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Health care workers push back over state vaccine mandate, less than a month before deadline

(Update: adding video, new info, comment from plaintiff's attorney)

Say they're being forced 'to choose between their health, their religion, their personal autonomy and their careers'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A motion filed Tuesday with the Oregon Court of Appeals by two groups opposed to Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate seeks to block the Oregon Health Authority from enforcing the Oct. 18 deadline that could cost thousands of health care workers their jobs.

The petition is led by Dan Thenell, an attorney with Portland-based Thenell Law Group, who called the mandate a shocking failure.

"I've been in the legal business in Oregon for 25 years, I'm a second-generation Oregonian," Thenell told NewsChannel 21 Wednesday. "It flies in the face of everything I believe this state stands for."

The petition is 92 pages long, filed on behalf of two groups: Oregon Healthcare Workers for Medical Freedom, which has more than 1,200 members who work in health care, and Mandate Free Oregon, made up health care workers, as well as firefighters, first responders and other emergency services personnel.

The groups filed the motion “on an emergency basis,” seeking to stay enforcement of OHA’s temporary administrative order and an Oregon administrative rule because “numerous” health care workers, firefighters and first responders “will suffer severe and irreparable harm” before a full court review could occur.

"Yes, COVID is producing some very significant symptoms, but this is an overreaction and an overreach by the government," Thenell said. "It goes too far and it goes too fast."

The motion says many of the health care workers “work 100% remotely, with no patient contact,” but under the terms of the mandate also face possible termination if they don’t comply.

"I don't think we are prepared for the number of people that are going to be out of work because of this," Thenell said.

Thenell added that he hopes the OHA will revise the mandate and give people more options, but until that happens, health care workers have a clear choice come Oct. 18 -- vaccinate or get fired.

NewsChannel 21 reached out to the OHA for a response to the court filing but representatives said their office does not comment on pending legal action.

Thenell also represented the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police, nine Oregon State Police troopers and a group of firefighters in a lawsuit filed earlier this month in Jefferson County Circuit Court against the state and Gov. Kate Brown, challenging and seeking to block the mandate.

Thenell said Tuesday they are awaiting a hearing on a motion for a temporary restraining order in that case.

As in that lawsuit, the appeals court motion claims the mandate violates the workers’ freedom of expression and religion. It says the mandate does not define “sincerely held religious belief” and allows employers to “evaluate an employee’s religion and the sincerity of an employee’s religious beliefs.”

“The Healthcare Vaccine Mandate is not narrowly tailored to any compelling government interest and thus forces Oregon healthcare workers to choose between their health, their religion, their personal autonomy and their careers,” the filing states.

The Portland attorney also represents more than two dozen health care workers and firefighters around the state who filed two lawsuits last week, in Yamhill and Klamath counties, seeking to overturn the vaccine mandate, OPB reports.

Thenell also represents an OSP trooper in Bend, Zachary Kowing, who was placed on paid administrative leave a few weeks ago for posting a video on Instagram in which he said he will refuse to comply with the governor’s vaccine mandate. He said Tuesday he'd heard nothing new recently from OSP about the matter

But there was some sign of wiggle room on the mandate -- at least, on the deadline -- on Tuesday. About 24,000 state Executive Branch employees represented by Service Employees International Union 503 bargained and got an extra six weeks, to Nov. 30, to be fully vaccinated, Oregon Live/The Oregonian reports.

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  1. Too bad most judges in Oregon have been appointed by democrats, so they face an uphill battle. Partisanship shouldn’t influence court decisions by judges, but a judges believes absolutely do affect their decisions when it comes to this sort of thing.

  2. George Washington REQUIRED his troops be vaccinated for smallpox waaaay back in 1777 and I guess if you didn’t like it, you could always go fight for the British. Dude had absolutely no respect for an induhvidual’s freedumb.

        1. Inoculating someone with a milder virus, so their body creates a natural immunity, is in a completely different ballpark than injecting someone with an mRNA therapy the inventor himself is against.

          1. Innoculation in 1777: Take a sharp stick, dip it in someone else’s smallpox pus, and then jab yourself with it. Yeah, it was definitely a totally different ballpark alright, didn’t even swab with an alcohol wipe. Just stop it with the lame excuses already, willya?

            1. The method you’re describing is different from vaccination. That practice is way to gain natural immunity through your immune system overcoming a lesser exposure. In the same manner of 1970’s and 80’s “chicken pox parties”. Which in respect to the above article flies in the face of the vaccine mandate the care givers are pushing back against. Natural immunity should be an alternative offered. It may just settle a lot of unnecessary bickering and mud-slinging… or maybe at least lessen it on message boards…?

              1. Pox Parties were disgusting and resulted in nothing more than child abuse.
                Got to get the shot.
                Look at the St. Charles numbers daily and that’s all anyone needs to see. It’s clear.

          2. With attenuated viruses, the body reacts to the foreign proteins and has a natural immune response.

            With mRNA vaccines, the body reacts to the foreign proteins and has a natural immune response.

      1. This is correct. Variolation maybe, but the modern medicine of the time wouldn’t have the caregiver manpower nor the culture supply to expose an army in the field during the late 18th century. I would also speculate that Washington couldn’t afford to have substantial numbers of soldiers in recovery during the revolutionary war. Safe to say this is historically misleading and inaccurate.

      1. Considering how many idiots refuse to mask up and get the vaccine – YES we are regressing as a country. People believe all kinds of garbage out there and refuse to fact check anything. Over 700,000 people dead and counting AND the millions of people that have already had COVID-19 and will have lifelong health issues from it – our country is doomed to fail because of the stupid.

        1. Barney- you allowed four years of any and all comments about President Trump- now you are banning the same treatment for Biden ? Why the political censorship ?

  3. Rotflmao!!!! More lawyers getting rich filing petty and failing lawsuits for petty and failing trump kooks!!! Maybe they should get big fat failed fired donnie’s “best and brightest” lawyer Sydney powell!!! She rocks!!! Sooooooo much losing!!!!!!

  4. So their rights or beliefs are more important then the rights of the patient they treat to not have a higher risk of infection? I don’t think so. Instead of termination after Oct. 18th, offer them unpaid leave and COBRA until it works its way through the courts.

    1. Really? And the fact they have been working with this for almost 2 years and are fully aware of what is and has been going on with their patients means nothing? I suggest that they know more about it than you or I together do.

      Heard a question last night – How did they go from essential workers last year to expendable workers this year while doing the same job?

      1. To the latter part of your comment, Century, it’s quite simple. Last year there was no vaccine available, so PPE was all the protection they had. This year, the vaccine is available to reduce the risk, and they need to use it just like the rest of their PPE. Working without a mask and gown is not allowed; now that vaccines are available, working without them is not allowed either.

      2. Great comment – it’s so incredibly sad to see the mal treatment of these workers who have worked their hands to blood through the pandemic. Permanent marks on their faces from the masks. Working 18-20 hours a day. Now Talibiden admonishes them and threatens them with their livlihood.

        And frankly, if a woman can “choose” to end a pregnancy upon birth, under the umbrella of “my body my choice”, then anyone can opt out of the vaccine.

        I’m vaxed, but have unvaxed friends and associates – but I do not judge as it’s THEIR BODY, THEIR CHOICE.

        1. I’m starting to think that comparing the debate over the COVID-19 vaccine to the one over abortion -issues with far more stark differences than similarities – is offensive. More comments like this probably will end up in the same place that comparisons to Nazi Germany go… the trash. Both actions are controversial and do have impacts beyond the people involved. Both have moral elements. There can be a civil discussion on the topics, but there also can be offensive ones. It’s always a judgment call.

    2. How many hospital patients got covid from staff in Oregon? Yet to see any data proving this is even a thing. Yet to hear if this is even why the mandate was created? If it’s so dangerous why are the staff still allowed to work another month, why not fire them now? Seems like they did pretty good without correct PPE at the beginning and correct PPE now.

  5. This refusal of the vaccine is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in my long life. Millions have taken it now and it is proven to be very, very safe.
    If refusal ONLY affected the refuser, that would be one thing. Sadly, those who remain unvaccinated have the potential to become Typhoid Marys and actively endanger others. And, yes, even vaccinated folks can get a “milder” Covid infection-which is still no walk in the park. The wackiest part of this is that folks who don’t “trust” the vaccine are lining up to get monoclonal antibodies intravenously which is far less well-studied or proven than the vaccine- and can only be used within a certain time after exposure and costs tons of money and is a temporary protection. Sadly, there are lots of people who’s critical thinking skills are circling the drain..and the rest of us will pay for it for a long time.

    1. What are the long term effects of the COVID vaccine? No one knows because it hasn’t been around long enough to know. Sure it might be “safe” now, but does your crystal ball tell you what it does in 5 – 10 years?

        1. Pfizer just pulled Chantrix (an anti-smoking drug) after it has been on the market for 15 years due to known carcinogens.”Unacceptable N-nitroso-varenicline levels” according to the FDA.

            1. Let people evaluate the risk of the drug versus the risk of the virus and make their own decision. High risk people should certainly consider isolating snd/or masking or whatever protective measures they deem appropriate. But taking away a persons livlihood, especially those who have been caring for people and seen first hand the effects of the virus and the vaccine, is high level coercion.

              1. How do you evaluate the risk of the drug without large numbers of people taking the drug? “I want to wait 15 years before I take it, but I want other people to take it now”?

                1. Plenty are getting the shot voluntarily, good for them. But people who want to see how that works out before getting it should have that choice.

          1. Others here have pointed out frequently that vaccine/immunization requirements have been part of school admittance, etc. for many years. (I know, this one’s ‘different’…)
            There are many things we don’t have a “choice” about, for the benefit of our communities, etc. It’s definitely a valid debate, but others would argue that facts are being twisted as a part of that debate – each side accusing the other of promoting fear. Social media gives equal volume to everyone, for better and worse in terms of who to trust.

                1. But the CDC also recently changed the definition of vaccination. The “protection” given by the jab is is not the traditional understanding of immunity. We are seeing that now, what else may we learn only after administration of an inadequately tested vax? Maybe the CDC will change the definition of long term effects, or death?

            1. Oregon schools provide for an opt out option also- no threats- no fear mongering- just the right to say- “no thank you”… seems civil enough to me.

    2. Thank you for the opinion. I respect it. Here is my opinion. There are a lot of reported issues from this new type of vaccine. Only 1 out of 3 are FDA approved. They have not been studied for long term issues. Vaccinated can still get and transmit covid.

    3. According to the VAERS data base- links provided by both FDA and CDC- these vaccines have some major adverse reactions- including death, paralysis, organ failure. If the vaccines are so great- why doesn’t congress- the FDA staff- and all government minions in between step up and insist the mandates include them ?

        1. VAERS has also confirmed 1.5 million adverse reactions reported by medical professionals. This means that 1.5 healthy American citizens died- were paralyzed- suffered organ failure- or all kinds of medical crisis after receiving the vaccine- are we to believe that in just a matter of a few months- that these are all just coincidental ?

          1. FACT: “A report to VAERS generally does not prove that the identified vaccine(s) caused the adverse event described. It only confirms that the reported event occurred sometime after vaccine was given. No proof that the event was caused by the vaccine is required in order for VAERS to accept the report. VAERS accepts all reports without judging whether the event was caused by the vaccine.”

            1. FACT- a report to VAERS generally does not prove that the identified vaccines “didn’t cause” the adverse event described either- which begs the question- are we to believe that 1.5 million healthy Americans all coincidentally became severely ill just hours or days after one of these vaccines ???

        2. So to the latter part of barneygetshiswish’s point; If the vaccines are so great- why doesn’t congress- the FDA staff- and all government minions in between step up and insist the mandates include them ?

  6. rf, safe, have you done your homework, people who are taking the jab are dying, being hurt, lives changed forever. Are you living under a rock. Do you know the horrible stuff in this jab, we all have a right to what we put into our bodies. Who are those to dictate otherwise. They are not God. They are there to control you and they say do this and those comply they are called sheep. We are a free country, or were, we still can be if we stand up to the bullies telling us how to live our lives and what is good for us. I am not a sheep.

      1. So much losing? All you “highly informed” people touting the virtues of this experiment on humanity while berating educated health workers are in for a hard life lesson. I’ve heard now OHSU, and northern Idaho have backed off thier stance on mandates. Peace health lost over 100, France lost 3000. Washington state just went begging to Biden for 1200, course blames it on the scary rona not mass exodus of professionals. The people who make this society work are being ostracized by ignorant people claiming that individual freedom comes second to herd hysteria. If ya want a job in health care I know of a LOT opening up. If ya NEED health care? I’m afraid that’s getting hard to find. But don’t worry, if, after who knows how long you wait, you get care, it’ll be by someone very new, with little experience. But they’ll be vaxed. “So much losing?” Just keep “Rotflmao!!!!” Your dancing in the firelight of burning bridges.

          1. Proof will be reality in a month or so, there’ll be plenty of links then. I don’t need to do homework to know medical staff are quitting. My homework is my wife and I are medical and fire fighter, and we are quitting. On my way to research greener, or rather redder, pastures. I’m shaking the dust off my shoes as I leave, once I find where. Oregon has made its bed, I’m ready to get out!

            1. Good for you! I wish I could do the same, but I am not able to at the moment. I am working on it though.
              Oregon is now a lost cause. It will never survive the left destroying it.

              1. Sad truth. And that is sincerely sad. I’m forth generation here, wife is second. It’s been home, and we have devoted our carrears, lives, blood, sweat and tears to it. Our departure costs Oregon a nurse of 20 years and a heavy aircraft wild land firefighter. Not to mention bout a fifth million a year in taxable income. All for nothing to hear these people talk. On and on trying to push Oregon blue. Well it is, you got it, and we’re out!

                1. My wife is a home health nurse with 40 years experience. I should say was a nurse. She had covid already but natural immunity is not recognized. Adding the forced jab along with having to wear an N95 mask with a surgical mask on top of it turned out to be to much. Too hard to breathe. There goes 80K$ in taxable income and a lot of experience.

            2. Hundreds of st Charles healthcare workers about to lose their jobs while they already are over 600 staff members short. Estimated will be 1200 staff short after Oct 18. Good luck if you need emergency health care. And it’s not just covid patients clogging up the system, there will be no one to take care of them.

              1. There’s an actual peaceful protest going on now. As these professionals are leaving on thier last day they lay a paper with Matthew 10:14 down, set thier work shoes on it and walk.
                “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” Not about context, nor am I religious but THAT sends a message!

        1. I’m sticking around. Sorry. Seems I’m needed amid all the ‘junk’ folks post (or try to post) here.
          If you don’t trust the CDC, government, long-time media etc., your choice. But others need to know what they are saying, and make up their own minds.

          1. The CDC posts the VAERS data log- but you don’t trust it- claiming time and time again that the doctor reports provided are somehow not credible… this coming from a site that provides non-stop messaging from CNN- the same people who brought you three years of Russia-Russia-Russia. How odd !

              1. How does anyone “misuse” the public information provided by the VAERS data log ? Are you accusing me of providing fake numbers ? That’s why I provide the link- so anyone can check for themselves… seems transparent to me.

              2. My question addresses this false accusation…”not to misinterpret the information you misuse from their own site.”… How have I “misused” the VAERS data link- log- information ? I have been very careful to use the terms “related/associated” with the vaccines… a far cry from those posters here that still insist on saying “died from the covid virus”- which is rare- almost nonexistent. I smell a double standard.

          1. I’ve said it a dozen times- nobody should lose their job over any of this- yet here I am- on a comment board where dozens are promoting the immediate termination of anyone not following yet to be legalized mandates from the Governor… I guess good old fashioned capitalism works !

              1. If it’s legal- why did Brown do this… “Oregon gives 24,000 state employees six more weeks to get fully vaccinated”… “The change affects state employees represented by one union. Its success at pushing back Gov. Brown’s Oct. 18 vaccine deadline may bode well for other unions.” Brown Blinked First !

                1. Union Lawyers know the “Law” ! Brown is facing multiple law suits fro some very competent lawyers and outraged workers… this is all about to come to a head- with the Supreme Court positioned to make the final verdict- which is an easy call- These mandates are illegal.

        1. Excellent link- here’s the shocker of the day… “VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (see the Lazarus Report) of vaccine injuries” ! Oh My !! less than 1% !!! Food for thought.

      2. As long as congress-the FDA- and all their combined staff are exempt from the mandates- this will not wash with the general public- quote whoever you want- in addition- large scale numbers of medical and science pro’s are balking at this.

  7. Those who refuse the vaxx on a religious basis should be aware, the list of common over-the-counter medications (as well as commonly prescribed drugs) which were developed, produced, or tested in manners similar to the developmental COVID-19 vaccines, using descendant lines from old fetal cells encompasses just about anything you would commonly turn to for headache, allergy, or indigestion relief:

    The list includes Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, aspirin, Tums, Lipitor, Senokot, Motrin, ibuprofen, Maalox, Ex-Lax, Benadryl, Sudafed, albuterol, Preparation H, MMR vaccine, Claritin, Zoloft, Prilosec OTC, azithromycin, and many more.

    Clean out that medicine cabinet all you self-proclaimed religious conscientious objectors. Or are you professing faith falsely, a question for which you better hope there is no God.

    1. This is clearly playing out like a “fool me once” scenario ! Parent state-wide are furious- their bank accounts can’t afford another school lock-down- which in turn forces a parent to stay home and off the job.

  8. Do you people realize how bad things are gonna get when tens of thousands of people across our state are gonna quit? Just think about the health care situations right now and then think about when they quit oh and don’t forget about the police quiting. Crime is going to be crazy. And the department of transportation workers that are gonna quit. Hope you have a 4 wheel drive because the roads are gonna be scary this winter when there hardly plowed and after the winter just think about all them potholes not getting fixed. We are heading for really bad times but you people are all good with letting these people go. Over a shot that they are just testing on everyone. I’m glad I got my guns because it’s looking like bad days are a coming.

  9. Best post I read today-If your shot works, why should I take one? If your shot doesn’t work, why should I take one? Logic. It’s largely being replaced by irrational fear and ego.

      1. And a lot of those numbers of unvaccinated hospitalizations are people who were out and about, got hurt or otherwise needed medical, happened to test positive and got counted. NOT BECAUSE OF COVID! The numbers are fudged, the data you’re being fed is skewed. No I don’t have a link, but I do have reliable Intel. Further, St. Charles is always understaffed, they serve Boise to Medford and everything east of the cascades. Quit playing like it’s due to covid. My unvaccinated status is my choice and business, only time will tell if my choice was right. And I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH!

        1. Again, have proof the numbers are ‘fudged’? Yes, the staff shortages pre-date the pandemic, but the added patients have … well, we’ve seen what many St. Charles folks, from ICU nurses to officials, have said on camera, repeatedly.
          And yes, your vaccination status IS a factor in others’ health. Unless all those folks are lying.

          1. Yes Barney, that’s what I mean by no link just reliable Intel, I see it. Haven’t been on camera because our story isn’t the narrative everyone wants pushed. As I said the added patient numbers are skewed. Might be some legit, but it’s not even close to what driving nurses out is gonna do. As for my vaccination status a factor? I said it’s my business. As long as a person lives they “factor” into everything. But it is the individual who’s ultimately responsible for themselves. I take care of me, you take care of you. I’ll take care of you if it’s within my ability, but not to my own detriment. Try suing the police or fire fighters if they don’t arrive in time to help you. Doesn’t work that way. A medical professional has the same right to say, “I’ll do my best, but if I feel it could hurt me I have the right to say no.”

      2. Listen Barney, simple solution is for ya’ll hospital full capacity so get vac. Crowd is this: If you have the vac. then your admitted at the top of the list. For us unvaccinated we are put on a waiting list, thats when the US will be Germany in the 30’s.

      3. According to the CDC site you are not fully vaxxed until 15 days “after” 1 dose of J&J or 2 of the other jabs. 14 days you are considered nonvaxxed! So who really is filling up the hospital beds??? I will go with the vaxxed

          1. That’s the point you have 1 day to say you are fully vaxxed. Or you are at day 14 and 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds to still be considered “unvaccinated” from the professionals stance.

      4. The massive surge kicked off once Brown opened the state after 70% vaccination rates were achieved- the evidence is clear- the vaccinated were the source of the surge- not realizing they could still carry and infect. Brown ignored the science coming out of India and Europe- this mess is on her !

          1. So how about some dates ! On November 30th Oregon hit 1712 cases… this can be traced back to the run-up to the November elections ! However- immediately after kalamity Kate ignored all the warnings about the Delta variant (from March) she opened the state and immediately a record 2615 new cases infected the citizens of Oregon !Kate Brown’s arrogance and incompetence in full view- Nuff said !

            1. Dates again prove nothing, for the exact same reason as before: Correlation does not prove causation. And you know that. I will likely refuse to engage with you further due to your continued un-civil nature.
              Attack me or others, comments deleted. Just like I treat everyone else who cannot follow some simple rules of civility.

      5. Actually No ! My vaccinated or unvaccinated status affects no one… where did you come up with that nonsense ? This is simple- stay 8 feet away from me and there is zero chance of any cross infection opportunity.

  10. Can anyone explain this science? OHSU allowing N95’s for unvaxxed staff, so they don’t spiral into absolute chaos with no help. St. Charles is not allowing staff to do that and instead will be staffed with travel nurses paid for by FEMA. How long can that last? Why wouldn’t they have everyone at the hospital wear N95, since vaxxed can get and spread covid? Visitors can come in not vaxxed? None of this is science, it’s another version of st Charles reacting to situation with batons making the decisions. Good luck with that St. Charles.

  11. It pains me how many are willing to roll over, give up your freedom to choose healthcare, to decide whether you inject yourself with poison or not. But then again, see how many of you rolled over on the mask mandate and the lockdowns of small businesses while large corporations stayed open and made $$$.

    Consider this: Jo – Her son received his 2nd dose of Pfizer in June. On June 10th, several days after his second dose, he work his mother up at 4:30 am because his chest hurt and he couldn’t breathe. She said she was aware of the potential side effect of heart inflammation, but the CDC said it was very rare and mild. What they didn’t explain is that mild means hospital care and follow-up care indefinitely. The ER doctor first asked if he had his vaccine or not. Then they tested his troponin level to see if his heart muscle had been damaged. Doctors also ran an EKG.
    After both tests came back as abnormal, he was admitted to the cardiac care unit. That first night in the hospital his troponin number quadrupled overnight. His mother said the cardiologist reported it to the CDC and VAERS ID 1396660. And was in contact with the CDC multiple times during his 4-day hospital stay. They determined that Yes he met the criteria of having post-vaccine myocarditis.
    The biggest problem is the CDC is not explaining WHAT myocarditis means. His cardiologist told us no case of myocarditis is mild. Her son gets very tired easily and his recovery will be a VERY long process. He can’t do physical activity, no recess, no PE, he has to have more time to go between classes until he has a cardiopulmonary stress test that shows his heart can handle the stress. CDC said this was 1 in 7400.

    If you think this is unique or that it’s not so prevalent here in Oregon…think again. Go to #wedid, #realnotrare, #vaccineinjury, #riskvsbenefits, #notrare, #covidvaccinesideeffects, #mybodymychoice, #stopthemandate, #protectyourfamily, #MedicalFreedomForAll, #medicalemergency and more. These are real people and there are THOUSANDS more.

    1. Please don’t give a dozen hashtags and presume I have time to check and verify the posts using them. Anything confirmable and local, feel free to email us at with contact info, so we might talk to them and their doctors. I urge others to use great caution in reviewing unverified information.

    1. Yeah I can just hear one of those calls now: I’m one of the many experienced nurses that Kate Brown thought herself more medically competent than and I’ll be your telephone assistant for your injury today. Please put the phone on speaker so I can instruct the national guard member on inserting your IV and finding the right devices to hand the doctor. I know the guard member looks nervous and the doctor is multitasking but they are vaccinated so you’ll be safe, and in post surgery where kitchen staff are sterilizing instruments cause they don’t know how the autoclave works.

        1. Early on in 2018- “Study: On Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories”… October 2020- “30M TWEETS ABOUT COVID-19, AND NOT ALL OF THEM CONTAIN THE TRUTH. WHO’S SPREADING MISINFORMATION?”… From the BBC March 25th 2021… “Google, Facebook Twitter grilled in US on fake news”… The latest in a history of “unreliable” information-

  12. Seriously, What did you expect to happen? Bullying people by threating thier livelihood is morally wrong on every level.. The vaccine companies dodge all accountability when it comes to injury/death when it comes to taking there experimental vaccine. For anyone pressuring others to get the jab YOU need to hold yourself accountable when someone you love gets seriously injured or dies as a result of a severe allergic reaction, heart attack, etc

      1. Not all have. Dont get scared but, some here in your community have had zero vaccines. Often because of parents ardent religious beliefs, and agree or not that is thier right. There are those who truly believe what they practice, and in America, none should be forced to do otherwise.

  13. Please keep in mind you can 100% get a religious exemption. My wife works at one of our health care facilities here in Central Oregon, she was given a full religious exemption for the vaccine and is still working full time.

    Barney really likes links from “authorities” or “reputable companies” One of his “reputable companies” is Nebraska Medicine. Please take a look at this link from Nebraska medicine that clearly goes over aborted fetus cells in the covid vaccine.

    Share this link with your employer and state this:

    Dear [HR Department]:
    [Employer] has directed me to get vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine, or suffer adverse employment action, up to and including termination.
    However, I cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccine because to do so would violate my sincerely held religious beliefs. All of the currently available COVID-19 vaccines used cell lines originating from aborted children in their manufacturing or testing. Therefore I am requesting a religious accommodation pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, and Oregon Revised Statutes 659.006(1) and ORS 659.030.
    As a Christian, I believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.

  14. If only ivermectin were also available as a preventative treatment.. the ones for humans, obviously, we could do what India has been doing for less than $3/person… do your own research… 2 densely populated States in India have defeated this virus using a combination of ivermectin, vitamin D3 and C, Zinc and more – so many lives saved!
    All major pharmacies here in the USA are now hog-tied.. No ivermectin available due to Federal Government (CDC) overreach .. we are witnessing tyranny at work. Follow the $$ and the power

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