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‘Totally preventable’: Bend City Council issues statement on fatal downtown Bend shooting

(Update: adding city council statement)

Police say one Bend man shot another during fight around midnight

BEND, Ore.  (KTVZ) – Grieving friends and family of a 22-year-old Bend man shot and killed over the weekend on a downtown Bend sidewalk gathered at the shooting scene late Monday afternoon to create a memorial of balloons, pictures and candles that spelled out 'RIP.'

On Tuesday, all seven Bend city councilors released this joint statement:

“We mourn the loss of Barry Washington Jr., who was killed this weekend in Downtown Bend.  He was a son, a friend, and a member of this community.  We must dig deep and examine ourselves and the systems and culture that have brought us to the point where a young person is shot and killed in our downtown.  Gun violence is a routine part of life in other places.  We do not accept it here.  Mr. Washington's death was totally preventable.  We call on the community to come together and focus on how we can prevent these tragedies from happening in the city we all love.  We call for justice and support for Mr. Washington's family as they grieve this tragic loss.”

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel told NewsChannel 21 what investigators had learned so far about what led up to Sunday's early-morning shooting on the corner of Wall Street and Oregon Avenue.

Hummel said a conversation occurred inside The Capitol, a downtown bar, late Saturday night. He said 22-year-old Barry Washington Jr. of Bend was out with friends when he approached a woman in the bar to compliment her. According to Hummel, the woman said she was flattered, but in a relationship. That was the extent of the interaction.

Later, shortly after midnight, Hummel said Washington Jr. approached the same woman again, this time on the street corner outside the bar. Hummel said it's unclear if Washington Jr. recognized her, but he complimented her once more.

"There's no evidence that what Mr. Washington did when he approached the woman was inappropriate," Hummel explained. "There's not an allegation that he groped her, grabbed her, was crass with her. He complimented her in a respectful manner. She was fine back. She said, 'No, thank you. I'm flattered but I'm in a relationship.' No allegation that anything Mr. Washington did was inappropriate."

Still, the woman's boyfriend, 27-year-old Ian Cranston of Bend, was nearby and was "not happy" with Washington Jr.'s actions, Hummel said.

"He said some words to Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington said some words back," Hummel said. "There was some pushing, some jostling, some punches thrown, but then it calmed down. It was not going to get out of hand. Then Mr. Cranston pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot and killed Mr. Washington."

Hummel said Cranston "acted completely inappropriately" and called it a "homicide with no justification."

Hummel said Cranston had a concealed handgun license, and that a handgun was recovered at the scene He also told NewsChannel 21 that it's "too soon to say" whether drugs or alcohol were contributing factors to what occurred.

When police were called to the scene at 12:11 a.m. Sunday, they found Washington Jr. on the sidewalk with a single gunshot wound. He was taken by ambulance to St. Charles Bend, where he later died of his injuries.

Cranston was detained at the scene and taken to the Deschutes County Jail, where he was booked around 8:30 a.m. on a second-degree manslaughter charge.

His initial bail was set at $100,000, and he posted the required 10 percent and was released Sunday afternoon, pending an initial court appearance on Oct. 5, Chief Deputy District Attorney Mary Anderson said Sunday.

Hummel said Monday, "Me and my deputies will be asking the grand jury to return an indictment and charging Mr. Cranston. "We're still deciding what level of crime we're going to be asking for -- whether we'll be asking for murder or some other degree of homicide."

Washington's family and friends made it clear what they're asking for.

"We just want justice, the right way, like the rest of the world would, if their loved one was killed in cold blood just like this," said Bryant Langston, Washington's cousin.

Online court records show Cranston has no criminal history in Oregon.

Cranston was a machinist at Nosler, a bullet manufacturer with offices in Bend and Redmond. A spokesperson for the company told NewsChannel 21 he was surprised to hear about Cranston's involvement in the shooting.

He said everyone who works there has to pass a criminal background check, and Cranston's came back clean. He said Cranston was hired last October, but is now suspended during the investigation.

Second-degree manslaughter, a Class B felony in Oregon, involves a killing that “is committed recklessly,” under Oregon Revised Statutes 163.125.

Washington Jr.'s family and friends flew in from the Bay Area to honor their loved one, bringing flowers, balloons and candles and placing them on the ground in the very spot where he was fatally shot.

"We're here," Washington Jr.'s aunt, Valencia Roberson, told NewsChannel 21. "He didn't just die here. He's going to be reborn here as well, because they will remember who Barry Washington Jr. is."

Roberson and other family members said Washington Jr. had just moved to Bend from Northern California to start a new life.

"Barry was just a big teddy bear," Roberson said. "He's a protector of everyone. Just fun-loving, trying to get away from drama and follow up with his music career."

Bend police are asking community members if they have video, photos or witnessed the fatal shooting to contact police through the non-emergency dispatch line at 541-693-6911. 

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



    1. I guess you missed my other note. The jail’s inmate list system has had an issue for years, back to a prior platform. He’s being held on ATTEMPTED murder charges, and I was told even that may change (be reduced) as the investigation continues. When information is released publicly, we will consider how and whether to report it, like every other media outlet.

      1. AkpeglegCancel, I’ve never been able to figure out why the KTVZ/Barney whiners don’t cancel their FREE subscription to this site, I’m sure Breitbart would welcome them.

    2. Somehow somebody was able to MoneyGram the 10 gs for his bail. I don’t think he he had it in his pocket but at least took till Sunday afternoon. And there’s a chasm of difference Pickett betwixt the two stories.

  1. Well picture looks like there was an altercation, and it doesn’t say he fled or resisted law enforcement. Second-degree manslaughter suggests there may have been some level of justification, but also some option to de-escalate?I’ll be following this one, curious the details.

    1. Why in the hell would you be carrying a gun in downtown Bend for Pete’s sake? I’ve lived here since 93 and none of this type of crap every happens, but bring a gun into town at midnight? Looking for trouble and a stupid change in our little town.

      1. One does not need to justify why, when or where they legally carry a gun. What right do you have to ask? Why would I carry a gun downtown anywhere? Because of stuff like this, and a cop is too heavy. How do you reckon the story of Miss Sawyer might have been different had she been carrying when she was attacked on a college campus? I’ve been here a lot longer than 93 and can assure you “this kind of crap” was happening before. A gun is just a tool, the details of this case will determine if it was used legally or not.

        1. I just don’t hang around in places or get into altercations where I feel like I need a tool like a gun. However I’m tall and physically fit including good vision and hearing. I pay attention to my surroundings and tend to exit bars a minimum of five minutes before the knife and gun club idiots start acting up. Guns help incite a lot of overconfidence. I believe in the right to have a gun but they’re obviously not for everyone, especially people that end up in a heavy alcohol area late at night. That’s just stupid.

          1. I carry everywhere! I avoid, to the best of my ability, situations just as you do. I’m tall and not that out of shape . . . but, I’m old now. I also pay attention to my surroundings at all times as well. Cops are too heavy to carry and when seconds count, cops are just minutes away. Like a BEND police officer chided me years ago, why aren’t you carrying, when you have a permit to? Good question! Why do you not carry or have a permit to, when you’re well trained, qualified, and able to? I also agree, carrying a weapon and being in an area of heavy alcohol is just plain stupid, but it is legal in the state of Oregon (something I don’t agree with). Also realize that for many, adding a firearm adds another level of responsibility, which should lower your level of over-confidence.

        2. You’re right, one does not need to justify why they carry, but it does raise concerns about your mind set and strength. I can go toe to toe with most, but am smart enough to not end up in a fight anymore. Mostly because I don’t drink. Now if he entered the bar with the gun, that is illegal. Either way it is clear he is a weak minded individual with poor judgment. Take a licking, but when you use fists (if you need to be violent) both will make it to see the next day. Please don’t bring Kaylee into this mess, you have no right. Your conjecture about her tragic loss is disrespectful to her and her family and friends. Great, you are here longer, but this is very rare. Some knives over the years, but few. And yes, the city matters man, cmon. Downtown Compton vs Bend Oregon? Give me a break. If you really are too scared to walk around Ben Oregon without a gun, you should not feel safe anywhere and should stay home and Uber in food.

          1. 1 Entering a bar with a gun is not illegal. 2 I have every right to bring Kaylee into this. Her murder has been a deeply personal matter to me, and to disregard it would be disrespectful to her family. (Learn from history).
            3 “Very rare” is exactly how often a law abiding citizen may need to use a gun. And 4 as one who was born here, and watched the mayhem it has become; Compton isn’t far off. I don’t see this an issue of my mindset or strength; most would have the bravado to say they’d go toe to toe with someone till it hits the fan. Calling this guy weak based on the limited information you have… that sir is weak!

      2. It happens more often then you know. There was an out of state cop that shot someone down town Bend within the last couple years. There have been stabbings, and gun shot wounds. One doesn’t carry a gun for no reason. I carry one for self preservation. You have a problem with that? Take it up with my constitutional rights to defend myself. This guy seems to have been the aggressor. It’s hot heads just like this guy that lead me to my conceal carry.

        1. It does not happen more than I know, I am aware of all the shootings and stabbings in Bend and it has increased lately, but they have almost all come from alcohol engaged individuals where both parties were participating. Unless you are hitting on someone’s girlfriends, which would get you killed in Mexico, you would have nothing to worry about. I have no issue you with sane people carrying, I own myself, but am man enough to everywhere in this town anytime and not be so scared that I need to bring a gun. That is for the weak and delusional.

    1. Cardiac ~ wrong use of “woke”…perhaps this will help. Pretty easy to look up.

      Learn to pronounce
      past of wake1.
      alert to injustice in society, especially racism.
      “we need to stay angry, and stay woke”

        1. These days the term woke is used to describe the American Marxist useful idiot zombies who blindly support those who bring communism into our country. Those like AOC, Sanders, Omar, and the rest of the squad members. The CCP would be so proud.

        1. The vast majority of cops in Oregon have college degrees –

          And ongoing education via DPSST –

          And additional training / education self-financed –

          Any Oregon officer’s educational background can be viewed on DPSST’s IRIS site.

    1. I’ve been deleting comments on this, and may delete this one, but for now – because that article is online, here’s the point, we checked the e-court system today of course, and there is NO record of formal charges in his online history, so the charges were not formally filed or dropped/settled.
      It’s actually a good example of why our policy was revised last year about not always naming every arrested person from a news release and depending on the severity of the charge (this is a higher one) may not name the suspect, at least until formal charges are filed.
      If folks have background for us to pursue on this matter, please email us at – not by posting here. We have to be careful in local news matters. Thanks.

      1. Wow easy there maybe it was found on a site you or your sources didn’t know of. Nothing is said though when right is attacked without concrete facts. 🐥

    1. I carry a firearm everywhere I go. I’ve only pulled it twice . . . Once when someone else pulled one on me and when a mad dog was attacking me and the State Trooper sat in her car and watched the dog attacking several people and me. Once I pulled, the State Trooper decided it was time to get out of her patrol car.

    2. I should mention that I’ve carried for over 40 years and only pulled those 2 times and I was yelling for the State Trooper to get out of her car for over 5 minutes. Five people went to the ER for dog bites that day.

    3. You know nothing. I have been carrying a gun for most of my life. The only place I have ever used my carry is at the range. But if I ever need it, I have it. That’s the only reason to carry a gun. This young man was a hot head.

      1. This young man was a hot head? B your judgment based on a very incomplete narrative. We don’t know if he used a gun legally. Like you say, “if I ever need it, I have it.” Sometimes a day at the range is not the only time you need it. This Monday morning quarterback crap is why we have a justice system. Seems broken at times yes, but “I heard” and “I saw” without evidence, discovery or trial? What’s next the pitch forks and torches? There was an altercation, one man is dead, police want witnesses, some anecdotal notes about who the persons were… we don’t know much yet.

        1. We are checking on another media claim, apparently from DA, that Cranston was in possession of a concealed carry license at the time, and the gun was recovered at the scene. If confirmed, we’ll either add it to an existing story or a future one. But it can be easily assumed/presumed that the DA is sharing some initial info from the police investigation.

  2. I agree with you in some ways. It does seem, on its face, that late night near alcohol may be poor decision making for anyone, not illegal however. Saying guns aren’t for everyone, I can only query just who decides who they are for? Not saying I disagree but what is that metric? Being tall and fit is not a benefit that all of us share. Being alert has been a long standing foundation to responsible defensive firearm training. To hang around in places or get into altercations where you feel need of a gun is a choice. And in my calculation that would be hunting, shooting sports, armed combat forces, police etc… Situations that happen, when having that tool may be the difference between life and death, are rarely the choice of a responsible carrier. Whether it’s out hiking in our woods, jogging after work, going out for a beer, taking your family to an event or going to a parent teacher conference. Any of these have chance of your need of this tool. It’s the responsibility of the individual to stay within the law, and yes temperament has to be that of a mature adult.

  3. Heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of the young man Barry who lost his life senselessly. From all indications he seemed to be a loving, talented young man who had his whole life in front of him. And the man who pulled the trigger, also seemingly with his own dreams of marriage and joy, now has the weight of the soul he violently took on him for eternity. Concealed carry carries a greater responsibility. This is tragic on several fronts and appears to have been completely avoidable. This is sad and should have no place in our community.

      1. It was the mom, she was a single mother. Many kids leave the city to get away from the violence that envelops them. If you are assuming it is for a negative reason, why? That is you insinuation after all.

      2. 1. Nowhere in the article did it say “rebuild his life”
        2. Starting a new life (what it actually said) is just a figure of speech usually used when someone moves from where they grew up.
        3. Why do you care?

  4. No matter who did what, or who said what. For the DA to make these public comments is completely unprofessional and inappropriate. Was Hunnell doing the finger gun point again? Pew, pew!

    If I called him what he really is, Barney would censor me again.

    1. Completely agree! Hummel needs to shut his mouth. His comments are very inappropriate. Was he there? Is there video evidence? He is tainting the potential jury pool with his comments. Good reason for defense to ask for a change of location.

    2. Hayha, my take on Hummel is he simply laid out an outline of events, and avoided the interjection of opinion. He did his job serving the public by providing information typical in higher profile crimes. You’re off line on this one friend.

      1. Hummel laid out his version of the facts. This is why we have an adversarial form of justice. Hummel has a big bully pulpit. What about the defense attorney? Keep on mind, Hummel has aligned himself through his actions/inactions with the likes of the “Peacekeepers” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) he is a lame duck prosecutor. What a feather in his cap a prosecution in this case would be. A little padding of the resume never hurt anyone right? If one wanted to go far in Oregon politics, it wouldn’t be hard to determine which way the wind blows. I wonder if this one will make the cut Barney?

  5. FathersChild, you read “somewhere?” To quote Barney, “got a link?” As for LovesBend, you name Barry? You know him? Can you cast some light on who he was. What could have led to this? How was it avoidable?

      1. Holy wow FathersChild! It was an honest question to two members soliciting information. I was looking for information you seemed to have that I didn’t. Yeah it’s good enough for me, just wanted a link to where ya got it. The response however suggests there very well may just be those of our community hot headed enough they shouldn’t be carrying a gun?

  6. This guy would have been charged even in the “stand-your-ground” states. There is zero justification for this. Will be interesting to see how it plays out in court if it gets that far. But either way this guy is now done, broke and unemployable. Was it worth it?

      1. In case you missed, I said “charged” not “convicted”. I was simply saying that when you shoot an unarmed person to death it is very difficult to prove you had justification and typically get charged and tried. Just the Michael Drejka case comes to my mind but there are many others even from states with stand your ground laws.

        1. If we are not getting convictions, we are wasting taxpayer money, clogging up the judicial system, and placing folks who are found not guilty under tremendous stress and turmoil. At least the lawyers are making some scratch! Keep in mind I am in no way absolving either of the parties in this. When you state “there is zero justification for this”, what are you referring to? The charges? The shooting? Unless you were there and a witness to the entire event, you have a very limited basis for that statement. One side of the story. Maybe he had all of the justification necessary, legally and morally. Maybe he is a jealous killer that deserves to swing from a rope. Impossible to say without seeing more than one side of the story. Was it worth it? Maybe. Perhaps he saved his own life. Maybe he simply killed another man, and threw a bunch of lives into turmoil and disarray. You are correct that he is now in a world of hurt. I’m sure all involved wish they were anywhere else that night. Sad deal all around.

  7. Too many yahoo’s carrying guns. If we vetted people a LOT better and didn’t just let every person have a gun, perhaps then people could have altercations that didn’t end in someone’s death.

    1. Gotta throw some shade your way sandman, regardless of your personal opinion of Hummel, he’s doing what we expect of a D.A. Nothing more or less in this case. His office is responsible for indicting and prosecuting crimes. What would have a D.A. do differently in this situation?

      1. Hummel is trying the case in the public eye before the grand jury has even seen the evidence. Our legal system gives the responsibility to the grand jury to find if charges are warranted. It is the DAs responsibility to provide the evidence to the grand jury, not leapfrog it. DA Hummel is at the least very unprofessional. At worst he has prejudiced potential jurists in a trial and has compromised the accused rights to a fair trial.

  8. It’s always curious how the bickering goes back/ forth (specific to this story) from a host of folks that comment.

    The fact remains ~ a young male is dead. For what reason? Anger? Why is it that a bullet has to be the solution.

      1. Martha and frog eye, yes, I’m sorry; but, this is why I carry at all times. I won’t play judge or jury in this case, far to little evidence for that. However, the world, as it has become, and has always been, dictates that personal rights are my responsibility. I’m no vigilante however, if I, as a law abiding citizen have need of a gun, a bullet may well be the solution. I don’t mean to be proactive but there is a legal metric to when, where, how, and why this is. Any other conjecture as to how to resolve differences outside of violence I’d love to see. Till then, I’ll carry a gun.

  9. Hummel will put a 77 year old man who hit a woman with a rock in jail with a $325,000 bail, but some guy shoots and kills a guy downtown, and he bonds out less than 8 hours later with $100,000 bond? Is Hummer trying to go 2 for 2 on releasing murderers back into the community? Waiting to see if he can kill more people before he finds a reason to keep him behind bars?…What is with this guy?

  10. Exactly, they weren’t involved, and the guy killed 3 more people. Don’t make excuses for Hummel Barney, there are at least 3 people dead because of his incompetence.

  11. “He said some words to Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington said some words back,” Hummel said. “There was some pushing, some jostling, some punches thrown, but then it calmed down. It was not going to get out of hand. Then Mr. Cranston pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot and killed Mr. Washington.”

    Wow, why a trial? Sounds as though Hummel has already determined all the facts and has come to a conclusion. Can’t justify the use of a gun from what we know so far, but I’m pretty sure this defendant will get an attorney who will be just a little unhappy with the DA’s insights to the media before any hearings. Glad this DA is leaving soon

    1. It is a good thing you did not explore it because in case you missed the FBI statistics the vast majority of the murders in this country are committed by the one you were trying to explore despite being a small minority (<10%) of the population.
      I can provide you the link if needed but a quick google search will give you the exact same result.

      1. Will a quick Google search also tell you how many of those get to bail out for $10,000 when they are charged? Or even how many of those in similar situations are charged with manslaughter as opposed to murder?

  12. The city council needs to wait for trial before opening their mouths. Keep tainting that jury pool morons. Maybe it was self-defense. Maybe it was murder plain and simple. A trial is necessary. The guy is innocent until proven guilty. Period. It is unfortunate our city government can’t understand this relatively simple tenet of our system. I try to set my expectations low for the council, and yet still they fail to reach a very, very low bar.

  13. Hummel says that Washington’s comments to Cranston’s girlfriend were not inappropriate. Huh? Walking up to any woman that you don’t know and saying ‘you looking good’ are always inappropriate. Not illegal, but inappropriate. Doing it again, after you have previously been rejected are just dumb and asking for trouble. Getting shot because of it is wrong, of course, but seems like some in this area just don’t know what aggressive, inappropriate, behavior, is…btw I happened to walk by the little memorial today and there were some angry comments going on between a couple of young BIPOC women. Don’t know what it was about; just a coincidence that I was walking down Wall when it happened, and was standing at the crossing.

    1. If they violate Terms of Service, in my judgment. There’s a link at bottom of home page, all agree to it by posting. (We don’t enforce them all – imagine if we deleted every “hateful” comment! But more than we did until a few weeks ago, because we’ve had many ask us to get rid of the “toxic waste dump.”

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