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NE Redmond residents unnerved by late-night alert of ‘armed, dangerous’ fugitive still on the loose

(Update: Adding video, comments from DSCO, resident)

Despite worry, resident says she's glad to get the warning

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – About 2,000 northeast Redmond residents got an emergency alert late Wednesday night that police were searching for a fugitive who ran from a traffic stop and “who may be armed and dangerous.” Despite an extensive search, the man had not been found by Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday, a Deschutes County sheriff’s deputy tried to pull over the driver of a 1994 Toyota Camry in the area of Northeast Fifth Street and Maple Lane in Redmond for failure to maintain his lane of travel, Sergeant Jayson Janes said.

The driver, identified as Braxton Michael Monson, 36, refused to stop, and the deputy pursued the car for a short distance before losing sight of it, Janes said.

As the deputy was driving in the area, the Camry pulled out in front of him, so the deputy again tried to stop the car, at which point Monson stopped, got out and ran, the sergeant said,

The deputy and area residents then heard what they believed to be gunshots in the area where Monson ran to, Janes said.

“At this time, we do not have any reports of injuries or damage from gunshots in that area, or have otherwise been able to confirm there were actual gunshots in that area,” the sergeant said in a news release.

An extensive search of the area, using K-9 teams and drones, was unsuccessful, Janes said.

Jessica Rasmussen lives near Fifth Street and was home watching her kids, while her husband was out of town.

“Well, being a mom of two young kids, obviously it's a little scary,” Rasmussen said Thursday.

Redmond police sent an initial emergency text alert to 1,802 contacts in the area around 11:15 p.m., saying police were “searching the area for a male suspect who may be armed and dangerous. Please stay indoors. Do not contact any unknown individuals” and to call 911 if anything suspicious is seen.

About 2:15 a.m., the sheriff’s office sent another alert to 1,998 contacts, saying they were continuing to search in northeast Redmond for the wanted man. Another alert sent shortly after 7 a.m. Thursday said the active search had ended, with the suspect still outstanding.

“Typically, when we have somebody running from us, we don’t want extra people out in their yards or out and about where we’re searching for someone,” Janes said, “Nor do we want there to be opportunities for this person to be able to enter someone's home.”

Janes said the sheriff’s office is seeking the public’s help in finding Monson, who last was seen wearing dark jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. He has a dark-colored flower tattoo on his neck and various tattoos on his arms. Two booking photos were released that Janes said show him with a longer beard than he has at present.

“It is possible Monson is armed, so do not attempt contact with him,” Janes wrote. “Monson is known to frequent the Prineville and Madras area. If you see Monson or know his location, please call 911 immediately.”

A resident on Fifth Street who chose not to speak on camera said they believe Monson broke their fence while fleeing Wednesday night. 

For Rasmussen, it’s something she’s never experienced in her four years in Redmond.

“I mean, maybe we hear something ourselves and get paranoid, sure," she said. "But I’ve ever been reached out to from the police department and the sheriff's (office).”

Rasmussen said she prefers having the notifications, whether vague or not, over not getting them. 

“No, I'd prefer having it, for sure,” Rasmussen said.  “Because if I didn’t know about it, maybe I wouldn’t have double-checked all my locks or made sure my cameras were working.”

Rasmussen said she was glad to be informed, but has been acting with extra caution.

“I had that weird thought like, 'What if he’s hanging around, this person, and he sees an empty vehicle that’s started -- he could just hop in and take it,'” Rasmussen said. “Like, I just don’t know what exactly is going on with the guy that they’re looking for, what he did, if he is armed or not -- I don’t know.”

Janes said Monson has a nationwide warrant out for probation violation.

The sheriff’s office was assisted by the Redmond Police Department and Oregon State Police.

In 2017, KTVZ reported that a federal judge sentenced the then-Redmond resident to nearly seven years in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He was arrested in 2014 in Redmond in possession of an AR-15-style rifle, ammunition, drugs, scales and cash, court documents said. Federal prosecutors said he had previous felony convictions for assaults and methamphetamine delivery.

 In 2013, Bend police said he fled a traffic stop and led officers on a high-speed chase in northeast Bend, ditched his car and tried to run from police. He was found by a K-9 team while hiding in a home’s backyard, they said.

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        1. Well less guns are really working in New York huh? Maybe from law abiding citizens that are getting slaughtered by criminals that don’t give a care. Portland is the exact same in their “gun free zones”. Those are the idiots voting for that. If everyone was armed everywhere I guarantee crime would be way way down.

    1. – please try to get a grip on basic English – being proud of your ignorance is your right, but you don’t have to prove it every time you hit the keyboard, and you might consider how little the wider world want’s to experience your ignorance

    1. Uh have you seen Bend recently? About a dozen or more of these kind of incidents down there monthly. Plus, he was passing through Redmond not from Redmond moron.

    2. Not much violent crime in small conservative ran city’s but in the large liberal ran ones crime is at an all time high. Explain that away clueless deplorable liberal.

    3. One thing you don’t see in Redmond are tent cities along our sidewalks. You reserve that privilege for yourselves in Bendover Oregon

  1. If he was sentenced to 7 years in Federal prison in 2017, does anyone know why he’s not locked up? I’m not great at math but it seems like 2017 + 7 still equals 2024, no?

      1. – aw, you give your special girl credit for everything – you really are in deep – will you continue to follow her when she is no longer in office?

    1. Great! We finally have you on board! Built that wall. Next build a wall along the southern border of Oregon. We have way too many liberals crossing that border.

  2. Part of the problem is this guy should still be behind bars with the 7 years sentence but he is out in the public. You want more gun laws but will not fully enforce the ones on the books now, are you waiting for these guys to just behave themselves or what? It is a proven fact that people behind bars are not driving down the streets running from the cops. Either lock them up for the time prescribed or get rid of the unenforced law.

  3. Didn’t serve the full seven years and is back out running around, endangering the public and violating his probation. Clearly a winner. Let’s hope he’s arrested and sent away for a very long time.

      1. The only people who think the police are knee jerks are people who don’t wish to follow the law. You know? Criminals. Does that describe you. Probably.

  4. Anyone who wants to criticize the city police or deputy sheriff please go to the locality and fill out an application. Too many armchair people in this community. In our times you can’t arrest certain people, cell phone cameras etc. Go for a ride along if you have the tanned testicles.

    1. Stop, who would lambast the police and then volunteer to be one? What kinda stupidity are we promoting here? It has nothing to do with testicles (as they allow women you rube). Cops are the problem.

  5. Criminal Justice Reform. He evidently didn’t have a very good attorney. 7 years for felon in possession? Most of the time these cases are dismissed with probation.

  6. So one thought that federal prisoners did not get time off for behavior; so why is he out of prison after being sentenced to 7 years in 2017?

  7. 1 1/2 years and the TDS is in full bloom, I do see it is the same people though, I think it may be a lot like alcoholism, once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. Once you get TDS, you will always have TDS, you just cant stop thinking about him, he is in your every thought, how destressing that must be.

    1. I had more money under the Trump economics. Under Bidenflation I am losing around $10,000 per years. Way to go Joe. Let me see. Putin did it. Right?

      1. Apparently when you put it on blast and say the governor is soft on crime it doesn’t go over well smh. Would be hilarious if got taken down for spelling soft the wrong way.

  8. Good thing the DCSO wasted our tax dollars on those GPS dart launchers an mobile spike strip launchers…. They’re working so well in assisting with the apprehension of pursuit suspects! I wonder what Sheriff Shame is pocketing in kickbacks from the manufacturers of all these technological wonders. Shouldn’t be a surprise really, considering one of his first orders of business was removing “fiscal responsibility” from the DCSO mission statement.

  9. I love the defund the police crowd’s “hey, look it’s Redmond” like there was some sort of a magic shield to keep Redmondian criminals from driving to Bend or vice versa. And it is the gun’s fault like there’s no gazillion laws on the book already prohibiting convicted criminals from possessing firearms.

  10. It would be nice to have directions included in this article on how to receive those local alerts for ourselves for future emergencies.

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