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Nine OSP troopers, 5 from C.O., firefighters sue Gov. Brown to block vaccine mandate

Lawsuit filed by OSP troopers, state firefighters over Gov. Brown's vaccine mandate
Dan Thenell
Lawsuit filed by OSP troopers, state firefighters over Gov. Brown's vaccine mandate

Move comes 2 days after Bend OSP trooper is put on leave over posting video with similar stance

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) – Nine Oregon State Police troopers – five from Central Oregon – and a group of state firefighters filed suit Friday against Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, challenging and seeking to block the vaccine mandate for state workers and an Oct. 18 deadline to get the shot or possibly be fired.

The lawsuit, filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court, also names as plaintiffs the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police and the Kingsley Firefighters Association at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls.

Among the named OSP plaintiffs: Todd Burke, a Fish and Game Division trooper in Madras; Trooper Michael Hansen, stationed in Prineville; OSP Major Crimes Sgt. Darin LaDick, stationed in Bend; Trooper Mike Berland, also based in Bend, and Brian Glaser, an OSP trooper stationed in Prineville. The lawsuit notes that none of them have claimed any religious or medical exemptions to the state mandates.

The lawsuit asks a judge to uphold “their rights and responsibilities to make medical decisions for themselves under Oregon common law” and the state and U.S. constitutions. They are seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against enforcement of the governor’s order.

The state workers say they “want to exercise control over their own medical treatment and are being forced to choose between their rights, privileges and liberties as citizens on the one hand and their employment, careers and financial futures on the other.” They claim the order conflicts with the state Constitution’s “guarantee of free expression” and the U.S. Constitution’s “guarantee of equal protection, free exercise and due process.”

The lawsuit also claims Brown’s executive order was unconstitutional because “it introduces on the legislative power by mandating vaccines for certain citizens when the Legislature has expressly forbidden such a mandate.”

Asked for a response, the governor’s press secretary, Liz Merah, told NewsChannel 21, "Our office generally does not comment on matters of pending litigation."

However, last month, Charles Boyle, Brown’s deputy communications director, noted to NewsChannel 21 on a related matter that ORS 433.416, the statute which states a health care worker cannot be required to be immunized as a work condition, adds, "unless such immunization is otherwise required by federal or state law, rule or regulation."

Asked about that clause, Dan Thenell, the Portland attorney representing the plaintiffs, told NewsChannel 21 Friday, "The question is can a regulatory agency or the governor, (after the fact) adopt something that negates the statute. Was there an existing law, rule or regulation that existed at the time this statute was adopted? 

"And I am not sure the Oregon Health Authority has jurisdiction over State Police and firefighters," Thenell added. "Additionally, if OHA has a rule purporting to do what Mr. Boyle says, I have not seen that rule."

The lawsuit’s filing comes two days after another OSP trooper stationed in Bend was placed on paid leave over an Instagram video he posted, saying he would not follow the governor’s vaccine mandate.

Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



        1. Only a moron would say this non news story is going to be some big deal based on the ridiculous comments on the worst news station in the state. That means literally nothing.

        1. Oh these lawyers and whatever PAC is backing them know exactly what they are doing. They know the SCOTUS ruled states can enforce vaccine requirements a century ago. They know they are gonna end up taking this case to the SCOTUS, effectively giving the conservative majority court a chance to revisit the ruling and, in their eyes, hopefully reverse it.

          The SCOTUS ruling against Roe v. Wade and crushing women’s constitutional rights have emboldened them. They are hoping for a reversal of Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

          1. Please provide a link that show exactly which part of the Constitution says woman have the right to abort a baby. Please, I will wait patiently. When the Constitution was written, was abortion of a child even a consideration?

            1. Women have been aborting their babies since Egyptian times and probably longer. Many animals will spontaneously abort their young in stressful circumstances. Pretty sure abortion isn’t covered in the Constitution. Damn sure it was still happening.

        2. The vaccines don’t stop the spread! That’s the point. Most people believe the vaccines stop it from spreading. That’s absolutely incorrect. The vaccine supposedly helps the individual who took it. That’s it… All vaccinated people are still spreading it.

          1. We’ve reported for some time that officials say (and claim statistics prove) that the vaccine greatly reduce the symptoms of the virus that can put people in the hospital (hence the statistics of how few in the hospital are fully vaccinated.)

            1. Roughly 62.2% of the US population has received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose while about 52.9% is fully vaccinated, CDC data shows. Of the 10 states with the worst Covid-19 case rates over the past week, seven of them also had among the 10 best vaccination rates, according to the agency

                1. Show me other sources and CDC knows all! Also, why put a so called vaccine that has only been around a little less then a year.

    1. It is interesting that the police around here want to be held on a lower standard than boy scouts or college students, whether its with their fake race war flags or their job requirements- looks more and more like our cops want to sit at the kids table and not with the adults… i agree it might be time for new blood

      1. What an interesting comment. College students and Boy Scouts have the opportunity to file suit as well. This group, instead of bowing down to the governor, are wanting to exercise their constitutional rights. Since they aren’t puppets, as you would wish, they are somehow not adults.
        Why do you care if they’re vaccinated or not, and why do you think you have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies?
        Them being vaccinated does not protect you…according to the CDC.

        1. It’s called job priority/description. Because these jobs require occasional public interaction, these public servants need to be vaxxed for the safety of all. So I was wondering do you act with the same sentiments to your boss? I doubt you do. Does it make you feel like a tough guy talking smack through someone you don’t even know? Of course we can all understand your mental state, being a loyal loser supporter. And yes he lost/and like you he’s also lost.

          1. Exactly! No one is taking their rights and freedoms. They’re welcome to seek employment elsewhere. Now they’re giving their money to lawyers in yet another failed lawsuit!! These looks are addicted to losing!!! Sad really.

          2. Well now, it seems I pushed your buttons. Let’s start from the top. I’m really struggling to understand why some of you out there are still under the believe that by getting vaccinated you prevent the spread of covid…sigh. We’ve been through this – CDC says that the vaccinated can still spread covid with the same viral load as the unvaccinated. Please read that again – it’s exhausting keeping you informed.
            So with that said, please let us all know, how would the public servants being vaxed make you safer?
            Moving along – how does my comment above ruffle your feathers? Sorry, bud, I laughed at your reaction. “Tough guy, Talking smack”. 🤣 What did I say? Nothing I said was insulting. Was there some inaccuaracies in my comment you want to point out?
            As to how I treat my boss…I am my boss – we get along pretty well.
            In regards to my mental state…sorry, but I really feel like that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Lastly you called me a “loser” – sticks and bricks.

            1. I wanna provide a quick spelling correction to my comment above. I know it’s not needed for you to understand. However, based on previous experience those with weak arguments will attack a spelling error rather debating the substance.
              Above – believe should be belief.

                1. Oh My- What do we have here… an admission that the angelic vaxxed are clearly no better than the non-vaxxed ??? My how the science worm has turned !

          3. LOL hey nonyabysns how about an actually response that answers his question???? How did his comment make him look like a tough guy lol? Your response only made YOU look like a fool… Go ahead and answer his question…

            “Why do you care if they’re vaccinated or not, and why do you think you have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies?”

            … Go ahead.. were waiting….

          4. Your ignorant mistake is in believing the vaccine is “for the safety of all”. Do some unbiased research and you will find it not only does NOT protect you, it does not prevent you from passing it on. In fact, you are more contagious to others than I am (not vaxxed, not stupid either). Please keep your distance from me, you are a threat! You are the one talking smack, as you are totally uninformed.

                1. Did you see that two top FDA officials resigned because they did not agree with how the FDA is handling the Covid issue.


                  I have been telling you for over a year just how corrupt the FDA is and you, Barney, responded that I and many others just had a bone to pick. I do have a bone to pick and so did the two top FDA officials who resigned. The FDA is NOT following the science. Many here in this comment section are not following it either. You are following simple propaganda from big pharma, the FDA and the media who is in the pockets of big pharma. FDA press releases are NOT science. They are propaganda for the sake of big pharma. Time will prove this all to be correct and you will see just how badly you were played.

          5. Jesus, the vaccine doesn’t stop people from spreading the virus!!!! All vaccinated people are still spreading exactly the same as those not vaccinated. Even CNN said that. That’s the issue we’re having. People are ignorant! The vaccine supposedly only helps the person who took in. That’s all it does. If it even does that. Look at Israel! All vaccinated and still a hotspot for covid. Do we use our heads anymore or just parrot the puppeteers?

        2. Absolutely. Our supposed Governor has become a totally unconstitutional dictator and is becoming more and more bold and confident in her dictates/ORDERS being followed OR ELSE.

          1. All because the Oregon GOP is a collective of raving kooks who have yet to win a lawsuit!!!ROTFlMAO total failure to do anything constructive regarding the virus. Just more lying, dying and denying.

        3. Interesting choice of words, “why do you think you have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies?” TX is forcing women to be incubators, adversely affecting their careers, denying them the right to control their reproductive health, and in some cases, forcing them into a lifetime of caring for a deformed/disabled child or one that is the product of rape or incest. Seems a much more far reaching effect than taking a vaccine, yet it has become law. If a state can set that precedent, surely it can require vaccinations for employment, don’t you think?

  1. Great move by Brave Public Servants. The tyrannical mandates of Kate Brown and the State of Oregon must be stood down. Everyone should have the freedom to choose. My Father came close many times of dying during his time piloting his B-17 over Germany. I ask him once why he served, he said “to protect our nation and our freedoms Son”.

      1. Has nothing to do with being poked. It has to do with having a back bone and standing up for yourself which you clearly have no clue of. Wish your dad would’ve taught you better.

      2. You sound like another typical liberal ass. That little poke you mention took the baby of a pregnant friend ours and took my Mom In Law who died of post vax complications with organ failure a few months after a single poke. These “chumps” as you speak are brave public servants who have been willing to put their lives on the line. They made a courageous decision. I stand with them and support them. As for you, we will see what the spike proteins do to you in a few months.

      3. Not hilarious…just dangerous. Not even a vaccine, it is a gene moderator. Anyone taking the vaccine is participating (read: guinea pig) in a drug trial with unknown consequences. Let me know how you are feeling a year from now.

      4. Yep. I wonder how these MAGA-types would have reacted to the rationing, etc., during WWII. I bet they’d be screaming about how their “freedoms” were being restricted because they can only buy gas on certain days, were limited in buying automobiles, etc. If those types were around back then, we’d all be speaking German now.

    1. God bless your patriotic, TRUE American father. “We” used to be raised to be good people; to follow the laws and rules AND the word of God through a Bible or other religious scripture as well as live in the magnificent guidance of our Constitution. Sorry for the loss of your father. Many of my senior friends and acquaintances were PROUD to join the armed services to protect our freedom, here in America which is quickly being destroyed by the New Left and the Biden.

    1. Yes definitely because none of these firefighters would storm into a burning building to save your sorry ass and the Troopers would not enter an active shooter situation at your sons school to stop the threat. You are just a sorry sheep.

        1. Martha – we’ve discussed this.
          Ivermectin is an FDA-approved antiparasitic and a WHO “essential medicine” that has been used in humans for 35 years with over 4 billion doses safely administered.

          Ivermectin is a cheap drug that has produced amazing results in other counties, such as India. Places such as Israel and Iceland, has the highest vaccinate rate in the world, are having crazy, record breaking, covid infections right now. In the month of July 86% of covid cases in Israel where those that were fully vaccinated. So before you make another crack about ivermectin being (only) a livestock dewormer, please be aware that it doesn’t make you appear clever…just a little silly.

            1. Yup, read that before. What’s weird is that even with large scale success in India, and numerous successful treatments here in US the FDA says, “we have not approved ivermectin to treat Covid, but look over here at this vaccine we have.
              Is the FDA gonna explore ivermectin for the use of Covid? Probs not.
              I read a report today that the CDC now believes that twice as many Americans have had Covid than previously thought. This would also mean that the survival right is twice as high as previously thought.


                Merck is the maker of ivermectin. If anyone has a dog in this fight it’s them. In this statement they announce ivermectin has “No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies”, and there is “No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease”.

                But you’re going to do what you want and I’m okay with that, because the thought of you taking farm animal drugs is pretty damn funny to me.

                1. What possible motive would Merck have to make that statement if the drug was good for Covid? It would be a cash cow.

            2. You’ve heard the phrase “follow the money” right? In this case all of the very profitable vaccines and therapeutic treatments currently being offered in the US are under emergency use authorization. One of the conditions of emergency use is that there be no effective alternative options available.

              Do you see the issue yet? If Ivermectin is demonstrated to be safe and effective then it invalidates the emergency use authorizations on which big pharma is making billions of dollars. And therein lies the problem, profit motives – not science – are driving this issue. One needs look no farther than the disinformation and censorship campaign being waged against Ivermectin for proof.

          1. Yep, that’s right, it’s an anti-parasitic and also used to kill lice in humans. Clinical studies have shown that it’s not effective against Covid no matter what you claim. The news over the last couple of days is full of stories of people ending up in the ER because they are buying it from feed stores and ingesting it. And I don’t have to be clever when you guys just keep teeing it up. Only problem is, you keep hurting your own.

            1. Martha then you should be able to easily cite the “clinical studies have shown that it’s not effective against Covid”. Come on, provide some sources to back up your sincerely held belief.

              1. Show me the studies that show that a chicken dung poultice is not effective against COVID! Come on, let’s see some sources. Apparently you don’t understand how science works.

            2. So Martha, if HCQ and Ivermectin are ineffective, why did a Finnish company just recently receive a patent for a.”new product” which combines the two?

              And.for all those here implying that Merck wouldn’t undercut their own product
              (Ivermectin)if it worked, you do realize that it has been around (and being prescribed for humans) for about 25 years and can now likely be offered by anyone as a generic…and that there is already for Ivermectin and what they are focused on are vaxes whose promotion would fall apart if they admitted that Ivermectin works…and is safer than an experimental vax??

              Also apparent lost in this discussion is the fact that both HCQ and Ivermectin are zinc ionofers which facilitate the passage of zinc through the cell walls where many studies have shown it interrupts viral replication…reducimg viral load and minimizing symptoms. Isn’t it imteresting too that despite the loss of taste and smell we have.all been led to believe is a strange symptom of covid actually being a known symptom.of zinc deficiency, all studies designed to disprove tje effectiveness of the two drugs have left out the zinc…the sneaky bastards!

              Take your vitamins D and C, load up with zinc, turn off the news and get on with your lives!

              1. FathersChild got to zinc ionophore, got confused and instead of researching the topic, she decided instead to post a not-so-witty comeback. Too bad for her, because you are spot on.

                1. And maybe you and your buds should stop trying to earn cheap shots by referring to liberals as sheep when the Tuckerfiles are the ones buying livestock meds and ingesting the stuff.

                2. Martha –
                  Please post the clinical trials you speak of.

                  Here’s one:

                  “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

                  Oh and there’s more from the study:

                  “Meta-analysis of 15 trials, assessing 2438 participants, found that ivermectin reduced the risk of death by an average of 62% (95% CI 27%–81%) compared with no ivermectin treatment…”


                  Hope you read the study. Very impressive results.
                  While I like Tucker Carlson I have not watched Fox News for sometime. Based on your comments I’m assuming he has encouraged his audience to use ivermectin? Is that accurate?
                  If it is accurate Andy oh now see the study above that would prove Tucker is right, I wonder if you feel a little “misguided” by your media? Your media has been telling you ivermectin is bad, when India has had amazing success, the clinical study completed above shows proves it’s efficacy against Covid, other countries are starting to develop protocols that include ivermectin, and yet our media and our government tell us ivermectin is not FDA approved for Covid. Instead they want us getting booster shots every few months.
                  Why do you think that is? Here we have a drug proven to be safe, proven to be effective against Covid and our government says come get another shot.

                3. I already linked to a major ‘studies of studies’ at same site that says these studies are too limited/flawed and this substance needs far more rigorous research for this use.
                  Don’t believe the oft-linked CDC warning? Fine. But be VERY careful who you trust/believe.

                4. Barney Lerten quips… “these studies are too limited/flawed and this substance needs far more rigorous research for this use”… Gee ol Barns- doesn’t that go for every single Vax ‘n Jab chemical cocktail out there right now ? The hypocrisy from the radical left never ceases to look foolish.

              1. Sorry- this site is still jacked up… Anyway… Barney Lerten quips… “these studies are too limited/flawed and this substance needs far more rigorous research for this use”…

                1. The rest of my post that has been jacked up by this site… It’s flawed logic to discount Ivermectin on “lack of data”- when all these “Rona” vaccines suffer the same malady !

                2. Not true! The basis for the vaccines has decades of research behind it. The research of ivermectin for Covid is relatively new and has only been done in small studies or without proper control groups.

        1. That the vaccine doesn’t stop the individual vaccinated from spreading the virus? That it “supposedly helps” the individual that took said vaccine? Many people seem to believe this vaccine stops people from spreading it. This is absolutely wrong.

    2. LOL Ok and then what? what’s the plan genius? More and more nurses, firefighers, teachers, military members will resist this and sue.. it happening eveywhere..

      My question to you is…Why do you trust the drug companies(Johnson&Johnson etc) that are pumping out these vaccines? Based on their criminal history??? Falsified studies, corruption, greed, and all for the sake of profits at OUR expense..

      Then all they get as punishment it a lawsuit=paying out settlements up the wazoo.. Then back to business and repeat… Just because YOU choose to be a guinea pig to this experimental vaccine doesnt mean everyone else should too.

    1. As a licensed provider of long term care for elderly and disabled, we are in that group and will be required to get the shot or close the facility. Some people are looking into your suggestion.

      1. I’ve worked for years in an industry that works in 30-60-and 90 day shifts. Where our technicians live on site, are provided free food and lodging, travel expenses, and a months salary for every month they are not working- would healthcare workers in your industry welcome this type of arrangement- the only catch being- they must be tested for the corona before entering the job site. The objective- to eliminate the possibility of exposure from outside the work place.

      1. Why should I be careful of wanting healthcare workers to sue Kate Brown over this illegal mandate? I’m about to lose my job of 20 years over this, so I will be one to be on board. Thanks.

    1. No, absolutely not! There is no reason for these idiots to get paid leave, especially when in this case are insubordinate to their superior’s. They should be terminated at once. It’s too bad they couldn’t be terminated with a dishonorable discharge.

        1. Funny that you call a pro vaccine commenter a sheep when it’s antivaxxers who support “herd” immunity. In your case, maybe it should be called “flock” immunity and your shepherd is Tucker Charlatan.

                1. Instead of misplacing your misogyny, why don’t try to be constructive and tell me where my logic fails?

      1. Why should they be!??? Do you people understand the vaccines don’t stop the spread one bit???? THE ONLY PERSON IT HELPS IS THE INDIVIDUAL THAT TOOK IT!!!! All vaccinated people are still spreading the virus just as those without the vaccine!!

        1. Vaxxed people are able to pass Covid but for a shorter lengt of time. Vaxxed don’t get as sick if at all from Delta, thus not as many hospitalizations. If everybody was vaxxed, we’d all be passing around a disease no worse than a mild flu or no symptoms at all for most.

    1. Mine, too. Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts 1905. The Court upheld his conviction on the grounds that individual rights are not absolute, and states can interfere with rights to protect the public health, as long as it’s reasonable.

      1. That’s the issue isn’t? Many say that a mere .26% fatality rate for covid (CDCs best estimate) is not “reasonable” enough to mandate vaccinations. (The .26% was before the delta variant, so in theory it should actually be lower for the delta variant based on current numbers being seen).

      2. I think that’s the problem. If these individuals get vaccinated it does not impact public health. Does the vaccine reduce THEIR symptoms of Covid – yes, at least for now. However, Fauci said this week that a new variant ‘Mu” is currently on the radar and it may require 3 vaccines to be considered fully vaccinated.

  2. I think it’s time we start firing people. I do not want Trumplicans working within the police department. Republicans if there are any left I have no issue with. But anybody who believes all this conspiratorial crap is not fit to be in public service. Short version… if you believe that lying orange sack of pus won the election. You are a danger to the general public.

    1. Belief in the right to choose what goes into your body is not a conspiracy, it is common sense. You will one day think the same if the government or anyone else is trying to force you to put something in your body that you and/or your doctor either don’t see the need for or don’t want.

          1. No but if a teenage girl is raped by her grandfather or a woman gang raped, she is forced to carry it? A young woman in college looking at a productive future suddenly has her whole life and chances at a good career changed because of one mistake? An unwanted pregnancy carries more impacts than you can possibly know, not just for the 9 months, but for the woman’s entire life, while the man had the option of just walking away like nothing happened. That is a patriarchal fanaticism whose goal is to control women and force them back into being vassals under the control of men. It’s an archaic and outmoded ideology. And religious dogma in the guide of government is behind it.

              1. Your previous comment asking me if I am female because you think my logic is faulty makes me think you might be one of those dirty old men who think women are somehow inferior and need to be kept in their place. My answer is that some men, particularly those in power and those who preach politics from a pulpit, do want to subjugate women, not just dirty old men.

  3. Let them resign or be fired. We need to get rid of first responders that do not care about the safety and lives of the people they serve. These are delusional folks that actually believe thousands more should die because, “muh freedums.”

  4. I applaud them for fighting this illegal mandate. I pray they win even though our judges are corrupt and hand picked by the insane Governor Brown. I can’t believe anybody thinks it is right, moral or legal to fire people over refusal to take a shot that has proven to show adverse reactions including death. Not to mention the disease has a 99.9999% survival rate without any shots. It’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. Any government or business forcing this crap should be tried by a jury for inflicted damages to the people.

    1. See that’s the problem with your argument, the vaccine has not shown it causes death but according to the AP News, 99% percent of those that died this summer were unvaccinated.

      1. And most certainly spread by you all god almighty I have the vaccine and am invincible idiots! Sheeple, you need to get it through your head that even if you’re vaccinated….you can catch, carry and spread the virus!

      2. Your really believe those manipulated statistics from the CDC? Or AP News, for God’s sake? Haven’t you read how they arrived at them? What do you do in your spare time, it certainly isn’t becoming informed. Go back and do your homework, read some unbiased statistics and then come back and give a more enlightened opinion.

        1. No matter how you manipulate it, 2+2 still equals 4. Statistical significance allows for a degree of bias, but even that is finite. If you throw out data that doesn’t fit a particular conspiracy theory, then yes it will be skewed. But factoring in distrust of the CDC, which has a lot of oversight and scrutiny, just doesn’t fit any equation.

    1. Exactly. Remember, this town has quickly been inundated with people who destroyed their old hometowns with their bad choices and now they are here to do it again.

  5. What a bunch of HYPOCRITS!!! Not one of you would give a crap if they were vaccinated or not if you’re in an accident, trapped in the burning wreckage, and one or more of them arrived to free you. I’ll bet you wouldn’t tell them to leave you to die or tell them to stay back until a vaccinated Trooper or fireman arrives.

    1. I remember when there was a man who was HIV+ Who was spitting on a policeman. They charged him with attempted murder.

      Now it’s the police who are spitting on the public.

      If I was in an auto accident I wouldn’t to be infected with a communicatable disease!
      It’s “To Serve & protect”
      Not to serve and infect.

      Hypocritical are the rule enforcers who won’t themselves follow the rules.

    1. That’s part of the rationale behind Brown’s mandate. Someone in trouble won’t have to worry if the first responder is going to give them Covid, perhaps a new variant/mutation. Someone hanging upside down in their car has enough to worry about.

    1. It’s interesting how none of Kate Brown’s mandates apply to the homeless. If you haven’t had a shower or bath or brushed your teeth or washed your clothes in six months, then you can do whatever and go wherever you want. But if you’re clean, you’re a health hazard that must cover up and keep your distance.

  6. Looks like your comment is one of the only ones supporting troopers not wanting the 💉 to get through. Sounds like a Lynch mob in here but the comments are in line with the z’s agenda.

    1. KTVZ is the worst.. Central Oregon Daily isn’t is as one-sided most of the time.. Just wait to wise and powerful Barney enters the room and then will all be saved by his “Fact-checked” truth LOL.. If your looking for honest reporting this station is a joke of a ” News Network” that’s for sure

  7. These people should be fired immediately. They are here to protect others which is why most of us got the shot and wear masks. They have decided that to serve and protect is no longer part of the job description they wish to uphold, fine then quit. I cannot pick and choose which part of my job description I want to do and neither should they.

      1. I did it to protect myself and because I understand how it will help get our businesses open and our whole country back to normal. So I guess protecting others is covered. You want to call BS? Be my “guest.”

  8. There’s plenty of opportunities for these snowflake crybabies in the food service industry? The same tool sacks complain about their rights yet feel different when a organization has the right to hire based on certain qualifications and requirements? Texas and Florida are still big enough for more idiots, bye.

  9. After reading most of these comments it answers my question why a 6th grader was distraught and crying real tears because he couldn’t find his mask outside and wouldn’t come into the school building without because he was absolutely fearful that if he did, then he is risking the lives of everyone in the school, and believes at his age of 11 years old that everyone’s health is his responsibility! True and accurate, saw it, and I was absolutely speechless that an 11 year old carries the burden that he is putting everyone at risk!
    Doesn’t matter what side of fence your on, if your honest with yourself, you can see how wrong that is on so many levels.

    1. @steveckt262 Wrong? That’s very right. That shows that child is more adult and mature than any antimasker or antivaxxer. If that was my son or daughter I could not be prouder of them for showing that level of understanding.

    2. Saying that caring for others is a burden reflects badly on you. That child’s reaction is compassionate. At 11, he’s apparently already a better human being than you.

      1. I didn’t say caring for others! I said his burden at that age was, him thinking he was putting everyone at risk if he came back into that building. As far as what kind of human being I am, it broke my heart to see that young man so upset and fearful at his age, I have children, so I know what they look and act like when they are in a good place, and to see this kind of struggle with something that he really doesn’t understand the full scope of,he only has was he has seen from parents and adults through this entire pandemic, think about that for a minute at his age. I believe when these kids looked to us, adults for leadership through this, that isn’t what happened.
        I am the first advocate for more consequences for these kids from their mistakes, but that isn’t what is going on with this young man, is what’s going is, the DNA for middle school boys hasn’t changed much through the years, their minds are not developed and they do really dumb things sometimes, comes with that age, and the girls are mean at that age like chickens, they peck the weak one, what I saw from this young man was something I have never seen from a middle school kid,thinking he can’t come back into the school with his friends because he puts everyone’s health at risk, that’s all his, to walk through with what he has seen or been told for the last year, never stopping long enough being fearful to realize that he wasn’t going to be close enough to another person because of the distancing in the entire school, and they all were wearing masks, but he didn’t have his, and wouldn’t walk into the empty Cafe to get a new one, I knew that, and just brought it out to him, asked if he was ok to go back to class and he did.
        There are adults who believe they are not responsible for others health, and some believe put aside the “I” and do the “WE.”
        I’m in my 50’s, I don’t remember anything that compares to this last year and a half, that puts it in the perspective that an 11 year old boy is carrying the weight of the world, and it would be a burden of the likes that we never saw, and the word burden isn’t always negative, to take up someone’s burden by helping them is different than the burden of being responsible for everyone’s life, at 11 years old I don’t believe anyone on this site could handle that burden, myself included.
        In closing, The really sad part is these kids are still looking for leadership, and not getting it, and if you took 20 of them and have them give you their thoughts and feelings if they read the comments on just this subject, what do you suppose would be their thoughts about us, the adults, the teachers??

        1. I don’t think you give 11-year-olds enough credit. They understand way more and better than most adults whose outlooks are distorted by bias. Yes they might be confused if they read these comments. But they would revert to what they know best. I hope their parents have taught them t ask themselves what is the right thing to do? And I believe the young man in this situation would have no trouble answering that question.

  10. Surprised there’s not members on the left laughing at this saying thus 11 year old is only one that actually gets it. If he had gone in without his mask they’d be saying he learned the disobedience front his loser maga parents.🥵

  11. Dont be fooled people. Whatever conservative PAC is actually funding this knows exactly what they are doing. They know Jacobson v. Massachusetts was settled a century ago by the SCOTUS giving states the right to require vaccination. They want to lose so they can take this to the current SCOTUS conservative majority in the hopes they will reverse Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

    Your average trumper may not seem to bright, but the powers behind them are insidious.

      1. Ironically the one acting like a fascist is you and Governor Brown. Why is Newsom in California doing the same mandates? Is it because it is looking like the people of California are about to fire him?

        1. Probably for the same reason Brown is – increased infection rates and overwhelmed hospitals and more and more kids being infected. Sorry, but I lean democratic socialist, not fascist. Sowing distrust in government institutions is more your style and a big part of the fascist ideology.

  12. So, my question to all of you saying they should get the Vax. So if you are one who got your vax and wear your mask, what in the hell do you have to worry about? You criticize those who say no, their personal choice. You say they should not have medical care. They should have to seek care in a medical MASH tent, not the hospital. That they are selfish and have no concern for your safety. Oh yeah that is right, you have been vaxed and are wearing your mask, so you have nothing to worry about. Right?? You are all a bunch of Karen’s..

    1. The numbers don’t lie. Our hospitals are overrun with the unvaccinated. Those facilities could easily manage the number of vaccinated who get sick, if the non vaccinated weren’t there. Those needing surgery can’t get them because the unvaccinated fill the rooms. These Troopers are people whose job it is to stop and interact with those coming and going from everywhere in the state. It makes no sense for them to be unvaccinated. Factually, the unvaccinated are a threat the security the country, our health, and the economy. And by the way, we all understand people can have deep religious convictions, however its a bit of a joke to believe Christ or Muhammad (or whomever) would’ve purposely avoided a cure while endangering their fellow man.

    2. The more unvaxxed, the greater chance of transmission. Yes the vaxxed can infect, but the time they’re infectious is much shorter. The more transmission, the greater chance of mutations/variants that, like Delta, can be a game changer for everyone, and this national/global nightmare will continue and possibly escalate to something even worse. If everyone was vaxxed now, we’d all be sharing a disease with symptoms like a mild flu instead overwhelming hospitals. So get vaxxed or not, but that’s as simple and concise as I can make it.

      1. It’s really amusing how smart you think you are when you are simply a gullible fool who believes the lies you are being told by the most dishonest organizations on the planet. Why do you think two top FDA officials resigned today? They were fed up with how dishonest the FDA was being over Covid. I would say that two top FDA officials know a lot more about this than you ever will.

        1. From.what I read, seems they were more passed off that the CDC wasn’t staying in their lane about a possible booster and they didn’t think their boss was doing enough to stop it. That’s a lot different than claiming dishonesty about Covid.

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