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Political candidates say signs stolen, vandalized in Deschutes County

(Update: Adding comment from Kiely campaign)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- With Election Day just three weeks away, the two candidates vying for a seat on the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners say they have seen a number of their campaign signs vandalized or stolen. And they're not the only ones.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Phil Henderson told NewsChannel 21 he noticed some of his campaign signs near 27th Street and Reed Market Road in Bend were missing.

He said some signs in other parts of town were painted with graffiti, often with the letters “G.O.P.,” which he found out to be a slang derogatory term for political candidates.

“In prior elections, people would just black out your name -- now they’re making statements,” Henderson said.

He said although vandalism has always been a prevalent problem during campaign season, he feels like it is more aggressive this year.

“I think it’s the heightened mentality of people just feeling they can vandalize your things or steal your signs like this and not apparently care,” Henderson said.

Challenger Phil Chang said, “Those signs lasted anywhere from 10 days to three weeks before someone had stolen or damaged them.”

He said he has also heard up to 25 reports from friends of signs being stolen from their yards. 

Both Chang and Henderson said a lot of the time, effort and money that go into replacing missing signs takes away from other, more positive campaign activities.

“It’s not the way I’d like to be spending my time during this campaign,” Chang said. “I’d like to be talking to voters about important issues that face our county.”

Henderson said, “This has been a problem not just for my campaign but for other campaigns as well. It’s just really pure vandalism and needs to stop.”

Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, said he has also noticed heightened political tensions this election season, compared to years past.

In an email, he said, “In the strongest terms, I have condemned the violence and criminal activity and call for peaceful protests and elections.”

Knopp said he has heard reports of opponent Eileen Kiely’s signs placed in county right-of-way locations without the necessary county permits.

Jeff Eager, a consultant for Republican Rep. Jack Zika, told NewsChannel 21 some of Zika’s signs are also being replaced with those of his opponent, Emerson Levy.

Eager said Levy also does not have a county-issued permit for her signs.

Zika said most of the sign theft happens in Bend and some places in Redmond. He said he also called Kiely to address the situation and she did not return his call. 

Kiely's campaign manager, Kimberly Koops, said Kiely was on the phone when Zika called her and she texted him back the same day, but never heard back.

"As a veteran, Eileen cares deeply about following the law and more importantly, upholding the constitution," Koops told NewsChannel 21.

"Our campaign has a limited number of lawn signs, and due to the incredible number of requests we received from supporters, we have prioritized sign delivery to only those who have requested them," she said. "Thank you for alerting us to the missing signs -- we'll be collecting them to deliver them to our supporters who have made requests."

Zika said in an email, “We started noticing signs being taken about a month ago, but it has accelerated in the last week and a half. Recently, most of my signs have been taken within a couple days of replacing them.”

Henderson said he has filed a police report and is offering a $500 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest of the people responsible for stealing his signs.

Chang said he has not filed a police report at this time. 

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  1. We live in a country where people don’t respect property of others. Under Dimentia Joe and fake Camala
    will be worse because they support defunding the police. Sorry I called 911 but was told they are playing golf. Call back assorted hours you may get lucky.

      1. Biden has refused to say he supports law and order. No law enforcement agencies or representatives have come out in support of him either. These facts alone speak volumes about Biden. Think before you vote people.

        1. Hundreds of law enforcement leaders have endorsed Biden. Police unions, though? Concerned about their jobs above all else? Yeah, they’ve mostly lined up for Trump. To those of us who want to see the country and its citizens’ interests put above those of government employees who are *supposed to be* serving us, it does indeed speak volumes.

        2. Exactly, will the police ever stop the violence and race issues if they get to pick their candidates? They already paint racist symbols on their cruisers, its 2020 people grow up, and yes think before you vote

          1. It is 2020. Maybe it’s time for you to grow up and stop trying to peddle your lies about cops putting racist symbols on their cars. There aren’t any on their cars right now, and there never have been in the past either that I can remember, and that includes the simple blue stripe that you continually lie about, claiming it was racist…
            Just because you are so dense that you can’t grasp the very simple, and true meaning of the blue stripe, it doesn’t mean that it was racially motivated, and it wasn’t…

    1. Gee why hasn’t trump United us all like he promised? Oh yeah he tells us daily how he doesn’t care about us. Hmm, hard to imagine this happening.

      1. There is no uniting people like you.
        Consider this more of an exercise by patriotic Americans to scrape socialist parasites like you off our backs.

      1. The only sign ive seen so far clearly illegally placed (in bend city right of way) was a knopp sign in the middle of the 15th median south of hwy 20

  2. Every 2 years our Republican candidate signs are stolen, and sometimes vandalized. EVERY 2 years! This year everyone I know is putting campaign signs in hard to reach places on their houses and landscapes; with Trump 2020 banners up on flagpoles.

  3. Gosh golly what a shocker. Probably some initiation prank to join Peacekeepers. Meanwhile in other news you suckers are paying teachers, vice-principals, superintendents, governor gobs of money…15k per student per year. of your locked down income, to sit on their hands even after WHO says never mind go back to work. You’ve been conned and need to fire their butts by any means. That should be the headline every day alongside the cherished Covid banner holocaust drumbeat.

  4. Democrats behaving badly, as usual. GOP? ….that is what some idiot painted on the signs?? (i started seeing the lame vandalism on Sunday on PB Hwy). The vandal(s) was to stupid to buy & use bright orange paint

    1. Trump’s signs appear when one leaves town and heads for the boonies. Lots of them on Mill Creek Rd. NE of Prineville. And huge ones between Bend and Redmond. Haven’t seen one in town where most people live.

  5. Bend police officer Scott Schaier has his campaign signs placed well outside of county ordinances, to include violating the size restrictions for such signs.

    Guess the rules don’t apply to Mr. Schaier.

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