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Jackson County transient arrested on arson, other charges

Jackson County Sheriff's Office
Michael Jarrod Bakkela

Officials say it was separate case from the destructive Almeda Fire

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. (KTVZ) – A southern Oregon transient has been arrested on arson and other charges, accused of setting a fire during the battle to stop the Almeda Fire, Jackson County sheriff’s deputies said Friday.

Public Information Officer Mike Moran stressed that the case was separate from the investigation into what caused the Almeda Fire, which has burned more than 3,500 acres, destroyed some 600 homes and was 20% contained by Friday.

Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, was jailed on two counts of first-degree arson, 15 counts of first-degree criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangering.

Jackson County 911 got a call around 5 p.m. on Tuesday from the 1100 block of Quail Lane, between Highway 99 and the railroad tracks, reporting that residents saw Bakkela lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane. Because of the impending fire, the witnesses had to flee their home and could not be interviewed immediately.

When deputies and Oregon State Police troopers arrived, Bakkela was standing close to a very large fire threatening several homes, Moran said. Bakkela initially was held on a probation violation on an original charge of methamphetamine possession.

The case has been referred to the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.

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  1. Are these the kinds of transients and hobos like what we saw walking behind the fence at the grassy knoll ? Like that “Black” shirt he’s wearing- clearly a shout out to his hommies !

    1. You are, seriously, in a world all to your self. You are the crazy wack-job with all the most out there comments. Also, you sound like a very lonely, old man, just sitting behind a keyboard and throwing a temper tantrum! Good luck with that mentality!

      1. Looks like someone has a new handle- so Gooner- why the new label- the old probably wasn’t getting any hits… just like this one won’t because you spend all your time on childish insults and not on the topic at hand.

        So really- no comments about this scum bag nabbed for arson and “other charges” ?

        Maybe all the regional smoke has fogged your brain- smoked you out- scorched the last remaining bit of spud matter you once called a brain.

        Yer now free to move on Gooner- next time- as the Jim Rome Clone-master once said…

        “have a take and don’t suck” !

  2. Word choice- “sending” ? Probably “standing”.
    Spelling- “Probation” !

    “Bakkela was sending close to a very large fire threatening several homes, Moran said. Bakkela initially was held on a probiation”

      1. No- the Spelling is “Hommies” !

        “hommie – Urban › define › term=hommie
        Top definition. hommie … “What up hommie, I just got a pizza fromm that new pizza place, and I’m going homme to eat somme, wanna comme along?” 2. “Yo man, one day us Hommies are gonna cross to the other side of the Sahara!”

        Damn boomers and their inability to grasp black culture !

        Lemme guess it’s “wrap” music at your house !

  3. Now you see why the Democrats have all the homeless problems. They don’t see it as a problem but more like a piece of the puzzle they can pawn off for cheap to do their dirty work! Unbelievable!

  4. So why do the Dems keep shouting climate change, it,s climate change. What does this dim wit loser have to do with climate change. If it looks like arson, smells like arson and someone sees it happen then it is probably arson.

      1. But has enough resources to trim his Fu-Manchu ! This guy is no run of the mill hobo-bum-transient. The shirt is way too clean- the neck too pale and sturdy to have been out living in the woods for months.

        There’s more to this guy then just a disgruntled tweeker lookin for a hobo’s camp.

  5. is there something being left out here Barney? I know climate change will be shouted and one side will try to get this so called transient exonerated. Was the full skinny released about this guy or something omitted on purpose

      1. Thanks for the clarification Barney. It’s being swept under the proverbial rug that some of the fires were arson. Waiting for q anon to say the Kool aid man is a terrorist.

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