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    1. Tell me what Joe Biden did for 47 years except incarcerate thousands of poor Black folks? Barack Obama doubled our healthcare insurance premiums… such successful leaders these two idiots are.

          1. Not to mention it looks like they are on private property/right of way again… ktvz this is the same thing that happened last time, can you get firm info from this ace hardware, safeway, and pizza hut about political rallies on their property? Right now the stories are very unclear

      1. so, three or four people selling stuff is considered a rally – very inspirational – your Biden blather is really funny considering it really doesn’t matter how good or bad a candidate he is, or how much you hate Obama (nice, pretending you give a rip about humans with darker skin in the same post) – Americans will vote your cult leader out of office no matter who the opponent is – how pathetic are y’all?

      2. You seem to be forgetting that the healthcare package Obama wanted to pass was basically gutted by the opposing party…So who is really to blame for that fiasco, eh?

        1. It doesn’t matter what they say. During the last campaign there were a lot of celebrity actors, athletes and others that made a big stink by repeatedly saying that if Trump won, they were all leaving the U.S… How many of the entitled leftist whiners actually left after Trump did win ? I have no idea, but the odds are, not a single one of them left their multi-million dollars mansions and fled the country.
          If they did, they would have made a huge deal out of it…

          It’s not a surprise though because the left always make threats and promises that they are going to do something, and they never follow through in anything. They are self-centered elitists that have huge egos that need to be constantly fed, so they go on t.v and run their mouths every chance they get. Fortunately for them, their loyal subjects will always believe everything that they are told, and they will never question the lies and stupidity…

    2. All you Biden supporters never speak of why you support Biden. You just slam Trump! Your hatred of Trump makes you willing to destroy the American way of life and American values. Socialism has never worked. The problem is that once you implement socialism there is no way our. Ask Venezuela! Ask Cuba! Don’t be fools. You may not like Trump but I guarantee you will like socialism even less.

          1. Biden likes to touch little kids too, and I don’t like people that do that…
            I’ve always thought that if someone doesn’t like dogs, there is something wrong
            with the person. How could anyone not like dogs ?
            I do wonder if the rescue dogs like Biden ? If a dog doesn’t like someone, I
            immediately don’t trust that person, because dogs are a very good judge of character… I have never liked Creepy Joe, and there are a lot of reasons why I
            don’t like him, but I’m guessing that the dogs don’t like him either, except when
            it’s time for them to eat.

        1. So what you are saying is that they are just like all of the Democrats ?
          It must be because we are surrounded by Democratic politicians that refuse
          to follow our laws, the wishes of the voters, and have a real problem with
          interpreting things. Actually I think that a few of them can probably interpret
          the way something is written, they just don’t care if it doesn’t fit their agenda.
          We have a worthless idiot for our Governor, and an equally worthless… DA that are
          prime examples of this

          1. You guys keep whining about the governor even as oregon makes news for having the best bat flu results IN THE USA right now, you dont care about oregon nearly as much as you pretend

            1. I’m 59 years old, and I was born and raised here. Actually I do still care about what’s left of Oregon, even though it’s not the great state that it once was,
              and it won’t be improving any time soon, especially if liberals are still in control, and still supporting their beloved anarchists as they continue to try
              and destroy Portland and other areas…
              I’d like to know why liberals keep praising Brown, and giving her credit for Oregon having lower bat flu rates than some other areas. People keep dismissing the simple fact that for whatever reason, every state and every city was affected differently, and the virus protocols that were implemented weren’t the only contributing factor to the lower rates. Otherwise all of the states that implemented similar protocols would have comparably lower rates of infection.

  1. Wheres Fat Luke and his band of Unpeaceful Keepers?
    Proudboys not White Supremacists
    Oathkeepers not White Supremacists
    TRUMP supporters not White Supremacists
    OREGON 3% not White Supremacists
    REPUBLICANS not White Supremacists
    The race card is played by Leftist socialists and Communists. If you are a person of color, gay or whatever you are welcome to join us to fight the disease of Leftist control over every aspect of your lives. They want to control you, steal your freedom your money and basic rights. This race Division lie comes only from these leftist agitators not Patriots.

    1. Guarantee by the end of the weekend fat Luke along with his blm and poor boy clowns will show up to have a ‘rally’ at the exact same place, the cops will show up and everyone will look stupid.

        1. He can’t be any dumber than you and the other liberal subjects that comment on here, continually calling all Trump supporters racist…
          We already know that comprehension is a big problem for liberals, and it would appear that creativity is also not a strong point.

        2. I find white liberals like you to be the most racist people….I am a proud Trump supporter and an American of Mexican Heritage. I am sick and tired of you white rosy cheeked liberals always saying Trump supporters are racist. Explain to me how this is so??? Research what Trump has done for blacks, Hispanics and all other Americans. It is LIBERAL racist like you who continue to spread the lies and continue the divisiveness. I get it , you dont like Trump, well get over it you little maricon.

          LATINOS FOR TRUMP. VIVA TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is not a rally!!! These people are just peddling Trump merchandise with a few jobless friends. Why is a sale of propaganda wear a story? Again….not a rally and not a story.

    1. So people who don’t support Trump don’t love our country? It will be such a relief when Trump is voted out and we can start being one country and less divided. We all love our country and just because we don’t agree doesn’t make us the “other”. Some news stations want you to believe otherwise. At the end of the day we are neighbors first.

      1. she said “proud of their country”, no love. You joyless & bitter Trump haters are not proud of the USA. And our country is divided because of your bigotry & intolerance. The backlash to your progressive agenda was coming, it just manifiested itself with Trump. He will be gone in Jan 2025

      2. Even if Trump does lose, our country is not going to magically become less divided.
        If anything, it will probably become even more divided. We have Obama and his worthless wife to thank for their eight years of inciting and encouraging the racial divide.
        Who would have ever thought that our first black President would be a radical racist ?
        It was bad enough that he was clueless and incompetent, but his true legacy will be that he was the first black, most unpatriotic, racist President that we have ever had… Not exactly something for him or the black community to be proud of.

        We may all love our country, but the ideas we have about what is best for our country have grown so far apart, it will be almost impossible for all of us to become one.
        One of the biggest things that first comes to mind is the immigration issue. Conservatives aren’t against immigration, we are against illegal immigration, and we want our country to continue under the immigration laws that have been in place for many years, which means that those that want to live here do it legally, the way it was structured, and the way it should be. Just like every other country in the world…

        Liberals basically want open borders, and don’t have a problem with our country being flooded with millions of people with no restrictions, even though many are violent criminals. To make matters worse liberals are okay with the taxpayers supporting
        these people with our tax dollars once they get here. And of course we have liberal politicians like our worthless governor, that openly break the law by aiding and abetting these criminals, and it would appear that liberals in general are okay with this because I don’t remember ever reading about them calling out these politicians
        for their illegal activity…

        Barney will disagree but you are right about the media. Most of the big players have become so openly biased and agenda driven, and their format is constantly spun to some degree to advance their agenda. They even selectively control the stories that do
        actually make the news, and in the case of CNN, this is very blatant, and it’s even worse during election campaigning. It was very obvious during the last election
        and it is the same now. Biden gets more coverage than Trump, and they always make sure it’s positive coverage. Once in a while they will have a very tiny tidbit of negative
        coverage about Biden, but it always disappears off of the front page very quickly.
        In the case of Trump, it’s always negativity but if they do a story that has something positive, it disappears almost instantly…

        1. You guys have simultaneously been in complete control of the government and think the US is going down the drain. Funnily enough, the rest of us agree with you. Every time you’re in power you break everything, and every time we get get elected we fix all your problems, then you somehow get elected again and you break everything again, and you cry the whole time that it’s the left’s fault. It has to be so tiring to be a republican, constantly making excuses and pointing fingers…

          1. “It has to be so tiring to be a Democrat, constantly making excuses and pointing fingers…”

            I fixed the comment for you. I know that you don’t actually believe that Democrats don’t constantly make excuses and point fingers too. If you do, you must have been sleeping for the last four years, because we have listened to the left do exactly that non-stop, and thanks to Pelosi and her equally ignorant friends, we have also had the never ending supply of lies and misinformation as well…

            I get that the Dems don’t like Trump. It had to be extremely humiliating for all of the Dems when your golden candidate Clinton, lost to an outsider with no political experience, but because they are so immature, they even reached a new low for Dems and wasted millions of tax payer dollars and years of our time on their witch hunt of an impeachment. So much for the Dems not pointing fingers and making excuses…

            You mentioned that the Dems continually have to fix what the Republicans break
            every time they are elected. I hope that you don’t include the eight very long,
            miserable years of Obama, because he basically accomplished nothing, but the few
            things he did accomplish were not positives. If you use him as an example
            of Democratic excellence, you have set the bar very low, but then again, it was never very high to begin with…

      3. Why do you get offended when you hear people say that those who do not support Trump do not love their country? How many times do you folks always say any Trump supporter is a racist?? If you compare Trump with Biden, Biden is the most racist candidate next to the late Senator Robert Byrd (his mentor). I dont understand how anyone can support a career politician politician of 47 years who has achieved nothing but enriched himself and his family. Now he says he will suddenly fix things in 4 years?? I also question anyone love of country when they support a candidate who is backed by the Democratic Socialist Party. I find the most intolerant racist people are white liberal democrats. Yes, I am a person of color and will never vote Democrat for the simple reason that it is you folks who have caused all the hate and divisiveness. The media of the Democratic Party blames white supremacist for the riots. This is baloney. It is radical (WHITE) anarchist who have caused the violence while the left-wing media portrays Trump supporters as the bad guys. Yeah I can wait for the elections to be over…and to proudly call my President…DONALD J. TRUMP.

        LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. are you high? Less divided because Trump is gone after 4 more years? YOU people are the reason he was elected in the first place and you’ve done seen to his reelection

        1. the bigotry and intollerance of the progressive agenda is why Trump was elected the 1st time, your ignorace of that is why he will win again in 10 days or so, handily

  3. As likely as not the “peacekeepers” (Ian Lewis, Luke Richter, Mike Satcher, et al) will lay low…as several are likely facing charges from the last confrontation they caused.

    As will Scott Schaier whose campaign manager is Ian Lewis, the real head “peacekeeper”…as we recently learned from Schaier himself in the last debate.

    1. Still an improvement from drama queen nelson, that man is a closet case if ive ever met one! Making the county less safe every day just to stroke his huge (tiny?) ego

  4. blm, antifa, peacekeepers must be too busy to protest freedom. surely they couldnt be growing tired of losing their battles against peaceful people in central oregon

      1. they are only ‘raist symbols’ if you dont support our police. That they were removed was a revolting pander to a small percantge of ‘offended’ folks who don’t support the police anyway and want them defunded. And they are not even being removed as every Bend PD rig I see daily still has them

      2. Stop playing the race card. Typical white liberal always playing the race card. Do you know there are many blacks and hispanics who have walked away from the Democratic Party because of hateful people like you??? Grow up maricon no one is listening to your fake race card hysterics. Proud of the blue lives and ALL LIVES.

  5. I stopped by, bought a Blue Lives Matter Flag and hung out for a bit. Everyone was happy and having a good time. There were plenty of bitter and joyess folk driving by honkiung & giving middle fingers, everyone iust gnored them

  6. It’s kind a like watching a closeout sale on swastika flags, that’s all Chump garb and MAGGOT hats are anyway. Dump uses the word “liberal“ like Hitler did “Jew” Think about it. Watch one of his speeches. Anytime he uses the word “liberal” insert the word “Jew” it will give you A lot more perspective on just what a piece of filth this president is.

  7. KTVZ News crew: 1st, Friday was not a “rally”, nor was the appearance of the same Trump sales operation at the same location twice a few weeks back a “rally” (the 2 days local Peacefakers showed up to harass the business owners). 2nd, the story simply is that a WA business couple came to set up shop in Bend to sell their Trump swag. Period. A couple people waving flags, one being the business co-owner, doesn’t constitute a “rally”. When I visited the booth business was vigorous and passerby pleased with selection of Trump swag & Americana swag. It’s called “business, not a “rally”.

  8. KTVZ News crew: 1st, Friday was not a “rally”, nor was the appearance of the same Trump sales operation at the same location twice a few weeks back a “rally” (the 2 days local Peacefakers showed up to harass the business owners). 2nd, the story simply is that a WA business couple came to set up shop in Bend to sell their Trump swag. Period. A couple people waving flags, one being the business co-owner, doesn’t constitute a “rally”. When I visited the booth business was vigorous and passerby pleased with selection of Trump swag & Americana swag. It’s called “doing business”, not a “rally”.

  9. so great to see such support for such a great president.

    more peace deals reached for israel – yet the left has no clue.



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