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Crook County

75th annual Crooked River Roundup rodeo canceled due to COVID-19

'Re-ride 75' planning underway for 2021

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The 75th annual Crooked River Roundup rodeo, scheduled for June 25-27, has been canceled because of the coronavirus, officials announced Friday.

It is the first time, since the inaugural Crooked River Roundup in 1945, the rodeo has been canceled. Earlier this year, to mark the 75th running of the event, Prineville city officials proclaimed 2020 as the “Year of the Cowboy.”

Held annually in June and July at the Crook County Fairgrounds in Prineville, the Roundup Association puts on two separate events that include the PRCA rodeo and the largest pari-mutuel horse races in the State of Oregon. An announcement regarding the Crooked River horse races is scheduled for May 15.

"This was a heartbreaking decision for everyone involved,” Crooked River Roundup president Jason Snider said in a statement. “We have exhausted all possible options and came to the conclusion that because of the ongoing ban on large public events, it will not be possible to proceed with the rodeo as we have for nearly 75 years.”

Each year, the Roundup attracts many of the top professional rodeo competitors in the world. Past winners have included some of the biggest names in rodeo, and the event is well-known for introducing up-and-coming talent.

“During a rodeo, if a roughstock rider receives a low score due to poor performance from the bull or bronc, they will be given a chance to do a re-ride,” Snider said. “We’re grateful to our loyal sponsors, more than 200 volunteers, and a strong community who will help us ‘Re-ride-75’ in 2021.”

About the Crooked River Roundup

Produced by a dedicated board of directors and more than 200 volunteers, Prineville’s Crooked River Roundup brings together community members and visitors to witness the athleticism of the nation’s top cowboys and cowgirls. Began by local ranchers in 1945 to celebrate the cultural heritage of the “Cowboy Capital of Oregon,” the CRR has evolved into one of the oldest family-friendly events in Oregon. The Crooked River Roundup consists of a PRCA rodeo the last weekend of June and four days of horse racing in July.

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    1. I disagree- and I seriously doubt that there are any real red-necks left in Prineville.

      City and County leadership out there has turned the once Central Oregon “rugged individualist” into a soft couch potato. One dependent on government or F-book handouts.

      A region now that consistently reaches into the top three every year for most impoverished cities in Oregon.

      One only has to look at the weak-kneed limp wristed cross-eyed decisions by city leaders to understand why. Seth continues to disappoint- now that he has his coveted Judges position- what’s he done for the people of Prineville ? Nothing but encourage Kate Brown’s run against the state !

      And where are all those City Councilors- sitting at the front of the room behind their elegant desks twice a month- discussing various ways to keep the city folk under their thumb-in poverty-out of their hair as they mismanage the city’s water and electrical supplies in order to keep the data centers happy- those centers that don’t hire or provide long term employment for local (as in Crook County) residents. There are no job fairs- no internships- no Prineville Union to address the shenanigans going on at the top of the hill- we want the GC out of Portland (Fortress) to address these concerns and explain to us why they are about to risk the health of the region by bringing back their work force from Portland- which has many more Wuhan virus cases than Crook County (1) !

      Where are the city leaders on this- still pulling on their ears and playing with their lower lip in confusion I’m sure.

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