Police Dept.
One of two security camera photos released by Redmond police of vehicle of interest in fatal dog attack on Oct. 31 at American Legion Park.

Pickup truck caught on security cameras; owner retrieved dog, left

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Redmond police released two security-camera photos Wednesday in hopes the public can help them find a vehicle of interest regarding a recent fatal attack on a dog by an off-leash dog at American Legion Park.

“With the assistance of local businesses, we have discovered a vehicle of interest regarding the death of Tucker,” a 10-year-old, black-and-white Havanese dog owned by Debra Slade, that was attacked and fatally injured by an off-leash dog on Oct. 31 at the park, the police department said in a Facebook post.

The unknown dog’s owner retrieved the dog and quickly left the park before officers arrived, possibly in a red 1990s or later Dodge pickup, police said.

The police department said it is seeking the community’s help in finding and identifying the dog and owner responsible for the attack. Officers said they also would like to identify and interview the person who provided Slade and Tucker a ride to a veterinary clinic.

Redmond police said anyone with information is asked to contact the department through social media or the Deschutes County non-emergency dispatch number, 541-693-6911, regarding Case No. 20-89157.

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Barney Lerten

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    1. Great progress? Ok, first of all, there are probably cameras every 250 feet in Redmond and the cops should absolutely be able to find better shots of that truck. Second, the Redmond police think an early 1980’s Chevy truck is actually a late 1990s Dodge… those guys have no clue what they are doing, to be clear.

        1. I thought that too at first glance. But that’s a Dodge cab, and those too tall front fenders are definitely Dodge. I’ve literally worked on very high hundreds to thousands of that vintage Chevy/GMC, and hundreds of that vintage Dodge.

          1. I know in the end it really doesn’t matter, and I’m sure we will never know,
            but I’d put 50 bucks on it that it’s an 81-87 Chevy or GMC…
            I’m going off of the overall looks, the tailgate, the body side moulding, and the fender emblems.
            All of the 81-87 GM pickups had fender emblems in that spot that designated 10, 20 or 30 series as well as the trim package that the pickup was ordered with.
            It’s really reaching but it also looks like it still has the original 3/4 ton hub caps on it.
            The mirrors are the same folding mirrors that were available as an option on the
            81-87 model years, but some of the Dodge pickups did also use the same mirrors.
            I think the awesome picture is what’s throwing you off on the fenders…

  1. The pictures are terrible but they are good enough to give an idea what the pickup
    looks like. It looks like it is a 1981-87 Chevy or GMC 3/4 ton four wheel drive.
    It’s really hard to tell but it looks like it is red and white, or a darker brown and white. Either way, there aren’t as many of the older pickups around anymore, so it should be easy to spot… The tool box in the bed stands out too, but those are easily removed so it’s possible
    that the owner removed it…
    It won’t bring her dog back, but hopefully they find the person because that was a really
    crappy thing to do…

  2. I agree with Mike338. Quite a few distinctive things about the older truck… heavy-duty rear bumper AND of course the tool box AND it is a regular cab (not extended) AND it has a couple of stickers on the rear window and appears to have single round headlights and MAYBE extended old-fashioned mirrors for towing. POOR little older dog. I am VERY into LEASH LAWS, having been attacked 5 times over my 70+ years and guess what? none of those dogs were on a leash. I have owned and raised dogs since a young child and am a true dog lover. If someone takes on the responsibility of owning ANY dog, they need to be responsible for it 100% as in 24/7.

    1. You’ve been attacked 5 times by dogs? You’re either lying or those dogs knew something was wrong with you. Nobody gets attacked 5 different times by dogs, wtf

    2. How do you know that “none of those dogs were on a leash”? I may have missed it in the original news article, but was it determined that the small dog (that was killed) was off-leash?

      1. Apologies to HorseSenseUSA. I misunderstood his/her post. They were referring to the dogs that attacked them as being off-leash, not all of the dogs at the dog park in Redmond. Carry on…

  3. “red 1990s or later Dodge pickup?” The police actually think that truck is from the late 1990’s? Wow, that is clearly not a pickup from the late 1990s.

  4. I googled ‘Havanese’ and busted out laughing, and for that I’m truly sorry. I’m sure it was a good doggy. Seriously though…
    After owning a rescue greyhound that was hard-wired to chase down and kill the little bunny, I know how it is to have to keep your dog on a leash in public. You gotta do it, man. Don’t be that guy.

  5. I’m surprised that this story and picture is still up because according to the other story,
    the police contacted the owner, and the pickup and its owner are no longer of interest in the case…

      1. Thanks Barney. I was just thinking that some people might see this story with the big picture of the pickup, but somehow not see the other updated story, and think that the police were still looking for the pickup.

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