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Crook County

Facebook makes $450K COVID-19 relief grant to Crook County schools

Crook County school kids Chromebooks
Crook County School District/submitted photo
Crook County students have been using Chromebooks in 'Learning @ Home' program

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Funding for public schools across Oregon is likely to take a major hit due to the looming COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Facebook’s generous relief grant of $450,000, announced Wednesday, comes at a perfect time, the Crook County School District said.

Despite the challenges of the current crisis, the school district said it sees an opportunity to be creative and innovative as the new Learning @ Home model is driving CCSD to utilize technology in new ways to serve local students through the end of this school year and beyond.

“Technology is rapidly changing the way we provide education at all grade levels, and we need to prepare for the future,” explained Superintendent Dr. Sara Johnson. “This grant from Facebook allows us to make significant investments in new tools, so we can serve both students inside the traditional classroom and our families who might want to choose online learning long-term.”

William Marks, Facebook's community development regional manager, said, “We are honored to partner with Crook County School District to support students and families in Prineville during the COVID-19 pandemic."

"We understand that the situation presents new challenges for both students and educators; however, we hope that this partnership will help students continue their education and learning remotely,” Marks said.

The grant, which supported the purchase of 255 laptops in March, will buy more Chromebooks, iPads, licenses for online curriculum, video technology in the classroom, Wi-Fi access, and invest in Career & Technical Education programs.

Technology improvements will allow CCSD to respond to what school leaders are calling the “new normal” even after the virus is behind us.  

School Board Chair Scott Cooper said, “Technology makes it possible for a more robust educational experience that serves the needs of all families in Crook County, and this district is committed to be being an innovative leader in the way we deliver education.”

Facebook’s grant allows a personalized approach to distance education because students engaged in Learning @ Home can still meet with local teachers, access buildings and computers, and enjoy other programs like music, arts, and sports. CCSD plans to grow its alternative education options, starting this fall.  

Facebook has been part of the Prineville community since breaking ground on their data center in 2010. For more information, visit

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  1. That’s a nice chunk of change! Refuse it!! It’s a buy off. Cancel Fakebooks tax breaks! Crook County will have an absorbent amount of revenue! Don’t take gifts from Zuckerman! No good can come of it!

  2. Crook County should not get help from anyone since they have ‘opened up’ on their own. They are so smart. Watch out they are giving you death and calling it liberty.

    1. Kinda like the state shouldn’t get any help for being a sanctuary state, right? Those that would sacrifice some freedoms for liberty deserve neither

    1. ALL WRONG !

      I quickly perused the seven comments here- and none of you hit the target- everyone- wide ‘left”.

      What’s at serious issue with F-Book in Prineville- is there complete lack of reinforcement of the basic reason they were “awarded” the privilege to set up shop in Crook County to begin with… and that was to provide jobs to the local work force that had been decimated by the States slow but gradual closure of the mill and woodworking industry.

      And anytime this brought up under the guise of civil discourse- the Mayor, the City Council EDCO, the judge- they all run for cover.

      In the meantime it is well documented that more than 95% of the workforce out on the data center projects are from Portland (Fortress)- Bend (Old school Management)-Redmond (laborers)-California (TCM/Southland) Idaho etcetera. This has resulted in Gaffs- goofs- and some extremely high numbers of injuries… clinic numbers, LTI’s, and DART Rates don’t lie.

      This would be a huge story of “big global national treats small town rural Americans like horse poo” if we could only get local media outlets to recognize there is more to our area than fake virus hysterics and constant President bashing.

      This is some real pathetic stuff to be sure.

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