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Sisters ‘beer spa’ owner arrested; some nearby businesses say they’re not surprised

(Update: Adding video, comments from sheriff's office, Sisters business)

Investigators want to hear from others who have received a massage from Michael Boyle

SISTERS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Bend man, the owner of a Sisters spa, is facing several charges, including illegally giving massages without a license. 0

Michael Boyle, 60, the owner of “Hop in the Spa,” is facing charges of sex abuse, harassment and providing massages without a license.

Deanna Brainerd, co-owner of Culver Cabin Interiors and Flowers by Deanna, two neighboring businesses of the Sisters Spa, said Thursday was devastated by the news. 

"Shocking and very hurtful,” Brainerd said. “And as a person, it's very sad."

Boyle’s spa offers a bath, full of beer, for relaxation and medicinal purposes.

Back in 2016, NewsChannel 21 profiled the business, which had customers soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hops, barley and herbs.

However a month ago, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office received a complaint from a woman about sexual abuse and harassment during a massage at the spa.

The sheriff's office said Boyle, the only employee, is not a licensed massage therapist.

"When these other massages were offered, he was not licensed to give them,” Sgt. Jayson Janes said.

He was contacted at the spa and arrested during a raid Wednesday night. The spa currently is closed and its entrance is blocked off. 

NewsChannel 21 spoke to a woman on the phone who left a positive review and said she had an amazing time, with no issues.

However, nearby business owners said they were not surprised by the allegations. 

"I can say I'm not surprised, just because I know the gentleman and his shady business practices,” Brainerd said.

Brainerd, along with a few other businesses that chose to speak on camera, feel there is something untrustworthy about Boyle.

"His demeanor and his business practices and if you just kind of look at his business, it makes you go 'hmm' -- seems very unprofessional,” Brainerd said.

Only one woman has filed a complaint, but deputies are hoping to talk with other people who received massages.

"There could be stiffer penalties, for sure," Janes said, "and that's one thing we're wondering, if anyone else had gone there and received a massage."

Brainerd said she is heartbroken for the possible victims, but is upset at the stain this puts on the city of Sisters.

"Everyone that I know in this town has a passion for Sisters, and we treat people with value and with respect -- and to have that happen is horrendous,” Brainerd said. “I'm very wound up about it."

Investigators said they believe there are other citizens who may have received a massage from Boyle in the past. They were encouraged to contact Deputy Michael Hudson at 541-693-6911, reference Case No. 21-30013.

Also, you can check a person's state massage license status at this link.

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. He is obviously well groomed, Not.

    I can’t believe anyone let that guy touch them, even from 6 feet away.

    There isn’t enough beer in all of Europe.

      1. Your made up, pointless, without logic, “policy” is not based on anything except you just flipping a coin. You guys are so bad at this news thing. Do yourself a favor and just copy what Central Oregon Daily is doing, they are way better!

          1. Really Barney?? This what you’ve reduced yourself to? Trolling the trolls? I usually try to avoid this cesspool of insults and stupidity, but nearly everytime I do risk taking a look, here you are. I doubt this site could even exist without you maintaining your troll farm of angry lunatics, but now you have become one of them. This is my first comment here in years and will be my last, but my god Barney. How do you even look at yourself at this point?

            1. I am absolutely comfortable with myself and my role. Thankfully, so are most people I encounter in real life, who are quite kind and supportive. And you vastly overstate the importance of comments to our success. Our focus is the news. I rarely respond, but some people are so rude and nasty at me and our organization, sometimes I’m human. If you had to read all these, wouldn’t you feel the need to defend yourself once in a while? I will definitely try harder to avoid being as snarky as our critics. But again, I plead guilty to being human. Not too thick or thin a skin. If you had to read every one of these comments, you might be in a similar position.

        1. You sound like a sad little man.But I’m thinking sad Little Boy is more like it.Now go sit down and have some cheese with your whine.

  2. Took my girlfriend there a few years ago: we were both creeped out and swore never to go there again. He looked the same then as now. This news doesn’t surprise me at all.

    1. HAHAHA…Ol’ Bobby B, you come on here all the time and tell people how dumb THEY are. HAHAHA. Beer spa, hilarious. Yeah, I trust you telling me I need a experimental vax that’s non fda approved and tested for safety. You seem smart.

  3. So happy to see this con-man get arrested finally. He used to own a company called Surface Dynamix here in Bend and is well known for not paying those who worked for him. He still owes people I know money 9 years later. I hope he rots for this!

      1. Barney, nobody is directly asking YOU anything. You have literally no clue what you are doing or are supposed to be doing. Get off the internet.

        1. If he went away, how would an a**chapeau such as yourself disseminate your dribbled inanities to the rest of the troglodytes? You’d be relegated to 8chan or the orange idiot’s “brand new, exciting platform”. Well, maybe not that since it’s gone.

        2. JJHayes99… I’m curious, are you related to BGHW? What makes you so nasty and vile?

          If you dislike the news so much and Barney, go find a different source. Take your wine someplace else

      2. Typo: “NewsChannel 21 spoke to a woman on the phone who left a positive review and said he had an amazing time, with no issues.”

        Should be she had.

  4. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Of course if you ask a neighboring business they are gonna say “Oh yeah I’m not surprised.’ Anytime I’ve talked with Mr. Boyle he has been nothing but nice. I’m tired of seeing witch-hunts coming from the court of public opinions.

    1. Mike Boyle is a terrible business man and person in general. Trust me I know the guy, he has been a stain on Central Oregon for over 10 years. I’m sure he was nice and smiled when you talked, but he and his son Chris Boyle are both snakes.

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