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‘Public charge’ rule blocked amid pandemic


SALEM, ore. (KTVZ) -- A judge issued new injunctions this week blocking the public charge immigration rule during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Oregon Health Authority said Friday this ruling will allow immigrant communities across Oregon and the rest of the country to access critical health care and public benefits during the current health crisis.

The injunction issued against the Department of Homeland Security prevents the agency from enforcing, applying, implementing, or treating as effective the "public charge" rule for any period during a declared national health emergency in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The rule had expanded the list of benefits that the federal government could consider in deciding whether a person can enter the United States or obtain lawful permanent residency.

"The public charge rule has worsened health disparities, especially for the Latino/a/x community, at a time when they are most hard hit by the lethal coronavirus," said Patrick Allen, OHA director. "Here in Oregon, many immigrant families decided not to access public benefits, even leaving their children without health insurance."

In January, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that lifted an October decision to block the public charge rule, allowing it to go into effect. As a result, the Department of Homeland Security began enforcing the rule on Feb. 24, just before the coronavirus outbreak became a nationwide pandemic.

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  1. Cliff notes:
    Taxpayers are going to pick up the tab for illegal aliens. Not just healthcare, but “public benefits”.
    “Here in Oregon, many immigrant families decided not to access public benefits, even leaving their children without health insurance.”
    People jumping our border and unable (or unwilling) to provide for their children can officially thank Big Daddy, aka liberal democrats, for a free ride.
    Are we handing out union cards to them as well? Might as well.

  2. So the democrats have decided that we are to follow rules of their choosing and not law….and outfits like the Bend Police can tell people they will “be right there” if a non-mask complaint comes in so they can issue a $500 fine, but yet chop 5 spots and 12 vehicles

    You people are gonna need to make a few decisions here soon. Like oh….say around election time

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