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Petitioner says Deschutes sheriff should enforce Second Amendment

Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance failed to get on last March's ballot

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The group Deschutes County Citizens for Second Amendment Rights is circulating a petition in Redmond and La Pine, working to get the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance on the county ballot next year. 

A post on the Deschutes County Citizens for Second Amendment Rights’s Facebook page Monday says about 1,500 more signatures are needed to get the ordinance on the ballot. 

On Monday, NewsChannel spoke with the chief petitioner, Jarrad Robison of Redmond. Robison failed to get the ordinance on the ballot earlier this year. 

“You know, hopefully, people understand that this is their rights we’re talking about,” Robison said. “With this ordinance, it would make the sheriff decide what’s constitutional and what’s not.”

Robison says he posted the petition for the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance in Redmond and La Pine.

His efforts come after Lift Every Voice, a group of interfaith leaders in Portland, managed to get several bills about gun control measures drafted and into an omnibus bill in the last legislative session, according to NewsChannel 21’s sister station, KGW.

KGW says Lift Every Voice proposed two petitions Monday morning. The first requires a background check, training, a 5-day waiting period, and no sales to anyone under 21 for assault-style rifles. Someone under 21 could still possess such a weapon, but not purchase one.

The second initiative would limit magazines to 10 rounds or fewer for assault-style rifles.

Also, 2,000 signatures were delivered to the state's elections office to get a gun storage law proposal on the 2020 ballot.

Sarah Douglass, the event coordinator for Central Oregon Moms Demand Action, says the issue is not about taking away people's Second Amendment rights. She says efforts should focus on gun violence preventative measures like stricter background checks, "red flag" laws and public education.

“My understanding is that the law enforcement’s job is to enforce laws that exist, not to interpret the laws themselves,” Douglass says.

Central Oregon Moms Demand Action will host a local candlelight vigil Sunday, Dec. 15 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in commemoration of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012. The vigil will be held at The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Avenue in downtown Bend.

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Rhea Panela

Rhea Panela is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Rhea here.



        1. Acronyms of potentially offensive words (Piece of Stuff)? You really want me to set such a high bar, I’d never get any work done. Not ashamed in the least. Whether the folks who constantly use such caustic language feel any bit of shame, well… feel free to ask them, it’d be a waste of my time. Merry Christmas!

  1. The sheriff is the highest law of the county. He’s the “decider”. The government does not want Constitutional sheriffs. Very few sheriffs will follow the very Constitution they swore too, and will allow the feds and the state to dictate law enforcement. This proposed law is already in effect. It’s the second on the list of the highest law of the land… the United States Constitution, and the sheriff needs to stand by it

      1. He’s saying that the sheriff is the highest elected law enforcement in the land. That means they are of the people and work for the people. They have the ability to work under the Constitution and like politicians, decide what laws they want or don’t want to enforce . . . under the direction of the Constitution. In the case of the 2nd Amendment, it is written simple, clear, and concise. Any law passed to abridge the right granted under the Constitution, a sheriff can ignore, refuse to enforce, and protect the people that elected him from being enforced by outside sources.

        1. Cool! So he’ll stop civil forfeiture?(5th). And he’ll actually give the 8th amendment a second glance? Please say he’ll enforce the 14th amendment section 1! If you tell me he’s going to enforce the 15th amendment I’m going to tip over in my chair right now!! You don’t suppose he’ll enforce the part in the 2nd about being ‘well regulated’, do you?

  2. How can the Deschutes County Sheriff interpret something that even the justices on the Supreme Court cannot agree upon? And then what happens when we elect a more liberal sheriff and he interprets the Second Amendment differently that the first sheriff and you don’t like it, do we change the law to allow someone else you agree with to enforce the law the way you see it? What penalties does the Second Amendment lay out for failure to comply? I support the Second Amendment, as well as the First, the Fourteenth, the Twenty Fifth, all of them. Lawmakers write the laws, Police enforce the laws as written, and a judge and/or jury decide the guilt or innocence of the accused, it’s a good system and doesn’t need to be changed for one pet issue.

  3. The “2nd Amendment” was written when our country, and the world was a completely different place. It’s a pretty ridiculous stance to just say, “It’s our right.” The only people who will disagree with my comment own guns. P.S. I know 18 people who have been killed by guns so think twice before calling me anything.

      1. Let’s see. Back in the day we had similar weaponry to that owned by federal troops. Good luck with any of your automatic weapons and God help you if you decide to take up arms against our government today. I’m betting on the teenager with pimples, operating his drone from a trailer in Nevada. Pretty sure you’d be toast.

        1. You haven’t learned anything from the War on Terror, have you? Sheep and goat herders have taken out our M1A2 Abrams tanks. As a matter of fact, they’ve been able to take out every type of armored vehicle we’ve thrown at them. Why do you think our educated civilians aren’t capable of doing the same? We’re armed, better trained, and better innovators then AQ, Taliban, and ISIS, could ever be. For those like you that think the American public is incapable of defending the Constitution, there is a Uuuuge surprise in store for you!

          1. So sharter, are you comparing yourself to isis and the taliban? Are you sick in the head? Your twisted, little fantasies about overthrowing The United States Government, are nothing less than treasonous.
            If you hate it here so much, relocate.

      2. Correction! we are facing the most tyrannical government ever, one that stomps and tries to rewrite the constitution daily! and with full support of the republican party!

      1. Especially when calling someone an idiot, please spell and use language properly. The guy YOU’RE calling stupid gave you an example too. Who do you honestly think looks like the idiot?

    1. Research the difference between NG and militia’s. As for the muskets comment . . . get rid of your car, electronics, cellphone, computer, and tell me how “muskets” applies today.

  4. Everyone who hates firearms says we “need stricter background checks”. But when asked they can’t give an answer to what that means.

    The only people they keep firearms away from are people who can legally possess a firearm. Criminals and others who want a firearm will get one. So the work should be done on how to keep firearms out of those people.

  5. Hate to clue the clueless in, but the Sheriff is not a judge. He’s there to enforce the law, not interpret it. The term “law enforcement officer” should be enough (but obviously isn’t) to clue Jarrad and his followers in.

    1. The Sheriff picks and chooses what laws to enforce and how strictly to enforce them every day. This is no different. The Sheriff has limited resources and has to decide how to best deploy them. He can simply put any firearm laws at the bottom of the list, which I fully support him doing.

      1. Yup, a law enforcement officer has some limited discretion as to choosing what laws to enforce. However, like any other public servant, there are responsibilities and limitations that must be met. This isn’t a wild west anymore like you see in the 50’s western TV shows. The watchword here is “enforce,” not interpret. The judicial branch does that.

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