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Suspect re-arrested after 6 more brush fires set near Portland freeway

Portland fire Molotov cocktail PPB 914
Portland Police Bureau
Molotov cocktail plastic bottle at scene of one of several Portland fires
Molotov cocktail I-205 Portland police
Portland Police Bureau
Molotov cocktail allegedly used to spark small brush fire along Portland freeway

Linn County SO seeks info on 'vehicle of interest' after 8 fires in 2 hours

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A man arrested Sunday evening for using a Molotov cocktail to start a brush fire near an east Portland freeway was released from jail -- and was arrested again early Monday on charges of igniting six more fires in the same area.

Officers were dispatched around 4:30 p.m. Sunday to assist firefighters in the 9600 block of East Burnside Street. They saw a section of grass along the I-205 freeway was burning. Firefighters put out the fire, with no injuries or damage to structures.

About an hour later, officers were flagged down by a witness who pointed out the suspect in a nearby tent. Police say they arrested the man, who confirmed he lit the fire with the device. They also seized a plastic bottle with a wick as evidence.

The man, Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, was jailed on charges of reckless burning and second-degree disorderly conduct. Arson investigators were following up to see if other charges are warranted.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m. Monday, East Precinct officers were dispatched along with Portland firefighters to a report of several fires burning along the west side of I-205.

Police said Portland Fire and Rescue put out three of the blazes, while passing community members doused the other three, so all were caught early, with no injuries or structures burned.

Officers found Lopez walking along the freeway shoulder and arrested him, also seizing a lighter as evidence.

Lopez was taken to a hospital on a police officer hold for a mental health evaluation, and was issued citations for six more counts of reckless burning.

Meanwhile, in Linn County, Sheriff Jim Yon said his deputies were investigating several suspicious fires that began around 2:40 a.m. Monday.

Deputies and firefighters responded to eight small fires in the areas of Scott Mountain Road west of Sweet Home, Whiskey Butte Drive east of Sweet Home and Washburn Heights Drive near Brownsville, all within a two-hour period, Yon said. The fires remain under investigation.

A pickup truck described as a small white or silver 1990s Nissan “hard body” with a black canopy was seen in the area of one of the fires.

“This is a vehicle of interest and we are actively looking for it,” Yon said, asking anyone with information to call 541-812-2260.

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      1. Whazzat ??? A “revised policy” ?

        Is this the fallout from the Nicholas Sandman-Covington High School debacle that was plastered here for weeks at Z21- only to learn later that both CNN and the Z were equally culpable of promoting libelous content ?

        Definitely a move in the right direction- children and under-age minors should never be used for political propaganda by the media.

      2. You guys are so dumb, lol. Anybody can easily look up the names of ANYONE arrested and your little competitor across town lists them so whatever you think you’re doing is pointless, Barney. What else is new? This station is an absolute joke unless you are over 75 years old and are a republican. Gross

        1. There are many reasons to wait on posting a suspects name. First would be legal protection. Obviously reporting information that turns out to be false would leave the reporting agency open to legal repercussions. Especially if the information they provided impacted the names person in a negative way. Plus, if you’re a news agency that becomes known for reporting information that isn’t substantiated, it will destroy your reputation.

  1. while i’m not allowed to express my real opinions with free speech because some find my opinions as offensive as free speech itself. it should be at least be a few hundred thousand attempted murder charges against the guy, or a weapons of mass destruction and terrorist charge. just like they should have put their foot down on the riots, they need to nip this in the bud fast and make some examples out of these dangerous idiots. this has become too dangerous for the whole community to let slide or be allowed to emerge as the new normal

      1. and your a punk. you never have any points of dispute or anything substantial to say, just childish name calling. go clean your room before your mom takes away your computer time

    1. I think this case and the riots could be very different situations. The riots have obviously been a big problem, and it’s clear that something more needs to be done about it. There have been too many innocent people hurt because a disruptive group wants to force our country into socialism, which has obviously been shown doesn’t work. I think the individual in this case is probably dealing with some sort of mental health issues. His actions, especially after being released from custody, don’t suggest that he has planned this out well, or that he’s trying to make some sort of statement.

    1. Call the FBI and Homeland Security! Oh wait! They already investigated and found no connection to BL M or antifa but plenty to indicate the Russians are behind the rumor mill. Guess you missed it or didn’t and are continuing the Russian misinformation campaign for them on this site and who knows how may others. Do you get paid in dollars or rubles to betray your fellow Americans, Comrade?

      1. Yeah. Who would think violent antifa BLM arsonists who chant, “BURN IT ALL DOWN” and have shown eagerness to commit arson against occupied buildings would resort to arson? I mean, that’s crazy talk!

      1. Huh, I am a middle-to-left wing Antifa protestor. Same as my grandfathers that fought in WWII. I am and will forever be anti-fascism. Quite proud of it actually.

    1. He “was” put someplace for everyone’s safety… but Sanctuary Stater’s let him out… so in reality- who are those “broke in the head” here ?

  2. ” Lopez was taken to a hospital on a police officer hold for a mental health evaluation, and was issued citations for six more counts of reckless burning.”

    Six MORE counts of reckless burning. What a joke. I’m sure that will make him see the light and finally become a model citizen… At least they had the common sense to take him in for a psych evaluation, but they really don’t need to do an evaluation to know that this guy obviously has some serious mental issues. Common sense tells us that normal people don’t drive around throwing molotov cocktails out the window in hopes of setting the town on fire.

    Welcome to the new and improved Portland Oregon… where the spineless mayor and other elected officials support and encourage arson, destruction of property,and violence too… And on top of that, if you happen to be a proud member of antifa, or any other leftist extremist group, you will find comfort in knowing that the spineless Governor has taken steps to make sure that you won’t be prosecuted, even if you are arrested…

      1. Thanks Barney. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve done something stupid lol…
        I did read the entire story, including the part at the end that mentioned the fires in Sweet Home, and then I went to KVAL and saw the story that I linked, and for some reason it didn’t click that the two were the same…

      2. Are we banning all the known names of those arrested so far- or is it the possible link to recent ICE activities in the Bend Portland area that have you censoring my comments ?

        1. We have had names of those charged with arson in past stories. But rumors FBI/law enforcement have debunked and urged the public to stop spreading… we will be consistent.
          Find some LEGITIMATE official info on that, not your conjecture and theories and presumptions – and we’ll check it out.

          1. I noted that Mr. Lopez and Ms. Anita Esquivel have already been charged- photographed- and named.

            The legitimate source I linked to was your sister affiliate station FOX- the one you pretend doesn’t exist-

            But then I again- I posted this evidence an hour before you all had this article up… guess you didn’t want the likes of me scooping you on another headline- sorry- I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm- but you do realize I get another “I told ya so button” for the cardigan every time I succeed.

  3. Thanks Kate for your antifa BLM terrorist pets starting fires and killing innocent people. Kate Brown needs to step down she is a disgrace to all Oregonians!

    1. BLM means “bureau of land management”. These MAGA idiots hear BLM on their scanners and immediately jump to irrational conclusions with zero evidence, like usual. No one benefits from wildfires, decimated towns and poor air quality.

  4. You leftist antifa supporters should round them up and inform them that we are not going to do anything but follow the law as instructed by sheriff’s deputies. Here’s the law

    Here’s the section that authorizes us to do what we’re going to do
    (2)A person may use deadly physical force under the circumstances set forth in subsection (1) of this section only:

    (a)In defense of a person as provided in ORS 161.219 (Limitations on use of deadly physical force in defense of a person); or

    (b)When the person reasonably believes it necessary to prevent the commission of arson or a felony by force and violence by the trespasser.

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