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Bend sets transportation plan for the next 20 years

Projects include East/West connection and Highway 97 on North and South sides of town.

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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



  1. No widening of any arterials, absurdly high focus on bicycling infrastructure, and lack of realistic assessment of how people travel through, in, and around Bend.

    Newsflash: We drive. Deal with it.

    1. I drive and ride. If more locals would bike downtown, it would free up space for those who have to drive downtown.

      And the city will add lanes if that’s the only option. It’s the most expensive thing to do to reduce congestion. But, as you know, they have 7 other congestion-reduction techniques they try before spending your taxpayer dollars on costly new lanes.

      1. Yeah, IF more locals would bike. We have to plan for the actual behavior of the residents, not an ideal hypothetical. If only everybody would walk everywhere, we wouldn’t need bike lanes or cars! Not going to happen. Not even feasible in the winter.

        1. We don’t need everyone to walk everywhere. We just need to make it more convenient for some people to walk and ride.

          If you really want me to stop walking and riding downtown, I can stop doing that and drive down there and use a parking spot. Just say the magic word.

  2. You need to widen the roads! Sheesh how many times and people need to keep telling y’all that? We don’t need more bike lanes. More cars than bikes. Cars pay road taxes. Bikes pay nothing. So how about focusing on the people that pay for these services? Plus, not one ever maintains those bike lanes. They are always full of cinder and debris. So not safe to use anyways and NO ONE rides a bike on 97. I’ve lived here 13 years. I’ve never seen a bike on 97. Widen 27th st, Butler market and put a by pass around the both end at target and Lowes. Sync the lights along 3rd and 27th st….why hasn’t this been done? It’s not 1970 any more bend. Catch up for gods sake

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