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Portland protesters ordered away from US immigration building

Portland protest KGW 1007
Portland protesters in street Tuesday night

PORTLAND, Ore (AP) — Federal authorities declared an unlawful assembly outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, where protesters have rallied against racial injustice almost every night for months.

Authorities ordered people to leave the area Tuesday night for throwing objects over the building’s fence and deployed tear gas and smoke to disperse the crowd, reported Oregon Public Broadcasting. Four people were arrested.

Often-violent protests, some declared riots by police, have roiled Portland for more than four months since George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis.

On Sunday, police arrested six people during protests. Dozens of people had organized at a park near downtown for a march. Authorities say several people spray-painted a building and people marched to the Justice Center and Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct.

The Associated Press



    1. I thought the same thing when I read that, and I didn’t even have to look
      to know that it wasn’t a CNN story… If I had looked and saw it was written by CNN,
      I would have gone into shock and fallen out of my chair…

  1. What prevents us from shipping these people to Cuba since they hate America so much?
    I might run for Oregon Governor with that as my main campaign promise.
    Also we would drug test the 1 million Oregon residents(25% of the population) if they want welfare of any kind. 3….2…1…

      1. saul alinsky would be one happy demonrat as his ideology has come to be in many cities, run by demonrats of course. as long as people ( with limited functioning grey matter) continue to vote for demonrats more and more of the country will become a wasteland.

    1. “What prevents us from shipping these people to [anywhere]…”
      The horrendous response to a global pandemic that has lead to the United States being THE WORST wealthy country in regards to infections and deaths, therefore other countries don’t want Americans. Is that your opinion of “keeping America great”?
      Also, our legal system requires reform. When something is broken in your house, you don’t just move to another house, you fix it.

      1. Hilarious clowns like you, who openly support violence and riots (even Italia Kelly and David Dorn were eggs in your revolutionary omelette) throw a hissy fit when people peacefully protest against lock downs.

    2. They should have started doing drug tests for welfare and any other social assistance program years ago. The original concept was a good idea, but there are way to many people that take advantage of it, and it has become a multi-generational way of life for a lot of people…

  2. It must have been extremely traumatic for an AP “reporter” to use the term, “Often-violent protests.”

    I hope they had a safe place with puppies and play-dough to assuage their emotional trauma.

      1. My comment was directed to the AP article and the biased manner in which all these articles are written. Do you think if these “violent protests” were being conducted by the racist KKK, instead of the racist BLM, they would be coddled by the media in the same fashion?

          1. Sorry Barney but playing the victim is not very convincing. And then to claim innocence of “ulterior motives” from a news station where 99% of political news parrots the dems propaganda mach. Finally “spin of hate”, how about KTVZ’s recent story with no evidence for BPD implicating Trump supporters for the beating of the man on Newport Ave. C’mon man.

  3. I didn’t think that tough Ted Wheeler was going to allow the use of tear gas in his city ?
    The story didn’t say if it was Portland cops or the Feds that used it.

  4. There is a good message behind all this nonsense. When you talk to someone directly about what happened to Floyd, the vast majority is appalled. Racial equality is something every American wants, and if the message is “More accountability/transparency for some Police forces” I don’t anyone could give a great reason why an inquiry into how we can improve accountability is uncalled for.

    That message is diluted by violence, however. Just look at the picture in the article, for example. It’s clearly late, it’s clearly not an organized peaceful protest (with families, signs, messages). It’s just a bunch of people with spray paint and projectiles wearing black hoodies and masks, that are just waiting to vandalize something or break a window, or whatever it is they’re planning on doing. Certainly not peacefully protesting.

    None of this invalidates the fact that the message “Black Lives Matter” in the context of some of the recent events this year, we should be empathetic to folks that are affected by this kind of violence and do our best to improve.

    It’s just sad that 20 people in black hoodies waving a flag with a message they don’t even believe in has hijacked what should be a simple ask for more accountability. What does protesting outside of ICE have to do with more accountability for local police? Nothing. This is just shameful.

    1. Except for on body cam swallowing a dose of opioids. BLM scrubbed their site of their marxist revolutionary rhetoric. It is a cult. Just another marxist mafia group bent on taking over the nation and rebuilding it with them at the top.

  5. Wait….kate says these are mostly peaceful protests….the AP says “often violent”. Which is it? If the AP can say they’re mostly violent, why can’t z21?

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