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‘Just feels right’: Redmond boy, 7, hosts lemonade stand for neighbor fire victims

(Update: Adding video, comments from lemonade stand hosts, house fire victims)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- After his neighbors lost their house to a fire, one 7-year-old neighbor boy decided it was time to act, in the form of a lemonade stand. 

Redmond community members stopped by Callen Oliveira's homemade lemonade stand on SW Cascade Vista Drive to grab a cold drink, and help some neighbors in need.

Callen’s mother, Lora Oliveira, said the idea came together rather quickly.

"We realized that we could have a purpose beyond just making money, that we could actually do it for someone else that had a need,” Lora said. “The kids were extremely excited and motivated so really it was driven by them."

Lora said she and Callen like to take walks around the neighborhood.

When they heard two of their neighbors' homes burned down from improper oil disposal on July 13, it was Callen who came up with an idea to help.

"So I just had the idea to help them, and I thought up a lemonade stand, which I had always wanted to do,” Callen said. 

The boy says it was something he felt he had to do.

"Because it just feels right -- it feels right to help them,” Callen said.

He had some help from a few neighborhood friends, Grace and Mercy Myers.

"It's fun to help neighbors,” Grace Myers said. 

"Well because it's kind to others,” Mercy added. 

Callen was surprised by the turnout, but stuck to the game plan.

"We're gonna split it for each family, and it's going to be really nice and fun,” Callen said, talking about the money raised. 

Dennis and Shirley Scouten are one of the families who lost their a home.

"I mean, losing your house is pretty traumatic, but all of this really lessens the burden,” Scouten said. 

They had no idea the lemonade stand was happening until they came by and saw it. 

"This has shown how many people we do know, and how many people we don't know that really care,” Shirley Scouten said. 

"They know it's for a cause and people stop and pay a lot for a glass of lemonade,” Dennis added.

The Scoutens know they have an uphill climb to get their house rebuilt, but they say people like Callen, and acts like these, go a long way.

"Special children, they really are,” Shirley said. “And special parents,” Dennis added in agreement.

The lemonade stand raised a total of $1,656. 

A GoFundMe page has also been created and can be found here.

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  1. Waa! My million-dollar home burned up! Waa! Maybe the millionaires next door will loan me their kid to sell lemonade to the other millionires on Snob Knob! Waa!

      1. ^^^that’s funny^^^
        The guy from warm springs complaining about community in Redmond looking out for each other.
        I suggest Leg Humper worry about the community on the reservation.

      2. Ouch! Thanks, Barney! It’s a known fact here that I live in Warm Springs yet you allow this type of racial hatred? I publically stand corrected. Central Oregon is full of racists!

          1. You need to rein in your liberal loudmouths that run their veiled racist garbage here under your protection- your lack of sincerity at times is astonishing- I mean really- a teepee reference ? How do you justify that content- yet spend all day removing references to the Confederate Battle Flag or the China Virus ???

            1. You’re a real piece of work BGHWUHAN! Complaining about others while consistently post the most ironic drivel. Why do you keep coming on to the KTVZ site if you hate it as much as you portray? Why do demand KTVZ reports the news as you see fit? Why do constantly give Barney a hard time for doing his job so you have something to do with your meaningless life? Why haven’t you figured out KTVZ is a CNN affiliate? You’re an embarrassment to the community. I’m sad to know people like you live here.

    1. To be fair, it’s Redmond and those are $375,000 houses selling for upwards of $800,000… nothing on that street is actually worth a million dollars.

      1. Actually they are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Let me know if you live in a house that will sell for $800,000 but you will only accept $200,000 because that’s all you think it’s worth. I can find you a buyer pretty quick!

    2. There is a group of folks that use the opportunity to comment on news stories as a means to degrade, be negative, hateful, hurtful,etc,etc. Rather than having to wade through all the junk they post, there needs to be a place where these folks can argue with each other to their hearts content and the rest of the folks that have a degree of common sense don’t have to waste their time reading their nonsense. The majority of readers and listeners tune out what you have to say because you don’t contribute anything of value to the conversation.

      1. So where does that responsibility lie- because self regulation does not exist- and the current moderation policy encourages such negativity and hate to drive ad revenue. I don’t perceive you as a dummy- but there’s a reason why McDonald’s sells $5.12 Billion dollars worth of unhealthy food a year. Much of what is bandied about here has about as much nutritional value as a McRib- It is what it is- a liberal cesspool !

      1. You’re full of fecal matter. You’re not getting paid to be a troll. You’re a nobody that has a handle with a degree from Trump University! You’re a laughable mess at best!

  2. If anyone in this million dollar house neighborhood has 1/2 a brain or 2/3 of a heart, they will take that money and help this young entrepreneur open a bank account and start putting their (or their parents) ideas into actual change for people in need. The people who own that house that burned clearly do not need $1,600. Hilarious how the title “Just Feels Right” feels anything but…

    1. I think it felt like the very right thing to do to the young man who showed compassion and a willingness to help out his neighbors who just experienced a very difficult time. We donate to Shepard’s House to try and help those less fortunate but also bought the lemonade being sold primarily to encourage the young man to continue helping those in need no matter what their status is. It’s a life lesson in doing for others and expecting nothing in return. I can’t understand why people spend so much time and effort to find fault in everything.

      1. “I can’t understand why people spend so much time and effort to find fault in everything.”… I don’t think they do- but the vast majority tend to hang out here because the Z offers them a platform for their hate and anger. With proper moderation- this would not happen. But I guess negativity drives ad revenue.

        1. Looking in the mirror BGHWUHAN?
          I believe it’s the pot calling the tea kettle. You’re the pot of course because you don’t have the function of a tea kettle.

  3. Wow people! It never ceases to amaze how a simple story about a lemonade stand (or any other story) can turn into such a political mud-slinging debate. Losing a home is devastating, whether it is a million dollar home or a home valued at $100,000…it is still someone’s home. It seems like comments on every story here turn into politics and name calling, whether the story is political or not. Maybe you all can learn a lesson from this seven year old. Have a heart.

    1. Amen to that! Just a good story about a good deed being done for good people by a nice young man and his family. How can anyone find fault in that? It’s a story that should make you smile and feel proud of what he did. Especially during these times when finding good things on the news can be a bit difficult. I would challenge all of the repeating naysayers out there to try and post a comment that is kind, thoughtful and considerate of others. Make it a habit to look for the good in people instead of the negative. You might even start to feel better about yourself. Smile – it’s not that difficult to do and it can be contagious.

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