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DCSO issues 19 citations for illegal parking near Harper Bridge

Deschutes County commissioners plan an August hearing on the issues near Sunriver.

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  1. It has been a ******ow at harbers for a few years now. That is why the county spent all that money putting in the obviously insufficient parking spaces. As I understand from folks in the know, when Crosswater resort was being built, they were supposed to improve the existing boat ramp and provide parking at Harpers’ bridge. They got their resort permit but failed to follow through.

    I have lived in Spring River for 25+ years. I am amazed that no one has been seriously injured or killed over the last few years as the tourists obviously leave their common sense (brain) at home when they come here. U-turns out of parking spots without looking for oncoming traffic. Packing their floaties right into the lane of traffic with no regard for their own (or their child’s) safety.
    There is a perfect spot just up the road and river for a parking area for summer use. There are 4 acres of unused property, (part of the DRRH community property) with an existing (yet hidden) boat ramp. It’s just off of the very busy Spring River road, it is a perfect place to create a parking lot and allows for easy access to the river. If the county can’t make this option work, then perhaps the DRRH homeowners, who control this unused piece of property can come together as a group and use this spot as a source of income by supplying a desperately need parking and launch alternative. Something needs to be done before someone gets run over by a vehicle. Click on this link and click on the view overview map

  2. Then you have big river camp ramp that use to have plenty of parking till the N.F.S. blocked it off for no reason And now you have people parking on century drive!

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