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Paulina Lake Fire reaches 30% containment

Incident 360 Paulina Lake Road fire Rebecca Toepfer 75
Rebecca Toepfer
A new wildfire broke out Sunday afternoon on BLM land off Paulina Lake Road
Paulina Lake Fire Tracey Rohus 75
Tracey Rohus
Smoke plume rises from Paulina Lake Fire near La Pine
Paulina Lake Fire Kate Shirley 75
Kate Shirley
Water reflects smoke rising from Paulina Lake Fire on Sunday
Paulina Lake Fire Kurtis Jay Cook 75
Kurtis Jay Cook
Smoke billows from new Paulina Lake Fire burning Sunday near Paulina Lake Road
Paulina Lake Fire Debbie Taylor 75
Debbie Taylor
New wildfire near Paulina Lake Road Sunday sent up plume visible over wide area
Paulina Lake Fire Rachel Monson 250p 75
Rachel Monson
Smoke plume still rising from Paulina Lake Fire shortly before 3 p.m. Sunday
Paulina Lake Fire Sunriver Michelle Sosinski
Michelle Sosinski
The Paulina Lake Fire, as seen from the bike paths around Sunriver
Paulina Lake Fire Riverview Drive Steve Bower 75
Steve Bower
Paulina Lake Fire, seen on Riverview Drive heading east around 2:15 p.m. Sunday
Paulina Lake Fire COIDC 75-1
C. Oregon Interagency Dispatch
Smoke swirls among the trees in Sunday's Paulina Lake Fire

Paulina Lake Fire tackled on the ground, from the air

(Update: Containment estimate)

La PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Fire managers said the nearly 50-acre wildfire that broke out Sunday afternoon near Paulina Lake Road was 30% contained by Monday evening after the crews spent the day strengthening lines and doing mop-up.

Lines on the Paulina Lake Fire north of La Pine held overnight, officials said Monday morning.

"Firefighters worked well into the night cooling hot spots on the perimeter," the update said. "That work will continue today as firefighters mop-up hot spots within a few hundred feet of the fire perimeter."

The fire was reported just after 1 p.m., burning on Bureau of Land Management land east of U.S. Highway 97 and north of Paulina Lake Road (Forest Road 21).

The fast-moving fire burned in timber and brush 1-2 miles northwest of Ogden Group Camp, off Forest Road 9735, and was estimated at 15-20 acres around 3:30 p.m. in tweets from Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch.

Six engines, a bulldozer and a water tender were among initial resources called in to attack the fire, which burned near the Deschutes National Forest boundary, Forest Service spokeswoman Kassidy Kern said.

One heavy air tanker, a Type 2 tanker and a single-engine air tanker were called in to support firefighters on the ground.

Firefighters stopped forward progress of the blaze before 6:30 p.m. and had containment lines around its perimeter, officials said. The fire was estimated at 48.5 acres. Crews will work through the night to secure the perimeter and patrol for spot fires, Kern said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office said there had been no evacuations.

Several other brush fires were tackled around the region on Sunday, including a small brushfire off Southwest Brookswood Boulevard in Bend that residents went after with extinguishers and rakes, and one off Ten Bar Ranch Road and Highway 20 east of Bend that burned about two acres late Sunday afternoon and was blamed on improper disposal of cigarette butts.

"Central Oregon is currently in high fire danger, meaning fuels are very receptive to ignitions," Kern said in a news release. "If you are recreating on public lands, remember to remain diligent about ensuring all campfires are ‘dead out’ and cold to the touch when you leave them, all spark arrestors are properly installed, and trailer chains are secured."

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Barney Lerten

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  1. Times are stressful enough, but wildfires are a part of life here…be somewhat Bend sensitive as times are stressful for many reasons, do you really need to use words like ERUPTS as a headline to freak people out. Volcanos ERUPT wildfires burn from an ignition source, human or act of nature.

    I am in the wildfire business, this one should be knocked down quickly we hope… our local crews are amazing.

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