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Barry Washington Jr. poster ripped; community members call for permanent memorial

'This is a situation we’ve all been told doesn’t happen in Bend. It happened in Bend and now we need to make sure that it doesn’t happen in Bend again'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Community members, including Luke Richter, president of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers,  are calling for a permanent memorial for Barry Washington Jr. downtown, after a signed poster in his honor was vandalized a week ago. 

“The only solution is to make something more permanent,” Richter said.

Richter said last week, he found a poster filled with heartfelt handwritten messages at the memorial had been ripped in half.

“Some people have just immediately made it political, and they don’t like that,” Richter said Wednesday. 

On Sept. 30, Ian Cranston was arraigned on second-degree murder charges in the Sept. 19 shooting death of Barry Washington Jr. There is no charge of a bias crime, though authorities say an investigation is still ongoing.

“It feels like the second something BIPOC gets put up, it gets messed with,” Richter said. 

Richter said he has spoken with Barry’s mother, who would like a plaque and/or permanent memorial, as well as renaming the intersection of Wall Street and Oregon avenue, where he was killed, “Barry’s Corner.”

Bend Mayor Sally Russell told NewsChannel 21 by phone the city is exploring the idea of a more permanent memorial but has not had any definitive discussions.

City spokeswoman Anne Aurand said there's no formal process to establish a permanent memorial downtown.  Any consideration would need to account for right-of-way codes and permits.  

Richter and the Peacekeeper also want to include the name of Deshaun Adderley, a 14 year-old who died by suicide in 2017.

In 2020, there was a petition to put a plaque at summit high to honor deshaun.

At that time, Carol Palmer, a mental health counselor with central oregon's chapter of the compassionate friends, told newschannel 21 

"We definitely do not want to do anything that would, in any way, glorify or glamorize suicide,” Palmer said. "Certainly, if it specified that he died by suicide, that would be the worst thing that I would want to see on that plaque."

Richter said Deshaun dealt with bullying and racial harassment, and wants his name acknowledged.

“Whatever his family is comfortable with, just something that is going to let people know that he existed,” Richter said. 

He said above all, he wants a permanent reminder of what happened to Barry Washington Jr.

“This is a situation we’ve all been told doesn’t happen in Bend. It happened in Bend, and now we need to make sure that it doesn’t happen in Bend again,” Richter said. 

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. Darn! This country took 30 steps backwards in race relations ever since Donny Dump showed up with his big fat mouth about the “Wall Mexico was supposed to pay for!”

    1. Hilarious. You just can’t let it go can you? He is living in your mind. You just can’t shake him. It’s like some sort of mania. Who cares? Move on. I thought those repubs that continually bemoaned Obama were morons. You may have a lot in common!

    2. “Black Girls Rock” – Michele Obama. That is not divisive at all and includes races of all kind. Try the same with indicating any other race, especially caucasian and see how the media rips you into pieces.

  2. This or any other murder is tragic, a loss of life like this is so unfair. But I don’t get the need for a permanent plaque, what did he do that deserves a permanent plaque that hundreds of other victims of murder in our community over the years don’t?

    1. It’s akin to every time someone dies in a traffic accident, the bereaved feel compelled to put up a memorial. Every death is an deep emotional loss to someone or some group. The death or manor of death does not mean it is significant event needing memorialization by others than those with emotional ties to the deceased. My sympathies and understanding for those who feel the loss of this person.

  3. Is this another case of KTVZ’s woke cub reporters covering the news or making it? Headlines like this have the highest clickbait, race sells and they know it and if by chance their “reporting” incites blacklash they’ll get a 2 for 1 when they cover that also.

  4. “Richter said he has spoken with Barry’s mother, who would like a plaque and/or permanent memorial, as well as renaming the intersection of Wall Street and Oregon avenue, where he was killed, “Barry’s Corner.”

    I will be very surprised if this comment gets posted… This shows just how screwed up this country has become… There is absolutely no reason to put up a permanent memorial on public property, and renaming the intersection to Barry’s corner is absolutely absurd.
    It is unfortunate that he died, and as a parent,I can’t imagine how devastating it is to lose a child. But this is purely based on the color of his skin, period, and that’s wrong… If he had been white and his parents wanted a permanent memorial, or a street named after him, the idea would never get off the ground.
    This ridiculousness needs to stop. Renaming streets and putting up memorials isn’t
    going to undo what has happened in the past, and it certainly won’t stop it from
    happening again in the future.

  5. Stay woke Luke. Everything is about race. Everyone is racist. Everyone who dies needs a statue. Every death is racially motivated.

    What a clown show. You have to hand it to media and politicians, they’re great sheep herders.

  6. Theres a place where you can find memorials, its called a cemetery. If you are truly extraordinary and dedicate your life for the betterment of everyone, then you have streets named after you. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a truly extraordinary man that exemplified that courage and dedication to actual change.

  7. Oh NO!! Someone ripped the paper? Come on….this is ridiculous….he is not entitled to some permanent plaque…and the reason? He is black…nothing else…

  8. Was Washington’s death tragic? Certainly. Was it senseless? Assuredly. Was it a racially motivated “lynching” worthy of a memorial, a street renamed, and the trappings of same? No.

    As far as I am concerned, this was a testament to stupidity and fragile male ego. But there is no conclusive evidence that this was racially motivated. Washington wasnt a martyr. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time talking to the wrong girl. If we put monuments up for every victim of someone’s stupidity or impulsive violence, every corner would be covered.

  9. Memorials should be kept for those that brought something significant to our community. Sorry that Barry lost his life but are we going to put up memorials for everyone who has been killed in Central Oregon? Barry just moved here so I find it hard to believe he brought enough to our community to earn a memorial. He did not deserve to die but hanging out at late night bars and hitting on other men’s ladies is not significant enough to get a memorial. I have to ask this but if Barry was white and killed by another white man would we be asking for a memorial for him? Hummel has made this about him and his next position but does anyone truly care about Barry or are they just using his death to push their political agenda?

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