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La Pine drug raid turns up pipe bomb; OSP Bomb Squad called, neighbors evacuated

La Pine drug raid bomb squad PENNY DUNN III, SUNNY
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office/Jail
OSP Bomb Squad was called in after drug raid on La Pine apartment turned up apparent homemade pipe bomb; Sunny Penny Dunn III was arrested

La PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A raid on the apartment of a La Pine man under investigation for drug sales on Wednesday found a homemade pipe bomb, prompting call-up of the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad and evacuation of neighboring apartments, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said.

The Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit had been investigating Sunny Penny Dunn III, 29, for drug sales in the county, Sgt. Doug Sullivan said.

Detectives conducted a search warrant Wednesday at Penny Dunn’s apartment in the 51300 block of Huntington Road and found evidence of methamphetamine use and sales and a BHO (butane hash oil) lab, as well as the explosive device, Sullivan said.

Three adjacent apartments were evacuated for several hours during the removal and safe destruction of the device, Sullivan said, adding that detectives also found several thousand dollars’ worth of stolen satellite and dish equipment.

Penny Dunn was booked into the county jail in Bend on charges of methamphetamine delivery, illegal manufacture of a marijuana extract, first-degree theft and illegal manufacture and possession of an explosive device. He remained in jail Thursday, held on $55,000 bail pending arraignment.

The sheriff’s office also was assisted by the FBI Bomb Squad unit, Sullivan said.

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  1. Quick question for the geniuses over at KTVZ. At what point does your bizarre rule about not disclosing people’s names not matter anymore? Nothing about this website makes any sense so whatever answer you give should probably not surprise me. The pop-up ads and the comment section are 2 things that are straight out of 2009 on this ridiculous news site…

    1. Editorial judgment calls about what to report and how have been made every day since we opened in 1977. And things change, and no formula covers everything. But in general, under current policy, the impact of the alleged crime(s) on public safety is one factor in whether to name suspects, as are the severity of alleged crimes, and whether formal charges have been filed, as they have in this case.

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