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St. Charles Madras put in brief lockout due to man’s threat to use gun; no weapon found

St. Charles Madras
St. Charles Health System
St. Charles Madras

(Update: Lockout lasted six minutes)

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) – St. Charles Madras was placed in “lockout” for a time Friday afternoon after a man in the hospital parking lot made verbal threats about using a gun. But police called to the scene found he had no gun and the lockout was rescinded.

Madras police responded to the hospital around 1:30 p.m. on the reported threat, Detective Sergeant Steve Webb.

Because of the nature of the threat, and because the man was reportedly outside the building and in the parking lot, the hospital was placed in a “lockout’ (exterior doors locked, but not a full lockdown) to keep anyone from entering the building while the potential threat was assessed.

Officers located the man and his caretaker in the hospital’s main parking lot, Webb said. He was found to have no firearm in his possession “and there was no danger to any individuals,” the detective said.

Hospital staff was advised of the situation and the lockout was rescinded, Webb said, adding, “There is no continuing threat to the hospital or the community.”

St. Charles Public Information Officer Lisa Goodman said the lockout lasted just six minutes, from 1:39 to 1:45 p.m.

Madras police were assisted by Oregon State Police and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office during the incident.

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  1. Who would have thought a rural Eastern Oregonian male, would make threats of a ballistic nature while throwing a temper tantrum?

    Completely out of character.

    1. The article clearly states that the man’s caregiver was located in the parking lot. Which indicates he suffers from either physical or mental disabilities. For you to make light of it in an attempt to insult an entire group of your fellow citizens speaks volumes of your character.

      1. It’s a valid observation about the mindset of many (mostly) males in rural America, generally with easy access to guns and a whole lot of victimhood issues – and certainly not tempered by a high level of intelligence.

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