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Deschutes DA IDs man shot by DCSO after car theft, pursuit

Deputy-involved shooting DCSO 1129
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Crime scene tape marks off scene of shooting involving Deschutes County sheriff's deputy at Cascade Village Shopping Center in Bend Friday evening
Reported shooting
Steve Garoutte/KTVZ
Crime scene tape marked off area by Cascade Village Shopping Center Friday night after reported shooting
Reported shooting Tyson 1129
Tyson Beauchemin/KTVZ
Numerous police were investigating reported shooting Friday evening near Cascade Village Shopping Center

Says 28-year-old allegedly stole car at shelter, refused to stop

(Update: Adding January 2019 incident)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel on Monday identified a 28-year-old man shot and wounded by one or more sheriff's deputies Friday evening at Cascade Village Shopping Center following a car theft and pursuit.

Hummel said Adam L. Gilliam, who is homeless, remains at St. Charles Bend and is expected to survive his wounds. The DA said Gilliam is suspected of stealing a car at the Shepherd's House homeless shelter and refusing to stop for police, leading to a pursuit and use of a police maneuver to stop the car.

Here's Hummel's full statement on the shooting investigation:

On Friday, November 29, 2019, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding a deputy-involved shooting that involved at least one of their deputies in the area of Robal Road and Hunnell Road, at the north end of Bend.  The shooting occurred at 6:08 p.m.  This statement provides further details and updates the public on the status of the investigation.

Shortly after the shooting, the Tri-County Major Incident Team was deployed to the scene and the Bend Police Department was assigned as the lead agency.  District Attorney John Hummel and Sheriff Shane Nelson responded to the scene shortly after the incident.  Also responding to the scene were members of the Oregon State Police Forensic Laboratory who processed the on-site evidence. 

The male who was shot is Adam L Gilliam, a 28-year-old resident who is currently houseless and was raised in John Day, Oregon.  Gilliam was transported to St. Charles Bend, where he remains admitted.  He is expected to survive.

District Attorney John Hummel is not yet releasing the name (or names) of the deputy or deputies who fired their weapon(s) because the investigation regarding the details of the actual firing of the weapon(s) is still active and releasing DA Hummel’s impressions of who fired might subtly influence eyewitnesses’ memories.  Hummel expects to release the name or names of the deputy or deputies who discharged their weapon(s) within a few days.

This incident started with a call to law enforcement from the Shepherd’s House on NE Division Street in Bend.  The caller reported that Mr. Gilliam had stolen a car belonging to the Shepherd’s House.  Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies spotted the car shortly after the call and attempted to stop it.  They initiated overhead lights and sirens, but Mr. Gilliam did not stop. The deputies continued to follow the car to NW Robal Road near the PetSmart store. 

As Mr. Gilliam approached the rear of the PetSmart store on NW Robal road, a pursuing deputy requested supervisor approval to conduct a pursuit intervention technique (PIT maneuver).  A PIT maneuver is a technique law enforcement officers are trained in and involves a pursuing car striking a fleeing car, forcing the fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop.  Supervisor approval was provided for the PIT maneuver, the maneuver was initiated, and Mr. Gilliam’s car was stopped. 

Mr. Gilliam was shot after the PIT maneuver was successfully initiated.  The details of how he was shot, such as: whether he was in or out of the car; whether any officers were out of their cars; how many shots were fired; why the deputy or deputies who fired chose to fire; are all part of the on-going investigation and will not be released at this time.

Statement from District Attorney Hummel:

“Fortunately, Adam Gilliam is expected to survive, and we can all be thankful for that.  A law enforcement officer’s decision whether to discharge a weapon is the most serious and consequential decision they have to make.  When they decide to shoot, the public rightfully asks why, and whether the decision was appropriate and legal. My job is to answer these questions, and I will.  I expect this investigation to be completed relatively soon and at that time I’ll release to the public my legal conclusion and the factual basis for it.”

Last January, Gilliam was identified as a disoriented, named man who walked more than 10 miles in the woods from Lava Lands Visitor Center to Benham Falls and back in sub-freezing temperatures before he was found and taken to the hospital. Sheriff’s deputies said drugs were believed to be a factor in his behavior.

Court records show Gilliam pleaded guilty in 2012 to first-degree criminal mischief and was given two years probation and ordered to pay $2,610 restitution to a victim. He pleaded guilty in 2014 to methamphetamine possession and received a 10-day jail term and 18 months probation.

Earlier this fall, Giilliam was arrested in Douglas County on charges of driving with a suspended or revoked license and uninsured. He wrote a letter to the court with a motion to appear by phone on Oct. 28 “so as not to miss work and lose my job.”

Gilliam, still listing a John Day address, signed a conditional release agreement last Tuesday that was filed Friday in Douglas County Circuit Court, saying he agreed to appear in Roseburg for a Dec. 13 arraignment.

Earlier story:

A man was shot by a Deschutes County sheriff's deputy near an intersection in the area of the Cascade Village Shopping Center at Bend's north end Friday evening, deputies said. District Attorney John Hummel said the man is expected to survive his wounds.

The shooting occurred at 6:08 p.m. in the area of Robal and Hunnell Roads, Sgt. William Bailey confirmed. The man who was shot was taken to St. Charles Bend, but Bailey said his condition "is currently unknown."

The deputy was not injured in the encounter, Bailey added.

The Tri-County Major Incident Team was activated and called to the scene. The area was marked off with crime scene tape and a law enforcement drone was seen flying over the area.

"In accordance with our office's standard practice, one deputy at the scene will be placed on (paid) administrative leave pending the conclusion of the investigation," the sergeant said in a news release.

The intersection where the shooting occurred reopened just before 4:30 a.m. Saturday, Bailey said.

Bailey said any more information would come from the major incident team and the district attorney's office.

Hummel told NewsChannel 21 he went to the shooting scene and later to the incident command post at Bend police headquarters. He provided this statement to us:

"All involved law enforcement officials were uninjured and the person who was shot is expected to survive. Bend Police Department detectives are the lead agency for this major incident team investigation and are being assisted by the Oregon State Police Forensic Lab. My Chief Deputy, Steve Gunnels, and I are working with detectives on preparing an affidavit for a search warrant. The investigation is under control and I’ll update the public as more is known."

Many visitors to the area, including Black Friday shoppers, were unsure what was going on -- but when they learned more, they were surprised, even shocked.

"When we came up, we thought it was just a car accident," a woman said nearby. "So we didn't know what was going on. Pretty terrible. It's sad."

No shops were evacuated, and police said there was no threat to the public.

Robal Road was closed at Hunnell Road, west to Highway 20 as numerous officers and Bend Fire medics converged on an area west of PetSmart.

Initial, unconfirmed police scanner reports had come in around 6:10 p..m. of shots fired in the area and medics called at top-priority Code 3 after a law enforcement stop.

One person, reportedly involved in a slow-speed pursuit, was rushed to St. Charles Bend with multiple gunshot wounds, possibly three or four, according to those reports.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. It probably wasnt possibly involving officers. It did involve police because they are a bunch of trigger happy pigs that think because they have “authority” and carry a gun they are free to use it when and how they want. If it was a low speed pursuit then why did the sheriff feel the need to try a pit maneuver on the car? These cops need to hand over their guns to the citizens liberals are trying to take them from and maybe they’d be used properly.

    1. Seriously? Forget to take your meds today?

      Calling police officers pigs is just plain stupid and highly uncalled for. You may have had issues with them, but these are the people who are doing a job most of us are incapable of or unwilling to do. If you think an officer wants to shoot somebody then you have lost your mind. I know several law enforcement members and the LAST thing they want is a violent outcome.

      Grow up.

            1. Unfortunately you guys took a few steps back with that decision. The platform and the format has a user look and feel of an app created by a 10 year old in his or her first coding class. Probably not your call Barney but feel free to pass along the critique to the higher ups. Not a good format at all.

              1. If you mean how things don’t align on the home page, and look pretty bad on some sized tablets/screens, it’s already been shared, by me, plenty. But I do believe the basic foundation is a good one. Get the word MENU in upper left corner to help folks out, line things up and it’s a fine system.

      1. Well, it seems YOU need to grow up. Our officers are NOT educated. It takes MORE education to become a beautician than someone who carries a gun…that is TRUE. They DON’T have enough education to learn the law or our constitutional rights. They SHOULD have a 4-year college degree at the VERY least. Some places, (I don’t know about Central Oregon) you don’t even have to have a highschool diploma…only a GED. Many, if not most officers either were a bully in high school or were bullied. Do you REALLY believe that someone with only a high school education, that has no education of the law or civil rights, should be carrying a loaded gun? Well, I DON’T. Because they have no education, they don’t have the skills to de-escalate a situation, they are only “reactive”. They get angry when they are confronted with someone that KNOWS their rights. Remember the boy on the bench, that got thrown to the cement for not showing his ID? Well, no one HAS to show their ID unless they have committed a crime…it is OUR right. There have been many questionable incidents more frequently than ever. I asked a question on BPD’s website, regarding a shooting and killing of a man South of Bend…was he armed? They acknowledged my question, however, I never got a response. As citizens of beautiful Central Oregon, we MUST make sure we ARE protected, but only by the letter of the law. You are naive, and living in a bubble if you believe they actually KNOW what they are doing. America IS turning into a police state, whether it affects YOU or not. As citizens, it is our obligation to stand up for ALL people that have had their rights violated…not just “some” people. Not just “perfect” people…ALL people. Our officers are NOT educated…and a beautician only carries a curling iron.

        1. Thank you you put it better than I did. Something needs to be done about the way situations are handled. Why couldn’t they have blocked the road and tried to get the man to surrender? Why couldn’t they block the road and possibly break the car window and tase the man? After all they did say it was a low speed pusuit!!??

        2. It’s ridiculous to expect cops to have a minimum of a B.A degree, and it won’t change anything. In some cases it may even make matters worse.
          I know plenty of people that have B.A degrees or higher, and just because they spent tens of thousands of dollars and several years in college, they aren’t overly intelligent. They are book smart, and many lack common sense and an ability to function well outside of a structured environment. That’s not going to work for cops…
          There is already a ridiculous shortage of people in law enforcement across the country, because it doesn’t pay that great for what they have to do, and for other reasons, so requiring a four year degree minimum would only create an increased shortage.
          There is nothing wrong with people wanting to better themselves and further their education, but it isn’t a requirement for many things in life. Some of the most successful people in the U.S didn’t go to college, many didn’t even finish high school…
          As far as them not being able to deescalate a situation, they do have training for that, and they also have special teams that have more training and resources to handle situations, but they aren’t always given the luxury of waiting for them to respond. You don’t have any idea what transpired in this situation before the shots were fired because they haven’t given any details, so it’s possible that was the situation in this case.

    2. Wow… That’s a lot of anger and name calling and you don’t even know the entire situation
      and what transpired. Cops aren’t robots and don’t enjoy shooting people for no reason. Pulling the trigger is only part of it. There are a lot of people that don’t deal well with shooting someone, and they have to live with that 24/7 for the rest of their life.

      Some can no longer be cops. Some turn to booze, some lose their wives and kids because of how the person changed after a shooting, and some can’t cope with it and end their life. Are there bad cops ? Absolutely, but they are definitely in a very small minority.
      Could this have been a bad shoot ? Absolutely, anything is possible, but before you start calling someone a trigger happy pig, at least have the common decency to wait until the details of what transpired are released, before condemning someone solely based on your assumptions and preconceived idea about all cops…

      1. Good post Mike. I also served about 20 years and understand. I know that most LE that I worked with were some of the best examples of honesty, loyalty, dedication and a commitment to serve something more than their own personal goals. To say that any one of CO LE looks forward to a shooting is the furthest thing from reality. Thank you for your service Mike and be advised you are not alone.

    3. Your reaction prior to the facts coming out shows the immaturity and illogical side of the arguments you are trying to make. Your opinion would be slightly more valid if you actually waited until the facts come out.

    4. I was a deputy sheriff for over 20 years, unfortunately because of things that happened during my career I deal with a lot of ghosts. I have severe PTSD, depression and anxiety. I deal with these demons everyday. Every night I go to bed I beg and plead I won’t wake up the next morning. Every day I wake up it’s like torcher, just the fact I survived the night. Yes I have sought medical attention and see a psychiatrist and doctor on a regular basis. Yes I take right around 40 pills per day everyday. I don’t drive anymore and I am currently not allowed to possess firearms without permission from the docs and I have to be supervised. Then they get locked back up and I have no access. This living hell isnt what I signed up for over 20 years ago. I signed up to protect and serve my community.

      The deputy in this situation did not go to work planning on shooting anyone. There are circumstances the happen beyond our control and we’re left to make a split second decision. Take too long and you don’t go home that night. Make the wrong decision you’re criticized and destroyed by public opinion in the press. The fact that Barney would even let you make such a post just goes to show the agenda behind the media. We’ll see if this gets through. So if you are so hell bent on wanting to make comments you know nothing about. Meet me near st.Charles hospital that way you’re close to medical attention because you’re going to need it. Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll win. Want to try your luck with someone who has nothing to live for?? And yes, I’m sending a copy of this to my psychiatrist. And no I didn’t commit any crimes, I did not make any specific threat So there is no menacing, it’s freedom of speech so no disorderly conduct.

      1. Our “agenda” is factual information and erring on the side of free speech, to the maximum extent practical. You pushed the envelope no more than he did, and if we hear from those who say it should be pulled down, we’ll review it. Oh, and folks? This reminds me. You should be aware that unlike Disqus, WP comments moderation system doesn’t ‘asterisk’ (hide) part of your email addresses. So if we need them, for law enforcement purposes, we have access to them, as well as IP addresses.

        1. hey barney – out of curiosity, did Disqus “mask” emails/IP addresses?
          everything on the net is discoverable, no? i mean, can’t law enforcement trace everything and nothing is really ever anonymous?

          again – just curious. thanks!

    5. bendbornraised1993 you are a perfect idiot. Your post has to be the most illiterate and dumb post I have read in a long time…equal to the person (maybe you?) who when the woman was killed by the cougar, asked why she did not use her cell phone to call “911”? Go spend a day with an officer. Try a ride along a few times. Go to the academy for a day. NO ONE ever wants to have to fire their gun, let a lone pull it out of their holster. For your user name to be bendborn…I highly doubt that. You would have much more respect for our law enforcement…UNLESS, of course, you have been in trouble with them…shot many times?

      1. I was very much so born and raised here thank you very much. You must not have noticed either that all police cars used to to serve and protect… where the hell is the protection at? Shooting someone and justifying it as being ok because it was a police officer is bs. If you dont feel the same maybe you should go crawl back in bed with flush it down Kate brown.

    6. offensive post calling police officers pigs. you must have a sketchy past to have that view. do the crime, do the time.

      police officers deserve our respect.

      like others, i am surprised barney allowed your post. you should be ashamed.

  2. And saying their was no danger to the public? Did the pig officer get locked up? That’s the only way there would be no threat to public safety.

  3. i think reasonable questioning of the incident makes sense anytime someone is shot by a law officer. We need to understand the issues leading up to the shooting. But there is no call to call the officers pigs, and I think Barney youo are being way too lenient in a situation where all the facts are not yet out, this kind of rhetoric offers no value

    1. Why should news be reported at all until everything is over and completely sorted out?
      That way you could read all the facts about this in a week or so and argue about it then.

      Thanks to the internet everybody in the peanut gallery gets to pretend to be a news editor.

  4. That area where the incident happened has become a homeless camp in the last few years. You never know what kind of riff raff they could have encountered there.

  5. To anyone who name calls & belittles our Law Enforcement & First Responders- it is irrational, not logical & in poor taste to say negative comments about them. Besides the fact that you have zero information about the events, these are people who put their physical & psychological lives on the line every day for our community including YOU. Where are you when people drive erratic or behave dangerously? Two guesses..fresh out of jail or spending your 20’s & 30’s In your mother’s basement playing video games, instagramming & digging through recycle bins for chump change that’s where. Go away, nobody respects your thoughts. And Barney? Im super disappointed that you haven’t addressed the disgraceful comments made about our local Law Enforcement. Shameful.

    1. It was not an easy call. But the many police I know, I believe would understand. He did not threaten any violence, and is entitled to an opinion as much as anyone. I knew others would take issue with his views. Some think I speak too much here anyway. “Disgraceful comments” are allowed about the president, governor, etc. etc.

      1. I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason things do seem more civil since
        the changes. Of course there are a few that obviously miserable and just look
        for reasons to try and stir up hate and discontent…

        The transition seems to have gone reasonably smoothly and overall I only have
        a couple complaints. I still don’t see an edit feature anywhere on my comments.
        It’s nice because if I type something that didn’t make sense and I don’t see it
        until a couple hours later I can fix it.
        The other is not being able to change the order of comments to bring up the most
        recent to the top of the page. Perhaps I’m not looking in the correct area. I know
        these things were discussed after the change, but perhaps it was addressed more
        recently and I missed it.

          1. If small changes can be made to the new system, like the two I mentioned, I can’t really think of a reason to switch back, but I don’t know how difficult it is to
            make changes. Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been long since the change, or maybe it’s
            just my perception that the number of comments has dropped substantially.
            Have you noticed a change ? In all honesty, I would think that having fewer comments
            to deal with would make your life a little easier.

            1. Well if they were built-in options, I’d have turned them on. WordPress does open up a lot more options, but yes, comments are down, for a variety of reasons. The threads are harder to follow, no upvotes/downvotes, no Disqus-style email alerts when a comment is replied to, etc. Not sure if we’ll try to add plug-ins, move to something else or what. And yes, fewer comments is a tradeoff to allow more time for newsgathering or time away from computer, but if it impacts website visit/page view numbers, then we need to address things.

              1. I’m not sure about others on this site, but I do miss the comment notification and also the up-vote/downvote feature. The current format essentially removed the ability of those commenting to interact. Sometimes a quick thumbs up allows the writer of the comment to know how many readers appreciate or agree with his remarks. There are times when time constraints do not allow one the latitude of a well thought out response but a quick thumbs-up gets the idea across. Furthermore, without notifications, how is one to know when a comment was replied to? Nobody goes back and monitors old posts, do they? Lastly, as mentioned previously, an edit feature would be a nice convenience, or ….. maybe just return to Disqus? You know what they say, if it ain’t broke …..

              2. Now that it has been in place for awhile, I do miss the up/down vote feature.
                The email notifications were definitely nice and made it easier to keep up on
                a particular discussion too. I was going to mention these things in my earlier comment but didn’t want to look like I was complaining just to be complaining.

                When I asked about the number of comments being down, I didn’t take into consideration the negative aspect that it might have an impact on the total viewers to the website. Less work good, less traffic not so good.

                1. Yep, OTOH, if the “hit” isn’t too bad visitor-wise, I do know we heard from several folks over the years who didn’t visit the site BECAUSE of the comments, though I thought they were fairly easily avoided, separated by ads etc.

          2. Two things on my part. I would also like the “edit” function and the option to comment on “CNN” stories. I am okay with learning as we go as well. People need to learn to change, adapt or go extinct.

            1. I’ve found roughly half the CNN stories have comments on as received, others don’t. Have to leave it to the techs to figure that out. For big stuff, or when folks ask, it’s easy enough to turn it on – just ask.

                1. I would go back to disqus, this new system has way less features and looks sooooo janky

  6. Who’s decision was it to refer to the injured person as a “victim”? Wouldn’t ‘suspect’ have been a better description? Also, I hope they don’t leave the investigation up to Hummel. I, and many more, have lost all confidence in Hummel.

      1. Wrong Barney, suspect implies the person is suspected of doing something unlawful. Victim means you’re walking down the street and you were hit by a stray bullet. Charges filed means you’re the defendant.

        1. guilty or innocent the man is a gunshot victim. I think you’re missing Barney’s point of the thin line he has to walk before more official info is released. the d.a. and/or the shooting victim could raise hell with the Z over 1 misworded statement

    1. sounds like you spend your time being out during the wrong hours in the bad parts of town. I’ve been pulled over by them and when you show them a license, insurance, haven’t done anything blatantly dangerous or illegal they seem pretty nice. idk why you’re bringing up BPD anyway when it was a sheriff involved in the shooting

      1. About 6 months ago the wife and I were coming back from Prineville, and a car pulled out onto Powell Butte Hwy in front of us at Brasada Ranch and it was very obvious they were beyond drunk.
        I’ve seen a lot of drunk drivers over the years but never anyone as bad as this person was. The wife called 911 and was transferred to DCSO. The officer that was dispatched called my wife back on her phone and was in contact while he was heading our way.
        My wife said he was very nice, very professional, and even managed a little humor.
        He finally got to us just as we were passing the airport, and didn’t have to follow the car very far before pulling them over. I have absolutely no complaints at all about how it was handled.

        1. I’ve had several dealings over the last 35 years or so when I was driving truck, involving OSP,WSP, the dreaded CHP and State police from other states as well, and in each case I never had any problems. The only attitude I ever got from any of them
          was CHP when doing truck inspections. If you want to deal with cops that aren’t exactly personable, try dealing with the RCMP in Canada.Then again, everything in Canada
          is a little different…

    2. That’s quite a generalization. If you have had so many encounters with BPD that you can make a blanket statement like that, maybe you need to reassess the choices you are making…
      If you interact with cops the same way you interact with people here, I can see why you
      aren’t having a good experience when dealing with them.

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