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Crook County

Crook County Sheriff Gautney posts letter, defends jail staff

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PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Crook County Sheriff John Gautney posted a three-page letter Tuesday on Facebook, refuting and responding in detail to complaints and rumors about jail operations and treatment of inmates.

Gautney said many of the complaints people were posting allege some inmates are not receiving access to needed medication. But he said inmates receive medication based on their medical records and doctors’ orders, not simply because they request it.

The sheriff also noted that certain narcotics are not allowed in the jail, so medical staff will provide an alternate medicine.

Gautney also disputed allegations he hired deputies who were fired by Deschutes County. He said he hired two people who were working at the Bend jail at the time they were hired in Crook County.

Gautney said his personal policy has been to not respond to social media postings critical of the office’s operation. “But when people post derogatory statements about the staff” that he said “are incorrect and intended to create turmoil simply for their own entertainment, it is my duty as your sheriff to set the record straight.”

Gautney, noting that he’d heard a protest is being planned, said a newspaper ad seeking to hear about inmates who had rights violated was placed by the mother of an inmate who was trying to get medication from staff “for an illness that he did not actually have.”

The sheriff stepped through the details of the intake process for jail inmates and also outlined the meals they are given. 

He also said conditions are vastly improved at the new county jail, which “is 1,000 times better now than the circumstances we were in before … better for the staff and for the inmates as well.”

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Barney Lerten

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  1. That’s just sooo rich ! this clown complaining about people lying and starting rumors denigrating his staff and him yet he’s a huge little lyin donnie fan. The king of lying and denigrating war heroes and anyone else is afraid of. LMAO! LOOOOOOSER !!!

  2. The medical care inside this local jail is not up to standards. They actually take people who are diabetic and make sure their blood sugars stay way above the healthy range so they don’t have to deal with low blood sugar, which required giving them fast acting sugar. I have a journal from a relative who is a diabetic and it’s quite clear they do not do what they’re supposed to be doing to make sure these patients stay healthy. Say what you want about the crimes these people have committed, being properly taken care of while inside their jail is a right that has been continually violated. They do not have a 24 hour doctor/nurse on staff either and 85% of the time it’s the officers who are given the responsibility to “take care” of the inmates, which is not in their job description. I have talked with inmates as well as staff about this issue and both say the same thing.

  3. sounds like the sheriff needs to get over himself. its social media, of course there’s going to be trash talk about how mean he is to someone’s precious little baby. inmates will be inmates, and with some of them their only goal in life is to give cops grief. sheriff nelson would be making daily announcements if he addressed all his inmates fb drama. as long as the inmates are getting the quality care and treatment a stray dog would get in the pound, I wouldn’t worry about someone stirring the pot

      1. I like Larry Blanton, I’ve known him for about 30 years. he’s old school central Oregonian, I would bank on his word/integrity over yours. I only met Mr. Nelson a few times but he was nice, professional, and was just doing his job. I think they have both done a great job rebuilding the force, jail management, and publics trust after sheriff brown. I think Mr. Nelson has set a record for busting inhouse corruption in these parts

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