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Miniature donkey injured in NE Bend attack; owner believes it was off-leash dog

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) - A donkey was taken to the vet after it was attacked on Tuesday in northeast Bend. His owner believes a dog at the adjacent off-leash dog park is responsible, and hopes it can be found and face punishment.

"I saw he was bleeding and all the hair is gone from his right ear. He's just totally stripped of skin," Cathy Jensen, the donkey's owner, told NewsChannel 21 Wednesday.

Jensen believes a dog came through the fence that separates the Big Sky Park off-leash area and her property and attacked her donkey, Pancho. Paw-prints, footprints and locks of Pancho's hair were visible at an opening in the fence.

Deschutes County sheriff's deputies are investigating.

"If there's any way we can find whose dog it is, I think the dog needs to be contained and quarantined, and possibly put down," Jensen said.

Five years ago, Jensen's other donkey, Daisy, was attacked by a dog. As a result, Big Sky Park put up wire around Jensen's  fence, to try and keep dogs out.

However, only 50 feet of wire was put up, leaving the other 100 feet accessible.

Pancho is at the vet for at least two more days, receiving treatment for his wounds.

Although unharmed, Daisy is also there, keeping him company.

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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



  1. Condolences to the Pancho and owner. But I have to wonder about Bend Park & Rec when they only put up 50 feet of a needed 150 feet of protective fence. That’s a total waste and mis use of funds resulting in a predictable and unfortunate outcome.

  2. Typical exceptional bend park district, lots of huuuuge deals for property development, but somehow too cheap and smallminded to buy that extra 100 ft of chain link

    1. Do you have a dog? A cat? A hamster? Eat beef? Eat fish? Wear leather shoes or have leather seats in your car or house? They are DOMESTICATED mini burros. Go back to California if you don’t like people raising animals as pets

      1. You are a speciest! Much like when we stood by our friends of color to fight discrimination and prior to that fight which still rages; SLAVERY in our Country we must now turn our efforts to free the most vulnerable among us! Those of other species! They have no rights and cannibals like you not just keep them in chains, you eat them and wear their skins like some sort of serial killer!

  3. Is it stray dog hunting season yet ?

    Dogs kill dozens of people in the US and over 14,000 are hospitalized for dog bites every year.
    (Dogbites . org)

    So yeah, save the mini donkeys and everything else attacked by stray dogs.

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