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FBI says it’s working to protect Oregon voters — and their votes

Portland FBI Renn Cannon election statement

If results not known on Nov. 3, ask 'the American people to be patient'

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Although Election Day is Nov. 3, the FBI’s work in securing the election begins well before and extends well beyond that date. In the weeks leading up to Election Day, the FBI has been particularly engaged in extensive preparations.

Here's a statement issued by the FBI's Portland Division on Wednesday:

As always, we are working closely with our federal, state, and local partners so everyone involved with safe-guarding the election has the information and resources necessary to respond in a timely manner to any violations that may arise.

“Americans can have confidence in our voting system and our election infrastructure. Although it would be extremely difficult for an adversary to meddle with vote count, the FBI remains vigilant in monitoring for threats and protecting voting infrastructure,” said Renn Cannon, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon.

“We are actively engaged with our partners and are prepared to investigate any potential election-related threat, whether it is vote fraud, voter suppression, or threats from cyber or foreign influence actors.”

Our preparations for the 2020 election take into account the current climate of the country. The FBI has a responsibility to plan for a host of potential scenarios. In each field office, one special agent and one intelligence analyst are designated as highly trained election crimes coordinators (ECCs).

Together, the agent and analyst ECCs lead the field office’s efforts to assess allegations of federal election crime, investigate threats, gather intelligence, and serve as the lead points of contact for all federal election-related matters.

State v. Federal Election Responsibilities

While individual states have primary responsibility for conducting fair and free elections, the FBI plays an important role in protecting federal interests. Federal election crimes fall into three broad categories: campaign finance crimesvoter/ballot fraud, and civil rights violations.  

The FBI has jurisdiction to investigate election-related crimes when: 

  • the ballot involves one or more federal candidates; 
  • the alleged crime involves official misconduct by a polling or election official; 
  • the alleged activity pertains to fraudulent voter registration; 
  • non-U.S. citizens vote; and 
  • interstate facilities are used to violate state elections laws in non-federal elections. 

The FBI does not investigate: 

  • Voter facilitation activities (e.g., giving rides to polling places, offering time off to vote, or providing items of minimal value, like stamps, for absentee ballots); 
  • Violations of state campaign finance laws—unless a misappropriation of campaign assets occurred through mail, wire, or other fraud covered by a federal statute; 
  • Distributing inaccurate campaign literature or making false claims about an opponent; 
  • Campaigning too close to the polls; or 
  • A candidate trying to convince an opponent to withdraw from a race. 

How voters can help

If you suspect federal criminal activity, we ask that you report that information to your local FBI field office. In Oregon, you can call us at (503) 224-4181 or submit information online at

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not know the results of the election on November 3. We join our state, local, and federal partners in asking the American people to be patient.

The FBI is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of our elections, and this commitment does not end on Election Day. We encourage everyone to seek election and voting information from reliable sources, including official state and county elections officials.


For three decades, the FBI has served as the primary investigative agency responsible for safeguarding election integrity and allegations of election crimes and election-related civil rights violations. Our teams of investigators remain vigilant in detecting and investigating anyone who tries to undermine our election process. We have the investigative experience and expertise, and we're committed to supporting our election security counterparts and protecting the American people throughout the 2020 election season.


Oregon voters are encouraged to go to or the FBI’s social media platforms to find more resources as well as updated information about election security.

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  1. Tucker Carlson has a video of Trump doing the most for the Black people but Abraham Lincoln stole the video and then got shot in the head but Trump has been treated worse than any President in American history what were we talking about?

  2. I’m now more worried due to the FBI looking into it. The FBI and CIA should be disbanded– they’re political organizations pursuing goals in no way aligned with the American people. They also have time and time again shown themselves to be totally incompetent as best or irredeemably corrupt at worst.

    1. I’m all for improvements in the voting process, but we can see when our ballots are mailed to us and when they’re received back by the county. What changes do you want to see?

      1. A: It should take more than just a name and birth date to log in to My Vote. This information is widely available for most citizens.

        B: I would like to see how my votes are counted to ensure accuracy.

      2. Also, there is no brute force protection on the My Vote website. This means anyone with a basic script can spam the system with names and birth dates until they get in. Captcha is a very basic and very common form of protection against this kind of attack.

        1. The captcha idea seems reasonable, but generally whether an Oregonian is registered and has voted is a matter of public record. Are you suggesting that shouldn’t be the case? If not, what’s ultimately being “protected” by your security measures? As for some demonstration of how your vote was recorded, that seems like it raises serious additional possibilities for revealing someone’s voting record. Are you really comfortable with weakening the “secret” ballot?

  3. There is no greater evidence of the cult mindset of Trump supporters than this right here. GEOTUS says the FBI is bad, so they come on to pages like this and just parrot him.

    There is no independent thought process with these people, and they’ve been convinced of the absurd by a notorious, caught, repeat con artist.

    If you’re defending him, you’re a sucker.

      1. Well, we do. It’s just that your God Emperor (words the cultists ACTUALLY use) told you we don’t. So you just lap it up and parrot him. Just like I said.

        1. It’s amazing that we hear so much about all the inadequacies in the media, but that itself doesn’t demonstrate to the cultists that the claim is false. It’s almost like they’re deplorables.

    1. You’ll certainly get fewer hands than at any other time of which I’m aware. Compared to historic US norms, one of the most striking things about the last four years is that the executive branch (aided significantly by the Senate) has worked so hard to undermine faith in so many of its own administrative agencies.

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